Music Software & Bad Interface Design: Avid’s Sibelius

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Brendan Armstrong : There seems to be an unspoken misunderstanding that if an application requires some skill to use that it must be awkward and obtuse to use. Like it's a test to see if you're smart enough. I'll be having nightmares filled with gore after watching this. Hurrah

Adam Neely : beats finale. also, killer video.

Sheet Music Boss : Samuel and I use Sibelius every single day for notating the piano arrangements we release on our channel. I've used it for 13 years myself (started with Sibelius 2). But even having used the ribbon since its release in 2011, to this day it's remained unintuitive and functions I'm looking for tend not to be where I expect. The old menu system was easier to use. Ribbons in Sibelius have never really made sense to me. -Andrew

Anuel : AVID's Sibelius "The fastest, smartest, easiest way to write music" ... Let me fix that for you "The slowest, stupidest, most painful way to write music"

hbomberguy : Media Composer ruined my life


Eric Taxxon : The escalation at the end is perfectly executed, i love this and i love you

Captain Fleshyboi III : I had no idea that I'd laugh this hard watching a music notation app review.

Lu Cacik : The fact that this video was automatically suggested to me after spending a whole week looking up forums answers and video tutorials for this god forsaken software pleases me.

Cian O'Reilly : So they go with violoncello but not pianoforte???

hXcFreethinker : Did they license that crash on save feature from MS word too?

Aurongroove : Please, please send this video to them. Sebelius is a car crash. The sheer frustration of having to use this in university. I tried compose something a few days back, forgot how to make a tempo marking the correct way, and just quit the programme after 25 minutes of clicking menus on a blank score.

Matt Cobalt : I never thought I would appreciate MS Word for being so complex, yet so simptistic in how the interface was handled.

Forgettable : Please! Could you talk about Musescore2?

yw1971 : Next, try Autocad 2018. One of the worst designed interfaces.

LFP Gaming : You've put a very large amount of time and effort into this video, that is very plain to see... impressive and commendable sir! Liked

numgun : Nothing drives me up the walls worse than poor software design. I'm eight minutes in and I already want to scream in agony.

JackIntheBox : I remember when all of GIMP's toolbars were in separate OS windows for reasons that remain a complete mystery to me.

Michael Tomsic : When I reached about 18:00 I had to just pause, wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes, and come down and comment. This is gloriously hilarious. I mean, it's sad that their developers think that this is a quality product that they would put their names on.... I'm just saying you commentary is hilarious. I'm not even sure how this video showed up on my Suggestions list, but I am also a developer and am also greatly interested in music so.... yay for google knowing me so well? Anyway.... You just got another subscriber! (assuming, of course, that this is on-par for your other vids.)

jihanj : You didn't mention Sibelius's cardinal sin of swapping the positions of OK and Cancel buttons.

LyricWulf : *Quit Sibelius*

Nathan Dehnel : >"Is their byte better than Bach?" /r/titleporn

Lino Perdrix : Review Dorico !!! :)

Maxwell Nieberger : so uh, I paused this video to go to sleep and come back to it the next day. part 2 was a bit different than I was expecting cool video I'm going to go compulsively edit UI elements now

FrenchHornCat : And that’s why I like musescore

aprofondir : Wow this is UI design I expect from open source alternative Linux software that people on forums say are ''totally just as good'', not a program that's been developed over 25 years and costs actual money

Tao Tao : eyy anyone use MuseScore?

Plasma : 10:35 You're blue now. That's my UX attack!

Some Guy on the internet. : The ending was the most perfectly executed thing I have ever seen on this platform... Good on you!

Jeff Lawrence : Hey there Tantacrul, yesterday I posted your video on the Sibelius Facebook page and suggested they take a look as I also use Sibelius and find it a pain. I checked today and they just deleted my post, but hopefully they watch your vid and pick up a few ideas for improving the app. Cheers, great video!

SlamaWolfPlays : Sibelius wants to know your location

Byeah #427 : Through my long nursery nights he stood, By my bed and wearying, Loomed gigantic, formless, queer, Purring in my haunted ear, That same, hideous, nightmare thing, Talking, as he lapped my blood, In a voice, cruel and flat, Saying forever, *Sibelius Crashed.*

A parada é séria : There is no way this is better than Finale. If Finale makes you vomit, Sibelius makes you diarrhea.

FFcossag : "The black beams can stretch, they can stretch really high." I died. I absolutely died laughing.

camhcom : AVID has been gaslighting us for years. I thought Sibelius was difficult to learn, and since I don't use it much, I feel lost every time I return to it. I thought it was my fault. But the same goes for Pro Tools. It took me forever to learn it, and now I realize that this is just AVID's path to barest adequacy for every situation. They have been "adding features" at a snail's pace for years, which just means they add the most basic functionality, like a search box for plug-ins, that should have been implemented 10-20 years ago. And all the fanboys flip their shit. Meanwhile, the Clips pane is still just a useless collection of every piece of media in your session -- including a new entry every time you split a clip -- without so much as a folder/bin to organize it. And have you ever noticed that there are no ETAs for status bars? Yeah, that thing that computers have been doing since the dawn of time, estimating how long a thing will take?? Well you get to calculate that yourself! See, AVID gave you a display of the raw bytes as they slowly get counted down, so just pull out your stopwatch app and get calculating!! It's the 21st century! It's 2019! It's Stockholm Syndrome a la AVID! Thanks AVID!!!!!

Thorsten : Can you do the same analysis for Musecore? We can try and fix stuff like that over there. Maybe even as gsoc project.

Le M Numérique : One of the greatest YouTube videos of all time.

THO games : This broken piece of junk supports VST plugins? Well, at least they got that...

urusaitteba : I watched this video and Sibelius crashed. I don't even have it installed.

Joseph Haig : I have never used Sibelius and on the (few) occasions I have had to typeset music I have used Lilypond, which requires text input like 'Score' that you mentioned at the start. Being a software developer I am happy to do this but, due to its complexity, I would never have recommended it to a non-technical person instead of Sibelius. ... until now.

Tim B : "Tick box" at 9:20 has been fixed. And my Sibelius doesn't really crash much. But the rest, …yeah, you nailed it. And you didn't even get to a bunch of stuff: 1. Built-in Templates are horrible looking. Did a real musician ever critique any of them? They look awful. 2. Many defaults are horrible looking (for example, expression marks collide with bar lines by default, you can fix this in some ludicrously unintuitive dialogue box somewhere.) 3. Getting the built in sounds to work consistently is nigh impossible. Getting 3rd party sounds to work consistently is a Sisyphusian nightmare. 4. Gotta love how the Title of a piece defaults to "invisible" (or "hide"), you can see it happening in this video. 5. When you add a new instrument in an orchestration, it will not default to your current style. 6. Sometimes when I add a new instrument to a current orchestration, it will screw with my bar number text defaults, making my bar numbers italic, for example. 7. Getting your bar numbers to look one way in the conductor score and look another way in your parts can be unbelievably hard. 8. Drum notation is completely maddening when trying to get the proper sounds. 9. Sibelius seems to organize many items alphabetically, i.e., it doesn't matter how useful or important an option is, it will simply appear in alphabetical order in an insanely long list. Advice: 1. Create your own Templates that look good and use them—all the time. I'm constantly using, tweaking, and creating my own templates. 2. Create House styles and apply them all the time. Very powerful, will avoid many headaches. If you don't create your own Templates and House Styles, you will guaranteed blow up your computer or your brains or both. 3. Buy NotePerformer and don't even try to use the built in sounds. 4. Take the time to (A) learn the built-in Sibelius keyboard shortcuts, which are really quite useful. (B) Build your own keyboard shortcuts using Sibelius Keyboard shortcuts in the Preferences menu. I've used a custom set of shortcuts for years and am constantly considering how to add to that set. (C) Buy Key Maestro (or similar) and build your own shortcuts. All these options avoid forcing you to dig through the arcane, labyrinthian pop-up menus. I've used lots of different software since starting on computers in 1985. Notation programs (not just Sibelius) are the only apps which cause my to think about slitting my wrists or sticking a sharp stick in my ear. While I'm have never been a Finale user, I have been to seminars on how to use Finale efficiently, The issues they face were also incomprehensibly atrocious. My Sibelius cohorts and I were looking at each other saying, "Can you believe this?" We thought Sibelius was bad, Finale seemed a complete disaster by comparison.

Mada Faka : Reminds me of MuseScore 2, but kinda worse

Jeff Taylor : Checking into Dorico thanks to this video. And you are all talented editors!

Realraven2000 : This was amazing. As a software developer more so than as musician, I feel your pain. let's bring back the interface Hall of shame! Cubase is pretty decent. Time for Dorico?

Mert Ertuğ : Quit Sibelius

hutty : Somewhat unrelated to the design issues of Sibelius, but ribbons suck, even when used correctly. They are inflexible, cannot be re-positioned, and just end up requiring more clicks to get anything done.

Mada Third : This video is a masterpiece... The music and random crap really adds to it... I actually laughed at a factual review of bad

Prince Westerburg : You just know its a bunch of guys who have 'always done it that way'. The ribbon did seem like putting Ann Widdecombe in sexy underwear.

sihplak : I find it quite humorous that MuseScore, a free notation software (as opposed to, you know, costing a few hundred dollars) has a much better, cleaner, and more intuitive design and interface.

Tavia Melody : (13:50) My answer actually was that category. After that though, I would've had no idea.