Friends, but Ricky Gervais laughs at the jokes

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Somali pirate who's actually somali : Lmao can't believe no one's thought of this before.

William Estes : This is so eerie

Max Gibson : I have a feeling Ricky was laughing at Karl Pilkington 100% of the time here

Diamante Dea : this is really creepy what the hell LOL

Ramiro : It’s like Ricky has the actors held captive against their will and he’s making them perform scenes from Friends.

MuzicTV : lol I'm imaging Ricky at the cinema alone just talking and laughing to himself??!

ddrumdude : This is really creepy and I have no idea why...

Kristoffer Malvefors : "- Hahaha! That's true." Perfect timing.

Stoner Yoda937 : "Haha he summed it up "

Ethan A : "There's nothing wrong with a woman enjoying a little...erotica!" "-AAaa...*throat click*"

Gary Kirby : Hahaha He summed it up!

Lucinda Rofe : Best part 1:13 "it's a dirty book" *hahahehe* "he summed it up!"


Xladimir Xtriminovich : this is funnier than the show

Adrian McCormack : These are all taken from him laughing at Karl

luke joynson : This is perfectly edited

Angst Lord : This is so uncomfortable

Rob Scrannage : This a mad creepy..its like they have no idea they are being haunted by Ricky Gervais

Fernando S. Aldado : Episode directed by David Lynch.

Martin J Stephens : "He's summed it up" 😂🤣

Matt Walter : the is the most perfectly sarcastic thing i've ever seen

danty362 : This doesn't work as well cos Friends is way better than The Big Bang Theory

Social Pariah. : 1:49 is funny. This may not be the funniest scene in friends but it cannot be compared to the tripe that is the Big Bang Theory.

Hunter McBride : The little train laugh at 2:24 has me dying

Andrew X : You need to do this with Nick Offerman xD

Danankayte : 60,000 views?! Thank you guys so much. I might make another one with Jimmy Carr, so subscribe!

Nogarda Gaming : Just imagining the recording of this in the tunnel Ricky must have been in.

DonsFan56 : This reminds me of just how bad the acting really was

Tis Cayea : It's creepy because it shows you how weird the show would be without the laugh track

PainCausingSamurai : Ricky Gervais for Joker.

Electronic Mess : ARE YOU HAVIN A LAUGH?

klaudia : people here saying friends isn't funny clearly have watched one episode

McSuperfly : You should do one with a Rich Evans from RLM.

dylanoneill2011 : except friends is actually funny

Giantstx : Rickey Gervais laughs like the guy at the beginning of the song “Wipeout”

Robert Turner : The first laugh was absolutely terrifying.

HP : An improvement really.

Derek Frank : The only thing that ever got me to watch a clip of "friends" ..

Scrobbles : Friends is actually funny though.

Holly Turrell : I didn't know I needed this This is amazing

Nea Emrys : This is so weird and creepy and I love it. XD

Louella.y : I hope Ricky sees this 😁

Callum Tanner : This really makes you realise how stupid laughing tracks are

Mucusmayhem 111 : Matt Leblanc is a twat, slightly funny in Friends but certainly can't present Top Gear, wanker. Ricky Gervais is a genius

Nspnspker : this is genius but it also shows how "fun" american comedy shows are when you cut out the part in which they tell you to laugh

sean919191 : “That’s true” so perfect at the end Hahahah

cleop4tr4 Cleop4tr4 : When you realise friends is one of the most unfunny shows ever

Arthur Mhoyan : This seriously needs to have millions of views

Steve Barclay : Remember when we all laughed at Friends. Seems hard to believe now.

Rafael Villaça : 2:23 Best moment