Groke kills Moomin

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Fishy Boopkins : Top 10 saddest anime deaths.

Purple Mon : this scared the heck outta me when i used to watch moomins

Justin Harrison : 0:14 people in horror movies

bethmoth : It's hard to be scared of the groke when he looks like totoro

Lily Angel : I had a lot nightmares about the groke 😂

Ian Skrivarnik : for any one being worried, I've watched this when I was a kid and its just Moomin having nightmares about the Groke.

The Symbol of Evil : Pelkäsin tätä kohtaa niin,VITUN paljon kun näin sen ekan kerran, en enää ikinä kattonu sitä uudestaan *katsoo nyt uteliaisuudesta, ja pääsee seitsemän sekunnin kohdalle* Nope, nope, nope, so much nope *shivers*. Jätän tän tähän ja siirryn kissavideoihin...

pizza king : groke just wants love in the cartoon shes a little cute (in real life id run)

Voracious T : WHOSE THAT POKEMON? people : " its Groke" , Groke makes noises the people are heard screaming few seconds later

Felsmak : I like how they included the "running underwater" effect that people often experience in real dreams.

Nein Shite : 0:28 surprise buttsecks

Emma LPS : Moonmin did not get killed

Jonathan Li : what my wet dreams look like

FinSpectre Gaming : The groke is just very lonely that's why he is so cold

Sonia Anna Palm : Guys this language that you see over here it's Swedish and I'm Swedish I understand what the ghost or whatever he is he just doesn't have a family he wants to help people he's not trying to kill him

Ray the Flying squirrel : I think he sucked his soul out or suffocated him

varg vikernes666 : does anyone know which episode is it?

Limppu205 : this is moomin's nightmare

Insomnlia : Does anyone else think the Groke looks like a mutated, obese purple platypus?

yedere love : Rip moomi

Depomi [Omi] : In Finland that means:; Mörkö Tappaa Muumit/Muumi Peikon

FoxGod 22 : this just triggerd several years of childhood trauma

FoxGod 22 : 0:20 the groke has a point

Steph and Anthony : ...i'm so lost

K A R I N : As a child i was scared as hell when i saw this

flyingerasehead : We'll I'll be! Moomin DO have mouths!

YuWin NCT127 : Renjun is gonna kill him

Ellinor Fredriksson : top 10 anime deaths

RE Mily : I remeber this show at mine always show up at 10pm and as a kid I was so scared at this part. The music was too creepy 😂😂😂❤️

Majsku girl : NOW😵 R. I. P MUMIN! ☹️☹️☹️

Hampus Nyhlén : I had so many nightmares about this scene as a kid. Always wondered where it came from, and now i finaly found it. So scarring

Neven Raić : who is faking groke ?????


Barren 04 : Im sad that this is a meme cuz its my childhood

Svet : Groke did nothing wrong

They_Named_Me _Tyra : The Groke is my biggest fan!!!!

Bella_you_ know : Ammen stackars moomin

Saila Ala-Keturi : Fuckkin mårran

[D]arth : One horn blast for the Rangers, Two horn blasts for the wildlings, three horn blasts for white walkers, and four horn blasts for the Groke.

dancetale girl sans : Lol nice video

Neven Raić : And why she kills moomin????

Neven Raić : And why she kills moomin????

ea2fly : Plot twist! It's a dream m' ni🅱🅱a

Matija Raić : Why Groke kills moomin?

Neven Raić : I have got a first CD whit groke

Kara Oki : I Used to be scared but now that I See her I feel compassion

Matsku014 : uugh its hard to watch with this dub, its supposed to be in finnish goddamnit

Neo Grassland : NOOO MEN!


GameplayFan Finn : Am I only finnish person who doesn't had any nightmares about Mörkö