50 Year Old Woman Marries 12 Year Old Boy!(Child Marriage Social Experiment)

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Coby Persin : Following Spree:http://instagram.com/cobypersin

Cinnamon Donkey : ... and women say they're the ones suffering inequality.

Anime Lover : Wow.....people reacted for a 12 yr old girl but not a 12 yr old boy.......wtf

Law Jin : 50y.o. female marrying 12y.o. male with parents' consent and nobody bats an eye, 65y.o. male marrying 12y.o. female with parents' consent and everyone loses their minds. Gender equality at it's finest.

Can I get 100 subs with no videos : I hate that every one speaks up for girls and ignore the boys even if they are right

3 Pac : so people care to act more on a 12 year old girl than a 12 year old boy. thats the society we live in today

ElectroDanceCuba : People problably thought it was her son lol

Itz Olive : *WOW* So people care more about the girl

Cole Carson : He looks depresed

Lali Vang : Mostly no one cares if the kid is a boy 😭

Ryan Andreasen : Its gross either way that is not right

Ezra Art : I don't know but I feel like some people thought it was his mother.. I could be wrong but I feel like some people thought that

Juby cat123 : I hate that guy that was complamintinting him

Gail Clark : This country never shows the outrage of abuse against boys as it does against girls. These children are all but ignored. Thank toy for the spot light

Eva Lise Højen Jensen : maybe if the woman hadnt been "a nice catch" and looked the same as the old man in the other experiment people would have been more likely to react.. and yeah it looks more like its her son.. i would think it was just a woman and her son who was like "awe maan, i don't want to do this, its embarrassing" but i don't like how a lot of people see women above men - small girls should be protected, but boys can handle it themselves... that is so wrong!

Be Happy : The boy look so sad

rosiie h : Their reactions are absolutely disgusting

taekukj : I hate when people just look and say nothing, that's sad actually :(

TheJblock : You know.... Sometimes I hate being a guy...

Jester Gaming : First girls wanted equality and now they just have power over us

Kemosabe : That kid just looks depressed. Wow.

JSTEALTH170 : It really disgusts me how people immediately react over an old man marrying an underage girl yet the same outcome doesn’t happen when an older woman marries an underage boy. This country has so many hypocrites it’s not even funny and it makes me sick

Thugnificent 85 : 1:05 Guy: wtf is wrong with her

Ej Ay : Not cool!!! No one pays attention when a grandma marries a boy. :(

Jasmin Chambers : People are so sexiest and thisr two guys at the end are PERVERTS!!!!

Junior Asvp : When an older woman marries a little boy, he’s a cool pimp but when an older man marries a little girl, it’s definitely rape and disgusting. This society should be ashamed... 🤦🏻‍♂️

Doriane Aless : There's no excuse for people not reacting to this scenario. I imagine we could think that those people are more used to hearing about underage girls being forced to marry older men and the opposite scenario feels alien to them... but that doesn't excuse or legitimate anything at all. We shouldn't look for excuses to explain the difference between the reaction to this scenario and the one with the girl. That's still an underage person marrying a grown-up person. That's still wrong. I feel like sexism is not explained and denounced correctly. The issues that come up daily are double-edged. For instance, it's incredibly common for a lot of people to assume that men are stronger than women, both physically and emotionally. They expect men to know how to defend themselves. They surely would more instinctively help a woman being attacked on the streets than a man in the same position. And the list of examples can go on and on: men scorned for showing emotions, men pressured to hide weakness and being told to "man up"... The stereotypes that rule the mindset of so many people and that usually portray men in a more favourable way are also the ones that harm them. Sexism goes in both directions and we shouldn't put each other down. Stop saying feminism is wrong, stop saying you're anti-feminist. Instead, show how feminists could do a better job at fighting for gender equality, starting by them better informing people about how some stereotypes (inherently linked to what is viewed as masculinity and femininity standards) are damaging for both genders. Extremists are NOT feminists, they are as absurd, stupid and irrational as misogynists.

Sanaii Nelson : The boy look so uncomfertable

girlbye123 stars : The only ones who stepped up were girls..

Miss Informed : The kid seems so super unhappy...

Twistii Cuber : 2:46 finally someone speaks up geez

Chanel Bennett : Why can’t we have equal gender rights. Why have a different reaction to the situation based off a person’s gender. For a young girl to be with an older man, the man is considered as a pedophile or pervert. When it comes to a young boy with an older women, not as many people take action into standing up for the young boy and it’s considered “dope” by those two men to also possibly be marrying a pedophile or pervert.The human race is messed up. We should all be treated the same no matter. Not based on what we are biologically and if people want to change their gender identity that shouldn’t change the way we treat them besides addressing them by how they feel comfortable to be addressed as. Even with that, our reactions to a situation shouldn’t change based on that person’s gender. Not everyone has the same opportunities, rights or privileges to grow up with good-minded influences and influencers when it comes to society. For those that are privileged with schools, families or both, the next generations should be taught the things that are happening in society. How to reduce the problems we have between another. So much we could learn to help others but it’s wasted on unnecessary academic skills some of us will barely use again. In main conclusion, all of us matter. All humans matter.

Rubi Salloum : this is just so sad .

sammy cally : Just because of the gender difference? Wow

Tevin Sparrow : How on earth did no parents walk up? The only people who walked up with concern were young women. No parents thought about if that were their kid? I know some people assumed they were related but no way everyone thought that. I also noticed the girls who approached seemed more upset that this was illegal rather than wrong, like the first girl just asked if it was legal then walked away and the other girl ranted about the country. The guys were definitely worse though. It seems everyone just assumes that there is consent because he's a boy... ugh. Children at 12 years old that have scowls on their face aren't consenting regardless of their gender!

Dhavish Gaming : It's like whenever a girl yells RAPE the whole parade comes but when a boy yells RAPE no one comes

Travis Hodge : What is the world doing to us

Wetkid23 Gamer : Poor Boy :(

Sonal Desai : 3:53 some idiots won't understand the pain of the boy

Incognito Duchess : Thank you. Thank you for displaying the evident double standard. Child marriage is DISGUSTING, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Jake Sanders : 2:48 Hurricanes hit NC. Liberals: It's Trumps fault Taliban increases attacks : It's Trumps fault Old lady marries 12 year old: It's Trumps fault Everything is Trump's fault I guess.

Selena Mendez : Oh but if it was a young girl and a older men people well react differently smfh how mess up this world is 😔

Thupsalex Rocks : When young girl get married all the people are acting angry and when a young boy get married only few people are angry who agrees with me 🙋

The next Alpha : Those guys are kind of jerks or should I say kind of

Llama queen : He looks depressed I would be to.

Ssbutter s : Poor guy he is only 12

AWlpsSHOW36 : I'm really glad they did another forced child marriage experiment and this time with a young boy marrying an old lady. But I'm honestly disappointing on how little people reacted. That one woman was amazing and the people that looked on and didn't stand up definitely looked uncomfortable and upset but the rest were awful. Those jerks who laughed and joked at that poor little boy was just hard to watch and honestly very embarrassing. So immature. I am absolutely disgusted. Those people should be ashamed of themselves. It is still forced child marriage whether it is a young boy or a young girl.

Charles Darwin : *he looked so happy, like those grooms in india who are forced to marry after college graduation and cry nontop at their own wedding...*

Hanah Tomlinson : Others are laughing like it's a joke it's not funny it's discusting!!!

DRRR : Equality is a joke