Bob Ross - Mountain Lake Falls (Season 29 Episode 6)

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WilsonEatsASMR : Steve was rocking the hair...I respect him as a painter. I wish he would keep the Bob Ross legacy alive with his own Joy of Painting series!

Circus Trash : “I pulled a sneaky on you”

Witte Artistry : WOW! Definitely runs in the family.

Mr Steal your peanut : His voice makes my mustache uncontrollably comfortable...

Stephen Merck : I must say Steve is rocking one of the prettiest Kentucky waterfalls (mullet)i've ever seen.😀

Feepis : "I pulled a sneaky on ya" Oh steve, stop playing with my emotions

Scott's Corner of Fun and Exploration : without even looking, I can tell right away Steve is Bob's son, that "Hhhhhhh-wh-uaite"

jackoscar11 : wow bob ross cloned himself in the 90s????

Juuzouxm : the devil is still in your brush steve. never forget to *beat the devil out of your brush*

Big TK : "By the way, im part indian"

Justin Bennett : Forget asmr this is where its at, painting

Hal Wakka : Skip to 12:20 if you want to skip all the goofin' around.

FRG YT : I just did this painting. Of course it’s different. This is my 5th painting I’ve ever made but it came out amazing

yerim lopez : "Think like a cloud"... I'm high now.

Samantha_Forest 1013 : 22:19 *turns to camera* *smacks lips* “I like big trees”

the Lying Scotsman : You're students must love your laid back style ,I know I do ,well done.

Well Darn : Bob raised him well

Just Amy : 23:19 Looked like that one had a hard year. Gee wiz

Chaoticshadow34 : When he started talking about the whole people only hear bad things and think bad thoughts I realized how right he really is, I love how happy him and bob were

SwankeyMonkey : Wow. The paintbrush sure doesn't fall far from the palette, does it?

Agostini : So *this* is what James Hetfield did in his spare time during the Black Album tour.

tina schulze : “It was just a happy accident” this will forever be the greatest quote

Hey Beautiful : "Thank you for watching me" no no Steve THANK YOU

Andrew Webster : who else wants to see Bob Ross ride a skateboard ?

qweety123 : hhhwhite

Bonfire Keeper James : "I had a spare there, I pulled a sneaky on ya." These are so awesome.

Anjelika Perez : “Tap it into those Brissles” *aggressively beats the life out of the brush*

SNIP3R G0D : Who else watches bob Ross paint to fall asleep

CarlDaLord : 2:11 Solid snake can’t even do that

raboogie stull : a world without Prussian blue & van dyke brown is a world I want no parts of

SonOfAGun Mobile Gaming : Like father like son

Hudson : "He sold his first painting when he was just 12 years old" Bob I know what you did You either bought it yourself or asked a friend to buy it

Jack Lols : Me: Ihy have crippling depression Me after this: Ihy don’t have crippling depression

Kieran H. : I hate it so much how painters can do one brush stroke and make it look exactly how it's supposed to in real life

CarlDaLord : Solid snake can’t even pull that big of a sneak on someone

jt Ross12 : My grandfather's name was Bob Ross

Bakamatsu : Apparently being nice and sweet is genetic for Bob Ross 😂

Jendippity : Man they must be firecrackers in bed.

Cal Adam : is this post malone?

ritskuoi hana : probably the best "like father, like son" i've ever known

Mattorta : why does he look like an overly peaceful post malone

Risen W : imagine the world being like the ross family😍

coconut sharks in the water : 23:00 "you know after a hWiLe" never gets old

sans : Bob Ross is god, Steve is jesus?

Hannah Courtney : Bob Ross is just so up beat, down to earth I wish he was still here today, I would do anything to just see or met him once, he got me into art, now people actually pay for my paintings and art! bob Ross has just impacted me so much I wish he could know that, 😊 bob Ross, remembered never forgotten..

pixel C4KE : his son paints just like him hes so lucky to have bob ross as his father and he just really resembles bob ross , he'll go on with his fathers legacy

Juanito Alcachofa : He looks like james hetfield

Bakura : I'm trying to imagine Bob trying to skateboard...

Is that a real girl? : No no no Steve, it’s Liquid *H w i t e.*

Jakey : tapping intensifies