Groke kills Moomin
When I was a child growing up in Bosnia during the 90s this cartoon character gave me nightmares

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And so the dead will bury the dead.


Purple Mon : this scared the heck outta me when i used to watch moomins

Ian Skrivarnik : for any one being worried, I've watched this when I was a kid and its just Moomin having nightmares about the Groke.

aye aye hO : Top 10 saddest anime deaths.

Justin Harrison : 0:14 people in horror movies

Insomnlia : Does anyone else think the Groke looks like a mutated, obese purple platypus?

bethmoth : It's hard to be scared of the groke when he looks like totoro

Lily Angel : I had a lot nightmares about the groke 😂

pizza king : groke just wants love in the cartoon shes a little cute (in real life id run)

Voracious T : WHOSE THAT POKEMON? people : " its Groke" , Groke makes noises the people are heard screaming few seconds later

The Symbol of Evil : Pelkäsin tätä kohtaa niin,VITUN paljon kun näin sen ekan kerran, en enää ikinä kattonu sitä uudestaan *katsoo nyt uteliaisuudesta, ja pääsee seitsemän sekunnin kohdalle* Nope, nope, nope, so much nope *shivers*. Jätän tän tähän ja siirryn kissavideoihin...

Emma LPS : Moonmin did not get killed

Denmark : I'm from Denmark and I remember this creepy episode, it was so creepy and I was scared that the creature was gonna come out of the dark and look down at me while I was sleeping.

Flaprise 1337 : 0:28 surprise buttsecks

FinSpectre Gaming : The groke is just very lonely that's why he is so cold

naegi ; : Hey it's not the more realistic one tho, this one is cute

Wasp 90 : straight up breaks his neck

Limppu205 : this is moomin's nightmare

DJ 3lectrical : Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths

Hazel grey The grey cat : Finally some English captions!

I need more ANIME : the music in the backround is amaxingly terrifying

Depomi [Omi] : In Finland that means:; Mörkö Tappaa Muumit/Muumi Peikon

Marcos Pantoja : It's weird that i watched this shit as a kid and this is freaking me out that this is in a kids show

Ellinor Fredriksson : top 10 anime deaths

pąnczki_ crumbs : If y'all were scared of this one I was absolutely terrified of the polish puppet adaption

Ray the Flying squirrel : I think he sucked his soul out or suffocated him

partygirl : Oh my flippin GOD.... I live in Estonia and The Moomins always used to be in TV and i could always watch it. It was my most fav show and this made my childhood so much better and i am happy i grew up with this. But... There was ALWAYS this super creepy creature. The first time i ever saw The Groke was like when i was 3-5 age and you can feel my pain... My dad used to scare me a lot with The Groke. Everytime The Groke appeared on the screen. I remember i always hid EVERYWHERE. Gives a big trauma omg. My dad printed me pictures of The Groke and he showed me one, i just RAN AWAY CRYING AND SHOCKED XD the groke was the first creature that haunted me. My family always talked about her to scare me. I am now like 12 and i found this video... Finally. This IS GIVING ME SHIVERS. CHILDHOOD TRAUMA. LOOK AT THE WAY THE GROKE MOVES AND LOOK AT HER FACE. THE MUSIC SCARED THE CREEP OUT OF ME OMFG THIS IS SO CREEPY. Look at that big mouthed smile and that staring. The movements... THE BACKGROUND MUSIC OMG I JUST CAN'T. There are children who watch this show.... Omfg why. I am surprised that almost everyone was scared of her... I still remember those times so well when i used to be scared. Those good old times. (:

Hampus Nyhlén : I had so many nightmares about this scene as a kid. Always wondered where it came from, and now i finaly found it. So scarring

varg vikernes666 : does anyone know which episode is it?

Forti mees : Groke is storm in fortnite and moomi is random people in fortnite😂🤣

AzUrArInG : what episode has this scene

FoxGod 22 : this just triggerd several years of childhood trauma

Tyra. bergman : The Groke is my biggest fan!!!!

Kara Oki : I Used to be scared but now that I See her I feel compassion

Karin : As a child i was scared as hell when i saw this

Casper Nordén : I was so hard after watching this video

suckmah dick : for the night is dark, and full of terrors...

OGMadari : uugh its hard to watch with this dub, its supposed to be in finnish goddamnit

Rebecca Stewart : Too used to Klonoa voice Moomin

Neven Raić : I have got a first CD whit groke

Johan Min : Am i the only one as a kid didn't get scared at this scene but more interested on what's going to happen next?

RE Mily : I remeber this show at mine always show up at 10pm and as a kid I was so scared at this part. The music was too creepy 😂😂😂❤️

Modu Official : This episode scared me as a kid

Normal life XD : I was so afraid of this thing😂 The name of it in swedish is Morran 😅😂👌✌️

Rune Njordhag : Tio år hos psykiatriker pga av denna ondska

ea2fly : Plot twist! It's a dream m' ni🅱🅱a

mentaly dank meme : 1 2 groke is coming for you

GameplayFan Finn : Am I only finnish person who doesn't had any nightmares about Mörkö

LayLay Waffles : Why the hell was he running so slow?

flyingerasehead : We'll I'll be! Moomin DO have mouths!