Music Software & Bad Interface Design: Avid’s Sibelius

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Brendan Armstrong : There seems to be an unspoken misunderstanding that if an application requires some skill to use that it must be awkward and obtuse to use. Like it's a test to see if you're smart enough. I'll be having nightmares filled with gore after watching this. Hurrah

Adam Neely : beats finale. also, killer video.

LyricWulf : *Quit Sibelius*

Anuel : AVID's Sibelius "The fastest, smartest, easiest way to write music" ... Let me fix that for you "The slowest, stupidest, most painful way to write music"

FFcossag : "The black beams can stretch, they can stretch really high." I died. I absolutely died laughing.

Eric Taxxon : The escalation at the end is perfectly executed, i love this and i love you

Adam Mc Garrity : 9:13 I'm honestly surprised they don't call the piano a 'pianoforte.'

Realraven2000 : This was amazing. As a software developer more so than as musician, I feel your pain. let's bring back the interface Hall of shame! Cubase is pretty decent. Time for Dorico?

Cheese sandvich : Dust to dust, ash to ash. I tried to write the rest of this poem... But Sibelius crashed...

hXcFreethinker : Did they license that crash on save feature from MS word too?

LFP Gaming : You've put a very large amount of time and effort into this video, that is very plain to see... impressive and commendable sir! Liked

syahir : Sibelius crashed. *Sibelius crashed.* *_Sibelius crashed._* ┌────────────────┐ │ Sibelius crashed. │ │ │ │ [OK] │ └────────────────┘

Forgettable : Please! Could you talk about Musescore2?

Phoebe Gregory : Can we also talk about the fact that the ability to transfer music from sibelius to any other notation software and back again is horrific? As a music student, I'm required to work on sibelius at college, but I can't afford it at home so I use Musescore at home. Now, transferring music between any other music notation software is easy right? download it as an .xml or a .mxl, and open it up in your preferred software. Trying to open these back up in Sibelius? It's so complex, I cant find the right tools, it crashes, I try as a midi but everything's skewed, when I finally get it to work my trumpets now a baroque trumpet, I'm missing parts, the clefs have changed, octaves are screwed, I'm crying, my teacher's crying, everything's on fire and it's just a mess, and to top it all off, nobody can find the right buttons to fix it.

numgun : Nothing drives me up the walls worse than poor software design. I'm eight minutes in and I already want to scream in agony.

Aurongroove : Please, please send this video to them. Sebelius is a car crash. The sheer frustration of having to use this in university. I tried compose something a few days back, forgot how to make a tempo marking the correct way, and just quit the programme after 25 minutes of clicking menus on a blank score.

FrenchHornCat : And that’s why I like musescore

yw1971 : Next, try Autocad 2018. One of the worst designed interfaces.

Matt Cobalt : I never thought I would appreciate MS Word for being so complex, yet so simptistic in how the interface was handled.


luvsnumbers : OMG, this is hilarious. I am not a musician, but I was directed to this video in my Human-Computer-Interactions course. You are so damn funny!!!!!

J.E. Hernandez : This entire video probably took less time to put together than a single page in sibelius


Willow S : As an audio engineer, former composer and fan of surreal humor, this speaks to me on a deeper level

webnothing : Amazing video. I know nothing about music notation programs but this made me want to not know but in a really entertaining way.

Sam Wu : At least it's better than Logic's notation section...

Prince Westerburg : You just know its a bunch of guys who have 'always done it that way'. The ribbon did seem like putting Ann Widdecombe in sexy underwear.

urusaitteba : I watched this video and Sibelius crashed. I don't even have it installed.

G Scott Anthony : I think it would be really interesting if you did an analysis on Musescore 2. I say this knowing that program is alright at best, but for many it is their first introduction to songwriting and composition (including myself). I would be interested in seeing if you thought that Musescore was good for a learning songwriter, or if its set of features and interfaces don't really lend themselves to a beginner. Perhaps going into whether or not a learner should use a professional tool that is unintuitive to write or stick with a free and simpler tool would be helpful aswell. Seeing as you have experience, you probably have some insight into this. Cheers!

CaptZimecki : you should check out noteflight, I found it to be one of the more intuitive notation apps. Granted its limited but I mostly use it too do the heavy lifting of music notation, then import it into Sibelius to finish engraving and make it look nice.

Mada Faka : Reminds me of MuseScore 2, but kinda worse

Wingnut Is Taken : Sibellius? Ha! more like the demonic structure of my inner being is growing. My inside presence is coming out in my daily life. I can't hide my nightly escapades of blood lust any longer. Nobody can know where the bodies are stashed. oh look Sibelius crashed.

sihplak : I find it quite humorous that MuseScore, a free notation software (as opposed to, you know, costing a few hundred dollars) has a much better, cleaner, and more intuitive design and interface.

Michael Tomsic : When I reached about 18:00 I had to just pause, wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes, and come down and comment. This is gloriously hilarious. I mean, it's sad that their developers think that this is a quality product that they would put their names on.... I'm just saying you commentary is hilarious. I'm not even sure how this video showed up on my Suggestions list, but I am also a developer and am also greatly interested in music so.... yay for google knowing me so well? Anyway.... You just got another subscriber! (assuming, of course, that this is on-par for your other vids.)

Mert Ertuğ : Quit Sibelius


Maxwell Nieberger : so uh, I paused this video to go to sleep and come back to it the next day. part 2 was a bit different than I was expecting cool video I'm going to go compulsively edit UI elements now

anonagain : Would like to see your take on REAPER's interface. While the menu system can seem very complex at first, the Action List Search works very well for finding what you want (unlike Sibelius), and the best thing about it in my opinion is that it is completely customizable with lots of user-defined templates available. There's even a customizable rotary menu system that a user has provided to the community. And yes, like you I'm a software developer/musician who is frequently appalled by software design these days - Sibelius is one of the worst in my opinion. Would like to see your take on MuseScore 2 as well. Thanks for your videos!

coolland : I have no idea about making music but that’s terrible. We need a general name for these type of software. I propose “demonic software”

Raul Gubert : I wsted my money in this program, it is in a box now.

Aditya : Hahahaha.. This was awesome! - Someone who can relate

Hugo Bechstein : This made my day

Zaki Wasik : Not going to get much sleep tonight after watching this video. Not because of the spooky editing towards the end, but because I was genuinely reminded of the horrific pain Sibelius has caused me over the years.

Luke Anderson : This video was the best way to find out I wasn't the only person who thought Sibelius was horrible

Cameron Horn : You should review MuseScore

Pixie Panda Plush : Great video; you show constructive criticism. Now if these changes could just be applied.

Le M Numérique : One of the greatest YouTube videos of all time.

Joseph Callander : Hilarious

TheseusTitan : I hate Sibelius! I bought it before Avid bought it… hey, how come I don’t own it then. I thought it was just me but it wasn’t me all along. It was them! Sibelius sucks, I knew it! Thank you for the review and knowledgeable input

ib9rt : I don't know how this showed up in my recommendations, but this is the best review ever!