Rush - Time Stand Still (Official Music Video)
The song is GREAT The music video NOT SO MUCH

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Watch the official music video for "Time Stand Still" performed by Rush Amazon: Music video by Rush performing Time Stands Still. (C) 1987 The Island Def Jam Music Group #Rush #TimeStandStill #Vevo #Rock #GeddyLee #OfficialMusicVideo


kyoku1982 : Welcome to Canada folks. On your left you'll see the the rock band Rush soaring majestically over our many lakes and rivers.

Mark Carr : Summer of 88. I was 16. Listening to this, thinking my life would never get better. Thinking about suicide. The lyrics just touched me in such a deep level. I remember watching a lightning storm one summer night at the pool in the back of the neighborhood in Lexington Woods in Spring, TX. It was because of this song, and the lyrics that felt so close to my feelings at the time, that I chose to see another day. Thank you, Rush, for that one small beacon of light, that kept me going to the next day, and the next, and the next....

Benjamín Gaete : How many shots of you floating do you want Rush: yes

grizzlytomahawk : imagine if Rush sucked, they would be three of the most dorkiest looking dudes in a rock band and they would be totally ridiculed on YouTube today.

David Niles Jr : Not gonna lie, I love this song! I don't care if some Rush fans don't like it, its awesome, it rocks, and its Rush!

Pangda Sopha : Young Neil: Jean Claude Van Damme Old Neil: Tom Hanks

TheChicoFreire : This is the biggest example of a discrepancy between a song and your video clip

UrbanExplorer1000 : This is actually my favorite Rush song. It makes me nostalgic for my life especially when I was in college. It somehow captures feelings and emotions that are long gone. They don't make music like this anymore thats for sure

Cosmic Faeriedust : I really need to make Time Stand Still. It seems I’m always in a Rush.

AMCmachine : Still gives me chills after 30 plus years. Especially now, as I'm living the lyrics more than ever as I and those close to me age.

FUNERAL BILL II : Aimee Mann!! She somehow still looks like she did when she was singing for 'Til Tuesday to this very day!! What a voice!!

William David : I turn my back to the wind To catch my breath, Before I start off again Driven on, Without a moment to spend To pass an evening With a drink and a friend I let my skin get too thin I'd like to pause, No matter what I pretend Like some pilgrim Who learns to transcend Learns to live As if each step was the end Time stand still I'm not looking back But I want to look around me now Time stands still See more of the people And the places that surround me now Time stands still Freeze this moment A little bit longer Make each sensation A little bit stronger Experience slips away  Experience slips away Time stands still I turn my face to the sun Close my eyes, Let my defenses down All those wounds That I can't get unwound I let my past go too fast No time to pause If I could slow it all down Like some captain, Whose ship runs aground I can wait until the tide comes around Time stand still I'm not looking back But I want to look around me now Time stands still See more of the people And the places that surround me now Freeze this moment A little bit longer Make each sensation A little bit stronger Make each impression A little bit stronger Freeze this motion A little bit longer The innocence slips away The innocence slips away Time stands still Time stands still I'm not looking back But I want to look around me now See more of the people And the places that surround me now Time stands still Summer's going fast Nights growing colder Children growing up Old friends growing older Freeze this moment A little bit longer Make each sensation A little bit stronger Experience slips away  Experience slips away  The innocence slips away

Bryton Cherrier : Hold Your Fire is one of my favorite Rush albums. Fight me.

RockinRob69 : *I miss the 80's. I miss RUSH*

Corey Fellows : This video features 3 members of the Rock and Roll hall of fame and was directed by an Academy Award winning director.

Angel Messtanoffski : Rush didn't add a 4th member to the group. That's 'Til Tuesday singer Aimee Mann (Known for the song "Voices Carry" and later the wife of singer Michael Penn!). Rush called her and asked if she wanted to sing on a Rush song. She agreed. Everyone involved had a good time. To my knowledge, this is the only time in Rush's history that someone outside of the band was involved with them on record!

Muhebur S : Love the song, the video. It's cheesy as hell but I love it. Does anyone else find this song quite powerful and melancholy?

thenowchurch : This version of Rush reminds me of r.e.m. I like both.

Nowhere Man : What 80's effects would you like on the video? Rush: *YES!*

Heavy Metal Nerd : Can't decide if I even have a favorite song by Rush but this is a strong contender.

Scott Baldwin : This isn't special effects, Rush really can fly

Charis Johnson : When your teacher lets you borrow his greenscreen.

John Cormier : Such a horrible video for such a great song.

chris kehoe : there were sightings of rush flying near many muskoka cottages 1974 eh

Paul Wilkinson : Most inappropriate video for a deep song with wonderful lyrics . My favourite Rush song .

TJ KNOT : Who needs a quality video when you've got a quality song😎👍

JKees : This song is awesome! But seeing that drumkit fly around over the water just kills me every time :D

Jayson Eubanks : I cant stop listening to this song! Pure gold.

Renato Coelho : A melhor do Rush. Portanto, a melhor de todos os tempos.

Andy Zap! Jackson - Magic and Illusions : In the R30 dvd, Geddy comments on his hair in the '80s looking like a "dead raccoon on his head". I guess that's like a Davy Crockett hat.

me,myself and i : I never thought,Tom Hanks is a such good drummer!

Detroit Seeds : Man Im going to miss Neil

S Italia : Regardless of the video, special effects, etc....Rush is among the all time greatest rock groups and a personal favorite. Rush4Ever

Scott Will : All rush songs are one of my favorite rush songs

Brownie Muncher : this will always be my favorite music video

BubbaZen10 : In the thumbnail pic, i swear Geddy kinda looks like a long haired kid with progeria.

Dydreth : Life won't be the same without you, Rush! God bless you all! You were my faithful, wonderful, musical companions throughout many decades.

David T : This is what happens when you give Canadians real money

runs with sharpobjects : Rush absolutely mesmerized me musically as a youth as well as now. The synchronicity. The poetry. The passion. The last band with complete control over their musical content from the 60"s genre. Music has really sucked since then with a few exceptions of course. I can't even listen to FM radio anymore. Even country music (supposed to be earthy and from the heart) has plunged into the vulgarity and sickness of pop cultures robotical, Orwellian driven, mind numbed beat of servitude.

Billy Beattie : I was 17 when I saw them on tour for this album. Somebody stole my t shirt off the washing line LOL! What a year 1987 was for albums and great songs, when rock ruled The airwaves.🤟🏻

goss1961 : I'm glad time didn't stand still for those haircuts.

Eidolus Gad : A crazy ex of mine, well, her even crazier dad always claimed to have been a founding member of Rush. I laughed at him every time that he said it.

Hammster69 : There were no green screens, computer animation, or high wires used at any point of this video. When the music started, the members of Rush just started floating around. They are simply that awesome.

Jikan No Yuusha : Stand user Dirk The Daring has joined the party! [Mr. 🌎 ] has crash landed into the competition! #AwakenBassBoost #TheWillOfSteinsGate #DirkTheDaringWuzHere

StriderOwO : Geddy Lee looks like Todd Howard. I can never unsee this.

Channel Zig : Cinematography 101: Any visual concept, regardless of how silly, cheesy, or all round dorky it is, is made instantly awesome by having Aimee Mann frantically running around with what appears to be a bigass planetarium projector on wheels.

Dana Anderson : This song always makes me cry, but this video always makes me laugh. I'm all messed up!

Splitty : This video is so funny to watch, but the song is so damn good that it doesn't matter

Tim Burr : They all got hair-cuts for Aimee. Clean-cut, Styling yeah.