Bob Ross - Mountain Lake Falls (Season 29 Episode 6)

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sister snapped : I deadass thought that Steve was bob Ross but younger self I never realized that it was his son I’m 💀💀

nunjoon : i hate it when people pull sneakies on me...

QuinRFRN : when i first saw him online i thought he was the younger bob ross. he pulled a little sneaky on me

Trend Zone : Titanium Hwite

Taylor : “Ok, we’re tired of goofing around here. Let’s get serious.” Moments later “By the way, I’m part Indian.”

Furno : "When I'm watching the news and stuff, it seems like people almost wanna hear bad things, I don't wanna hear bad things, I wanna hear good things"

raveolii : I just started watching Bob Ross and his son. I’m shocked that anyone let alone a whole family is this kind and positive. It’s sad but nowadays everyones rude.

Wowie Powie : *watching while eating* *looks away to take a bite* *looks back* hOW THE FU-

Cranjis McBasketball : A Netflix Original: The Joy of Painting with Steven Ross. Calling it now

B345TLY PL4YS : I pulled a sneaky on you Illusion 100 Sneak 100

Justin Bennett : Forget asmr this is where its at, painting

Aiden David : Honestly... where did they learn to talk so soothingly/calmly??

istressed.out 応力 : “I pulled a sneaky on ya” The cutest thing from Steve EVER 😭😍 “People are to hard on themselves these days” Boyyyy 2018 about to shock you with the negativity 🤭

Jacob Holcomb : I swear to God if I see any mean comments about these people I will flip out

Music4Life : if you click read more something will happen i pulled a sneaky on you

christina pisciotta : “Just lightly tap the brush” *beats the devil out of the brush with the power of 1,000 brush cleanses*

Martha Salamanca : Lol when I saw this I was like: *WHERE IS BOB’S MAJESTIC AFRO?!*

Adolf Hitler : *_I pulled a little sneaky on ya_* and just like that a meme was born.

TheBWoods15 : Steve Ross low-key dissing his girlfriend for being hard on him.

WilsonEatsASMR : Steve was rocking the hair...I respect him as a painter. I wish he would keep the Bob Ross legacy alive with his own Joy of Painting series!

Razel Aishi : anyone feel calm and motivated after watching bob's videos?

Dood Bro : 1:48 he could’ve literally stop right there and it looks like you’re out on the ocean looking at the sunset

Stephany Amanda : "Sold his first painting at 12". He's over here selling paintings while I was playing barbies at 12

nadya britt : Now that’s what I call STRONG GENES

Circus Trash : “I pulled a sneaky on you”

Dunkmen216 : 2:11 for anyone looking for the meme

Ama nda : Damnit. They’re both so wholesome.

Arif Faiz : "I don't wanna hear bad things, I'd like to hear good ones. That's why I paint" Beautiful

Cap Con : Time to be serious, btw I'm indian

Nicolle : "Complement yourself a little, tell yourself you're wonderful. It's good for ya" I just about teared up I needed this so much

lescapoter : Seing the thumbnail, I tought it was some kind of parody, but Steve paints like a boss!

Logan Baker : Are soothing voices a family trait or something?

TheGooners11 : Amazing how skilled Bob and his son were. Wish I could paint like that. They made it look effortless but its so hard to skillfully paint like that. Fantastic. They should get Bob's son back on TV again.

R!ggZ : I skipped 30 seconds and poof five mountains...

Feepis : "I pulled a sneaky on ya" Oh steve, stop playing with my emotions

FoughtStatue : Thought Steve was still Bob Ross, just younger He pulled a little sneaky on me.

ghostdasquarian : i know a 70s porn stache when i see one

Kookie Bun Bun : “Tap a little into the bristles” **Aggressively slams brush into the paint**

SpriteNo JamsGenius : *stopped to look at comments* 21:27 *looks back at the video* “woAHHHHHH! How did-“ 22:42 “Its cause we’re powerful”

j b : Bob Ross... _is his son._

Explosion Animation : “When you’re doing a cloud, think like a cloud.” -Steve Ross

amber lawson : where was he when my art teacher told me I drew my own house wrong x-x

kelsey adkins : 7:12 when it actually turns into a mountain oh my Jesus I’m shook

shein360 : Sees 2d painting Blinks* 3D

Witte Artistry : WOW! Definitely runs in the family.

maxwelld23 : Great to see James Hetfield doing other things 👍

Otiosebrooke : 1:02 in comparison to what bob does, this scene could probably be classed as abuse.

Dexter The Riches : Post Malone is a pretty good painter 🤔

Bjdnbxx Xnxjddm : *I pulled a little sneaky on ya*

Is that a real girl? : No no no Steve, it’s Liquid *H w i t e.*