Bob Ross - Mountain Lake Falls (Season 29 Episode 6)

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sister snapped : I deadass thought that Steve was bob Ross but younger self I never realized that it was his son I’m 💀💀

Nicolle : "Complement yourself a little, tell yourself you're wonderful. It's good for ya" I just about teared up I needed this so much

-Đ a n t ē- : Idk Pre-Malone can paint

Jim Lahey : Wow this whole family has unbelievable talent

Justin Bennett : Forget asmr this is where its at, painting

ScritZ : "I pulled a sneaky on you" *Illusion 100*

your snatched wig Meme* : “Tap it into those bristles” **_TAPPING INTENSIFIES_**

zion punzalan : the only moustached person with long hair i would not be afraid to leave children with

Golden Gorilla : Guys... he pulled a S N E A K Y on us!

Circus Trash : “I pulled a sneaky on you”

Rozmo : I can see his dad watching him painting with the sparks in the eyes and smile .

kuddlykoala : when i saw the thumbnail, i thought bob ross got a new one can ever explain the range of emotions that went through me 😂

Harib Ali : Messes up tree... "oh boy, that one looks like it had a hard year, look at that"

Owen Wilson : "Dont be afraid to get T H I C C" ~Steve Ross 1993.

WilsonEatsASMR : Steve was rocking the hair...I respect him as a painter. I wish he would keep the Bob Ross legacy alive with his own Joy of Painting series!

Rien Kobayashi : It's time to uninstall my photoshop and buy some canvas.

Oasisking : 19:30 “it won’t work if you don’t make the sound effects” I’ve never smiled so much from a video

Sam Lightner : Is being addicted to bob Ross a thing?

Emerald The Gem : I'm proud of him and I'm not even his father

dc monalds : Bob Ross... _is his son._

El Williamsey : Man these guys paint like it’s nothing lol incredible.

Jaeda • : The bob Ross family is too good for this world

Celtic Bird : 20:57 "There's very few times in life you get to play with a position of serious power. Especially if you're me, i'll tell you what, my girlfriend, she's rough on me."

crazybird : 21:56 his stomach pulled a sneaky on him

Feepis : "I pulled a sneaky on ya" Oh steve, stop playing with my emotions

Topaz x00 : I really wish he continued Joy of Painting after his fathers passing. So much potential.

Jaee Ponde : “Let’s make clouds” *blinks* BOOM CLOUDS LIKE WTF

Maddenbeast7 : 21:06 I'll tell you what my girlfriend is ruff on me

GAME FOR FAME : Just lightly tap it in Proceeds to beat the devil out of the brush with the power of a thousand brush cleanses

cinnamonbuns : God steve was such an underrated character in this show he definately needed more more screentime they need to make a sequel to this show with more steve

The real Cody Borelz : Your hair was a happy accident

squalltheonly : Pthalo green Pthalo blue Where is Cthulu black?

Zer06ix : I love how they both say "hwight"... like how stewie says cool whip

Witte Artistry : WOW! Definitely runs in the family.

xoxfiftyytwo : I truly thought this was gonna be a spoof video...

Pil Lump : *Pre Malone does painting!?*

Dakotas challenges : How did 25 minuets go by so fast?!

headshot 56 : Him "i pulled a sneaky on you " me: (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

John West : When you told her you used a condom but you took it off mid-sex 2:11

PITABREADZ : “This might sound a little bit nutty” ~Steve Ross

Makingnewnamesisdumb : "I pulled a sneaky on you!" I WILL NOT BE FOOLED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Swedish Gamer : Steve is also stuck in the 70's.

Is that a real girl? : No no no Steve, it’s Liquid *H w i t e.*

maria valeria : “no matter what i do, i’m doing it for me and i’m going to enjoy it”* “compliment yourself” this episode is so soothing to me wow

Adam Fears : Steve looks like early 80s James hetfield of Metallica 🤘

Curious Potato : Titanium *H W I T E*

Warmaster : He makes it look so easy

PLEASE DON'T SUBSCRIBE : His voice makes my mustache uncontrollably comfortable...

Midsummer night : He has a son?! Yay! Bob Ross line lives on! :)

Lola Roberts : "a happy accident" IM DEADD