Mr Bubz Killing Him With Love
Mr Bubz Killing Him With Love

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I always knew that dog was trouble. Credit goes to @misterbubz on Instagram.


LUIGIMAN 309 : This is rare footage of mr bubz attempting to over throw humans by causing attempted murder to what he thinks is the human leader

Wolfgang Icarus : does Mr. Bubz hate men or something?

Devious Fuzz : I used to have a ferret that sounded just like that.

999bees : *the dark lords first attack was in vain, soon he shall prevail feeble hoomons*

The Plush Palooza : Your Squirrel Has Ay Dee Ech Dee

Kin Hamid : Ok seriously what the hell is wrong with Mr. Bubz?

Yoshi The baby killer : That’s cute

prosimulate : Bubz to the power of Bubz ❤️👍

Lil’ HoodieBear : Who is this one mortal who has disliked this masterpiece...

tundahking : I was the 200th like yaaaaay me

Generic Pyro Main : Vicious