Bob Ross - Mountain Lake Falls (Season 29 Episode 6)

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sister snapped : I deadass thought that Steve was bob Ross but younger self I never realized that it was his son I’m 💀💀

C&B Crew : Their voices are so magically calming. I don't know whether to stare at the talent or take a nap. 😍

Ollie Not Pauly, Wally or even Holly. : To be honest... I’m mostly curious about Mrs. Ross’s hair now...

A White Spider : *paints tree* “Oh boy. That one looks like it had a hard year” That tree has had more character development than most movie characters.

Sturdy Alpaca : I was kinda hoping he’d be yelling and cussing and just act like the exact opposite of his dad. I guess he pulled sneaky on me.

Beat Tseries No videos : “I pulled a sneaky on you”

Roze : those dislikes are happy little accidents

Jeremy Boyce : Robert Ross had a son named Steve. Steve Irwin had a son named Robert. Coincidence or happy accident?

Jae1353 : B Bo Bob Bob R Bob Ro I Pulled a Sneaky On Ya

quan : my watch history goes from pewdiepie to this

Furno : "When I'm watching the news and stuff, it seems like people almost wanna hear bad things, I don't wanna hear bad things, I wanna hear good things"

wolfuu : "kinda like dad says, you don't have to be crazy to do this but it helps"

Amethиst : Free “I Pulled A Sneaky On Ya’” 2:10 2:10 2:10 2:10 2:10

Rhea Christine : I’m convinced the whole Ross family are just paint ninjas

Ahmad Abdullahi : "Tell yourself your beautiful, it's good for ya"

nunjoon : i hate it when people pull sneakies on me...

Nelly Quijada : He says “white” just like Bob 😭

Maica Rodriguez : t i t a n i u m w h i t e

potridge : That family has some good hair genes. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree 🌲!

Tatiana Parker : "See, I had a spare. I pulled a sneaky on ya." Its as if he kNoWs we like the brushes devil beatin'

Justin Bennett : Forget asmr this is where its at, painting

Liya Fasil : I tried to recreate a bob ross painting and... lets just say I am not Bob Ross

Naruto X Hinata : The epitome of the phrase “like Father, like son” 😂😂

Leilani Clarke : 1:04 I got concerned when he beat the devil out of that brush into the paint

LegendaryRiot : "not often in life do you get to play with a position of power, especially if you're me. I gotta tell ya, I got a girlfriend and she's rough on me."

Cobalt Falcon : Bob Ross looks like he belongs in the Disco era, while his son looks like he belongs in bands like Toto.

Alicja Konia : 2019?

david Taylor : Exit bob Ross enter different Looking Bob Ross with the same use of words and attitude, “thanks dad” love this stuff

Xenon Wong : "I'm part indian, and I'm very proud of it" meanwhile now we have people hating where they come from, so much to learn from Bob Ross and Steve Ross. 😌😌😌

ruby dale : I just love how both Bob and Steve always talk about their lives during each video, and how Bob's voice is so relaxing, soothing and calm, i fall asleep listening to his videos

Nicolle : "Complement yourself a little, tell yourself you're wonderful. It's good for ya" I just about teared up I needed this so much

Tristan Chesters : “Indians were very creative... still are.”

Shauna Sowles : A lot of people are saying he should kept the show going which I agree... but maybe it has to many good memories of his dad and doesn’t wanna bring them up either way, both very talented people😌

Brad Alguire : They are philosophers in their own right.

DG : I thought this was a Pre-Perm hair Bob LOL

Feepis : "I pulled a sneaky on ya" Oh steve, stop playing with my emotions

Clint Ofray : Who else thought he really messed up with the mountains being so high and that he was going to cover all of the water?!?!!?!? then you watch to the end and it was such a happy accident. wow

Fiona Juncaj : Press read more (I might pull a sneaky on ya) Read more

Nobody : *See I pulled a sneaky on ya*

balls balls : Titanium Whyite.. goddamn. Gets me everytime 😅

WilsonEatsASMR : Steve was rocking the hair...I respect him as a painter. I wish he would keep the Bob Ross legacy alive with his own Joy of Painting series!

LilLuna101 : Ill tell you, Bob Ross is amazing. I hope now he is living in those “worlds” he created for us, with the happy trees. God bless, bob


Breanne Schoonover : He drew a whole ocean in 30 seconds what!!

Jamie Woods : Ya just can’t hate the Ross family not matter how much you try 😂 trust me 😗

Is that a real girl? : No no no Steve, it’s Liquid *H w i t e.*

HDH 0105 : I wish he continued joy of painting after Bob Ross passed away...

Name : Why’re they the same people. God just went *Copy and paste*

s u p : "this might sound a little bit nutty" *suddenly sees a squirrel*

CosmicFox 135 : It’s crazy how he made this in 25 minutes