Friends, but Ricky Gervais laughs at the jokes

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jumping on the Ricky gervais lauging meme

Comments from Youtube

Ramiro : It’s like Ricky has the actors held captive against their will and he’s making them perform scenes from Friends.

Max Gibson : I have a feeling Ricky was laughing at Karl Pilkington 100% of the time here

Somali pirate who's actually somali : Lmao can't believe no one's thought of this before.

Stoner Yoda937 : "Haha he summed it up "

ddrumdude : This is really creepy and I have no idea why...

Rementoire Sur La Playa : "- Hahaha! That's true." Perfect timing.

Darth Calculus : This is so eerie

Diamante Dea : this is really creepy what the hell LOL

Ethan A : "There's nothing wrong with a woman enjoying a little...erotica!" "-AAaa...*throat click*"

Lucinda Rofe : Best part 1:13 "it's a dirty book" *hahahehe* "he summed it up!"


luke joynson : This is perfectly edited

Gary Kirby : Hahaha He summed it up!

Adrian McCormack : These are all taken from him laughing at Karl

Rob Scrannage : This a mad creepy..its like they have no idea they are being haunted by Ricky Gervais

Matt Walter : the is the most perfectly sarcastic thing i've ever seen

Oh Man : This is so uncomfortable

Hunter McBride : The little train laugh at 2:24 has me dying

Martin J Stephens : "He's summed it up" 😂🤣

Xladimir Xtriminovich : this is funnier than the show

Fernando S. Aldado : Episode directed by David Lynch.

Danankayte : 60,000 views?! Thank you guys so much. I might make another one with Jimmy Carr, so subscribe!

Tis Cayea : It's creepy because it shows you how weird the show would be without the laugh track

Robert Turner : The first laugh was absolutely terrifying.

Andrew X : You need to do this with Nick Offerman xD

PainCausingSamurai : Ricky Gervais for Joker.

Nogarda Gaming : Just imagining the recording of this in the tunnel Ricky must have been in.

thelevelofpettyiaspiretobe : 1:49 is funny. This may not be the funniest scene in friends but it cannot be compared to the tripe that is the Big Bang Theory.

Electronic Mess : ARE YOU HAVIN A LAUGH?

Tomás Ferrada : I know that this is supossed to show hoy stupid the jokes are, but I still find it very funny. Unlike the ones from The BigBang Theory

danty362 : This doesn't work as well cos Friends is way better than The Big Bang Theory

Giantstx : Rickey Gervais laughs like the guy at the beginning of the song “Wipeout”

Holly Turrell : I didn't know I needed this This is amazing

Nea Emrys : This is so weird and creepy and I love it. XD

McSuperfly : You should do one with a Rich Evans from RLM.

Danankayte : 100,000 views?!!!? Thank you guys so much. recently this video has just exploded. Can people tell me where they saw this, and why it has just risen in popularity all of a sudden? I am blown away!

HP : An improvement really.

Louella.y : I hope Ricky sees this 😁

Nspnspker : this is genius but it also shows how "fun" american comedy shows are when you cut out the part in which they tell you to laugh

Arthur Mhoyan : This seriously needs to have millions of views

sean919191 : “That’s true” so perfect at the end Hahahah

kwintyn porter : 0:20 gets me every time

Rafael Villaça : 2:23 Best moment

Rae Derps : This makes me really happy but insanely uncomfortable at the same time.

Callum Tanner : This really makes you realise how stupid laughing tracks are

Noodle 84 : This is surprisingly good 🤣

Umut Emre Alp : This montage made the most banalic show watchable

James Lawner : This what it must be like when a god watches over people.

Potato : wow this really shows how unfunny these shows are