50 Year Old Woman Marries 12 Year Old Boy!(Child Marriage Social Experiment)

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Coby Persin : Following Spree:http://instagram.com/cobypersin

ElectroDanceCuba : People problably thought it was her son lol

Myoui Mina : I am so disgusted of the people who treated it as a joke

Amy Leo : It makes me angry, that people don't pay attention on the males side, like women I know are more vulnerable with these types of things, but it can happen the other way round and yet people don't act upon it, people pass it by like it's nothing, it just shows you how uneven the world is.

r4vis : 4:10 .. idiots

Edwin Abalo : This world is so wrong😣😣😣

Cinnamon Donkey : ... and women say they're the ones suffering inequality.

Cringiness DotCom : Im a boy and i feel like people were sexist to the kid, cuz all of the said, "if they have permission than its ok", but when the girl is being forced everyone is, "you sick perverted man", they didnt even let him leave, i feel so mad right now Edit:wow thanks for all those likes!

Cody Gornall : The double standard is unbelievable! It's not cool at all!

Saima Begum : As a girl this actually disgusts me. I'm a full of believer of equality and don't believe in what most of what feminism says. Like compare this to the other video, so many people spoke up, but for this one it seemed like no one cared. Like if you can clearly see this is wrong then why don't you speak up or at least call he police.

james the teenager : they just dont care, they see that boy as a player, as long as the male is younger no one cares

Ezra Art : I don't know but I feel like some people thought it was his mother.. I could be wrong but I feel like some people thought that

Juby cat123 : I hate that guy that was complamintinting him

Brianna_XoXo : I usually don’t comment on videos and stuff like that but, I have just got to say, some of those reactions were really fucked up. The fact that that guy thought it was “dope” for a 12 year old boy and a 50 year old woman to get married is so messed up on many levels. We have got to do better man! I am truly disappointed of how things are going in this world.

Rainbow Infected Ice Cream : We do have a corrupted government...


Twistii Cuber : 2:46 finally someone speaks up geez

Ryan Andreasen : Its gross either way that is not right

lariyah garcia : Scroll down 👇 Nope Almost there A bit more Did I say a bit I meant a lot... Close Your almost there Keep going Almost So close... CONGRATS YOU MADE IT one more thing like if you are against bullying and you would do everything you can to help people in need...... Thank You!

Alyssa Lambert : This makes me so sad, this hurts me so much that barely no one stood up and cared. They all thought it was a GOOD thing. I hate our world that we’re living in

雷Thunder : Gender Inequality

Junior Asvp : When an older woman marries a little boy, he’s a cool pimp but when an older man marries a little girl, it’s definitely rape and disgusting. This society should be ashamed... 🤦🏻‍♂️

Sanaii Nelson : The boy look so uncomfertable

Sophia & Olivia : *WOW* So people care more about the girl

TheJblock : You know.... Sometimes I hate being a guy...

Cole Carson : He looks depresed

Dhavish Gaming : It's like whenever a girl yells RAPE the whole parade comes but when a boy yells RAPE no one comes

500k Views : But if he was a girl it’s different🤦🏽‍♂️kids are equal

Youthfully Black : Wow the stupidity in some humans,So it's okay for a 50 year old woman to marry a 12 year old boy,But it's not okay for a 60 year old man to marry a 12 year old girl,Very few people were concerned compared to the other video...😠

Anabels Slimes : *Age* is just a number, *Jail* is just a room :) Edit: Thanks for highlighting it :D

spilling tea : Men arent treated equally Guys are not given equal atenttion

rosiie x : Their reactions are absolutely disgusting

Madison Furner : If that actually happened and I saw that I would call the cops not stand round laughing if someone laughed at someone who is having that problem is a sick twisted person we need to stop all of it

Be Happy : The boy look so sad

Jazmine Guerrero : It doesn't matter if your a girl or boy this is wrong and they should band child marriage. It's sick and makes me sad that it's happening right now...

Eva Lise Højen Jensen : maybe if the woman hadnt been "a nice catch" and looked the same as the old man in the other experiment people would have been more likely to react.. and yeah it looks more like its her son.. i would think it was just a woman and her son who was like "awe maan, i don't want to do this, its embarrassing" but i don't like how a lot of people see women above men - small girls should be protected, but boys can handle it themselves... that is so wrong!

Llama queen : He looks depressed I would be to.

Sumo Large : All the people who thought he got married have been rick rolled by coby persin!!!

10,000 subscribers with no videos? : so people care to act more on a 12 year old girl than a 12 year old boy. thats the society we live in today

Natalija Kostic : This is so sick

bob stamos : 2:01 T H I C C

Ashu Jadhav : WTF why this difference between boy and girl??😢😢

Luis Tinoco : The people approaching them was some of the worst acting I've ever seen.

Nauf Akl : 3:50 though

monica leyz : Ok like the kid looks a lot older.. and the lady looks like she is in her 20's..

JJ'sWorld TV : That's horrible..

Andy Perez Carrillo : The world is such a sexist place... how come when it was a girl they were willing to fight the old man and take the girl away but now that it's a boy they don't even care they think the boy is lucky they called him "the man" a lot of times and congratulated him... wow

Travis Hodge : What is the world doing to us

Lali Vang : Mostly no one cares if the kid is a boy 😭

Mist List : That's wrong and inappropriate.