50 Year Old Woman Marries 12 Year Old Boy!(Child Marriage Social Experiment)

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ღEmptyVoidღ : Wassup reader

Robles Entertainment : The problem here is that the appearance of the child is of the classic child who bullying his peers, who is watching pornography, which is rude and disrespectful to the whole world. If they had put a more innocent child I think the reaction of the people would have been different.... El problema aqui es que la apariencia del niño es del clasico niño que le hace bullying a sus compañeros, el que se la pasa viendo pornografia, el que es grosero e irrespetuso con todo Mundo. Si hubiesen puesto un niño mas inocente creo yo la reaccion de la gente hubiera sido diferente.

Rangerlab : Coby, you're such an amazing guy, and I wish more people were like you! You inspire me! Like the videos where you give homeless people free money, that's just awesome! You help people in need, when they really need it. I wish I had seen all of your videos sooner, becuase they are so awesome! Love you and your channel!

Cashi : This is the problem, people expect boys to be strong and solve their own problems and girls need help. This just isn't right. Boys deserve the much help as girls need. It doesnt matter if girls are most seen as victims to sexual abuse and etc, boys are victims of that too. Its just really sad. I wish people can see boys and girls the same way.

HI IMMA DEAD MEME : This is retarded Edit: not video the people

Ashauri Neal : *notification squad wya*

EmmaLine8 AJ : I'm glad Coby isn't sexist. Except it's really sad that people find this "dope". Just because the sex roles are reversed does not mean it is anywhere near okay. People should've been just as mad as the girl with guy. I'm truly disappointed in society.

I'm shinee trash : Why the hell dose no one care if its a boy its still wrong


REGGI : Maybe it's because she doesn't look old enough and wrinkly enough like the old man he was old and wrinkly maybe that's why I demand a redo with a older wrinkly woman like the old man

Ezra Art : I don't know but I feel like some people thought it was his mother.. I could be wrong but I feel like some people thought that

The Walking Journey : Amazing how there's a double standard for women in this country.

NodSpott : Why is this even legal?

michelet ticoit : Ew these people discuss me m8

Genesis Baccas : why they stand up to the girl child but did not for the boy child.I am a child and I believe that all children have equal rights whether boy or girl!!

Twistii Cuber : 2:46 finally someone speaks up geez

De Chipotle : Why we protect women / Girls and not protect Men / boys? y?

Andrew L : Talk about double standards...

Archangel Lucifer : Wow, I was expecting this woman to get just as much abuse as the man in the previous case! No, wait... No, I wasn't.

Sizzlez : Dont get this the wrong way but... Women dont see how much privilege they get, like compare this to the other video....literally.

ElectroDanceCuba : People problably thought it was her son lol

Blue Sheep9000 : Why does that lady go and blame the government instead of the woman🧐

No Name : Anyone else watching Coby in Mostly 4 Millennials right now?

the player : dude the kid look like he is 20 and the women look like 35

Anu Mnair : Fking society...

Llama queen : He looks depressed I would be to.

Duck Duck : If you stop the video right at the start, he looks like that meme with a guy with both his hands on his stomach

whitney Davis : That's so not fair how most people were celebrating their marriages or not saiding anything but they had a lot to say when this same situation happen to a girl

Cimone Norwoodd : I would've thought they were coming from a wedding and that's her son

Dhavish Gaming : It's like whenever a girl yells RAPE the whole parade comes but when a boy yells RAPE no one comes

Karlie Reneé : ❤️

Jose Medina : Wtf

Princess ava Awesome Lps star master : It's so different from the other one why

MARCO Sihombing : R u zac efron?

Paula Howard : I think some people thought it was her son going to watch her marriage

hollie d : Their reactions are absolutely disgusting

Mr. Universe : It's almost so crazy how people didn't even care about the boy, like it was all ok, but no the girl got almost everyone's attention, this is crazy we need help to not just girls.

Game Flame : Kill them like the rest and let god sort them out.

Dhavish Gaming : BOYS HAVE RIGHTS TOO!

Jaden Steals Loot : Get a kid that actually looks 12 hes short but his face makes him look 20

Michael Guerrero : I can not believe it and that's America welcomed the girl but the boy does not Greetings from Medellin Colombia @ michaelvasile15 ❤✌

Pumpkin Devil : Is this your last video?!

gamer god : Coby your on mostly 4 malleniels

Prabh Sangha : I'm a girl and honestly there is absolutely like no difference between a boy or a girl marrying someone way to old without consent. Both genders have childhoods that they deserve to have and not get stripped away from them and just because he is a boy doesn't mean he wants to have her or he is able to protect himself.. I would step in immediately and get him as far away fron her as possible.

Kaneki Ken/Haise Sasaki : PEOPLES ARE TRIGGERED

Lolipop girl : Bad

Dagaminstudios : What the ....!!!

Alisia Sadler : This is crazy that the men are supporting a 12 year old marrying a 50 year old woman what if this was real🤦🏾‍♀️

iRogueKiller : Uploaded on my bday