Rush - Time Stand Still

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Splitty : This video is so funny to watch, but the song is so damn good that it doesn't matter

Felipe Jardim : The worst display of green screen effects over the most awesome period correct soundtrack

Robert Clark : The end. They stopped live and all looked behind. This is them showing time passed. Love rush. Neil was my mentor.

sam gif : Which Sega CD game is this?

Scott Baldwin : This isn't special effects, Rush really can fly

Son Goku : this music video is fucking hilarious

Kelly Patterson : Neil was like man f that!

robert glenn : The most perfect trio in history

Ken Vail : The words to this song get me choked up

paulsak59 : Aimee Mann's voice was perfection

Mark Carranza : Summer of 88. I was 16. Listening to this, thinking my life would never get better. Thinking about suicide. The lyrics just touched me in such a deep level. I remember watching a lightning storm one summer night at the pool in the back of the neighborhood in Lexington Woods in Spring, TX. It was because of this song, and the lyrics that felt so close to my feelings at the time, that I chose to see another day. Thank you, Rush, for that one small beacon of light, that kept me going to the next day, and the next, and the next....

ckrolak : The 1980s was a turbulent decade for me, personally. The music of Rush helped me get through it. Sometimes I wonder if bands ever truly realize the effect their music has on their fans.

Terrance WK : great tune. Aimee makes it that much better.

Halpin2006 : RUSH is legendary, major cult following, and finally was accepted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.  But  have they ever won any Grammys?

Quoodle : I've found my new favorite music video.

FUNERAL BILL II : Aimee Mann!! She somehow still looks like she did when she was singing for 'Til Tuesday to this very day!! What a voice!!

fuud : Geddy's worst haircut.

Dicky And Troy : Amy Mann? (camera lady)

Metal Maestro : The music video is so bad i love it.

much love : The video is great. It shows the musicians playing and having fun. Also shows their goofy personalities, fits the song showing places that surrounded them...

WeeGuarDio : This was uploaded in 21/12

Dan Burdolski : Til Tuesday singer Aimee Mann is featured in the song and video. Her and Geddy’s voice blended well for these vocals.

Louis Minett : When I was still in school (not that long ago) Rush really encapsulated my feelings of isolation and confusion and they helped me prosper into my own real interest which is music. I've seen them live and honestly, I absolutely love this band so much .. They have the most amazing sound of all time and honestly there isn't another band that sounds anything even close to them!

Kristin Crumpler : I turn my back to the wind To catch my breath Before I start off again. Driven on without a moment to spend To pass an evening with a drink and a friend I let my skin get too thin I'd like to pause No matter what I pretend Like some pilgrim Who learns to transcend Learns to live as if each step was the end (Time stand still) I'm not looking back But I want to look around me now (Time stand still) See more of the people and the places that surround me now Freeze this moment a little bit longer Make each sensation a little bit stronger Experience slips away Experience slips away I turn my face to the sun Close my eyes Let my defences down All those wounds that I can't get unwound I let my past go too fast No time to pause If I could slow it all down Like some captain, whose ship runs aground I can wait until the tide comes around (Time stand still) I'm not looking back But I want to look around me now (Time stand still) See more of the people and the places that surround me now Freeze this moment a little bit longer Make each impression a little bit stronger Freeze this motion a little bit longer The innocence slips away The innocence slips away... Summer's going fast, nights growing colder Children growing up, old friends growing older Freeze this moment a little bit longer Make each sensation a little bit stronger Experience slips away Experience slips away... The innocence slips away

Chuck Layton : Wow, I had no idea Amie Mann sang in this song!

Go-go Akins : Rush is the original time traveling trio. Rush still kicks ass after all these years. Live long and prosper rush fans

Eric Rymer : looks like Tom Hanks on drums

Lilah Corbin : i love them so much

Your real dad : I guess their idea of special effects were moving pictures... eh? eh? e-... ok...

Michael Faraday : Rush are actually levitating here its not a trick, they are that advanced spiritually.

Lauren Wallace : Brings back good memories!

Tommy Pwood : time is going by faster......tom petty recently gone. scary

HDTV Guys : I forgot how damn good this song is!

DallasHammster : There were no green screens, computer animation, or high wires used at any point of this video. When the music started, the members of Rush just started floating around. They are simply that awesome.

David Niles Jr : Not gonna lie, I love this song! I don't care if some Rush fans don't like it, its awesome, it rocks, and its Rush!

MKultra 2112 : What a master piece, can't say the same for the music video though


Jrav Jr : I didn't know Aimee Mann did some backup vocals in this???!!!! Awesome

Brilliant : How has the greenscreen of the guitarist badly green screened flying around not become a meme

Di Ramirez : As a boat owner I actually applied the lyrics to this song into our rescue when we ran aground and patiently waited several restless hours to refloat it when the high time came back. 'Time Stand Still' acquired a special meaning and memory for us that night.

John Hardesty : That's Neil Peart hammering, never tinkering! One of the greatest!

Herbert Rossman : Geddy lee with short hair vintage Rush

Nin3tails : dammit Rush how dare you make me feel emotions

AlanKey86 : Love this song so much. Shame the video is hilariously DREADFUL

Todd Cooper : Professor on his Ludwig Kit...

Uncle Squiddz : Who directed this? Tim and Eric?

darren ricker : Rush absolutely mesmerized me musically as a youth as well as now. The synchronicity. The poetry. The passion. The last band with complete control over their musical content from the 60"s genre. Music has really sucked since then with a few exceptions of course. I can't even listen to FM radio anymore. Even country music (supposed to be earthy and from the heart) has plunged into the vulgarity and sickness of pop cultures robotical, Orwellian driven, mind numbed beat of servitude.

BryanFink1 : Rush never suck!

Kerry Flowers : This song is SO awesomely deep that I'd have expected a much different video. Some videos simply need to reflect the lyrical content, which this vid does not do. A montage of past to present, childhood to adulthood, (and yes, with some "touching", sorrowful scenes) would have been much better. BUT, as "cheesy" as the vid is, it doesn't diminish the beauty, poignance, and keen insight of this amazing song!...

Michael Wilson : Geddy is one of those lucky guys who look better as they get older.