Mad Men - Don Draper and the waitress - Sukiyaki
Mad Men Don Draper and the waitress Sukiyaki

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Season 2 - Episode 2 / Music : Kyo Sakamoto - Sukiyaki


Mark Quintana : You know you're a pimp, when you can be depressed and women still come up to you and hit on you.

tim gong : He would make. A great Bruce wayne

Bob Bobby : What's significant about this choice of song is that the singer (Kyu Sakamoto) died in a plane crash. Perfect choice as this episode is about switching airline company after the american airlines crash.

David Hutchinson : He's just one of those lucky guys. I had two friends who were like that. Just sitting around and women walk up to them and say the craziest shit. It's a wonderful life.

tallnsexy63 : I don't get why so many people are distraught by her garb/hair being Chinese and the song being Japanese. Someone mentioned that the commentary said it was intentional, and that seems perfectly plausible.This was America during the 60's. Honesty, most people didn't know the difference. It was all just exotic. Even now, most people watching this at home probably didn't notice. It's about atmosphere. The atmosphere of international restaurants is always exaggerated in a stereotypical way. It's even true in a contemporary light, albeit to less an extreme. There is a sushi place right down the road from me and not a single Japanese person works there. As long as the workers are Asian, no one bats an eye. I think the whole series portrays the ignorance of the time in regards to anyone who wasn't a well-off white male very well. 

Benjamin Enchilada : Now that is one fine woman right there.

Bre : Ever since I saw this scene when it aired I've probably listened to sukiyaki a million times.

Chris Mahon : The ability to pick up a subtle flirt and recognize it as such is a skill very few men possess. For most men, that initial question asked by the waitress would have been met with a response of "Yes, I am. Thank you." His reply of "excuse me" forces the waitress to be more direct with her flirt. That is why this scene stood out for most of us. Else, it would have been all but forgotten. +md1960md nailed it with the interpretation of the scene. I believe that is exactly what they wanted to capture with this encounter.

Mitchell Bast : This was the greatest show that was ever created for television. I miss it.


Arundel Mercure : I love the subtlety and sophistication here. Don seems in the depths of loneliness, this lovely lady merely hints at attraction, in a ladylike way. There's so much unsaid. It's not to be, but that's all right. That's class. I wish I lived in such an elegant world. I always remembered this brief exchange, I found it nice to watch again, thank you.

fos4242 : I don't get it.. If a waitress says "I could swing back around" I would assume she means she'll be back to take orders for more drinks. Maybe this is why I never get laid with waitresses.

DonDraperism : What a very good looking young lady 

Llewellyn2844 : "Not tonight" is the gracious way to turn down an offer from a high-class hooker. She accepts Don's polite rebuff just as politely, so it's clear they understand each other perfectly.

Abdul E : You know you're alpha when you're rejecting beautiful women.

J Shepard : One of the most beautiful women ever on Mad Men.

Sri Sivarajan : Excellent music choice, especially given the guy who sings this song dies in an aeroplane crash in the 80s. Foreboding :(

Luboman411 : The skills here in this subtle flirtation are centered in the eyes. He stares at her from across the room, she stares right back at him. This is how men who are successful with those women do it--they're subtle with everything else but the eyes. If the men are good looking, it helps. But if you make her laugh or charm her, while staring at her like that, it disarms her and then her interest spikes. But the eye-interchange has to happen. And it can't be a creepy/lascivious stare. Those make women recoil. So it's extremely subtle, the difference...

Hazel Close : More class in one scene than most series have in their entirety

Kermit : So pretty! The waitress is not ugly either.

jjrod33 : how did he not hit that.

STFU768 : what is this man in the high castle or some shit lol

pip4 : LOL I love all the alpha vs beta comments etc. How women throw themselves at him etc. Which is true in the series, but this scene is different. No one really picked on Don's smile followed by "not tonight", and her casual almost-business like acceptance of that? (hint: prostitution)

frycook48 : Such a small little scene, but I love this exchange. Mad Men is one of the finest shows on TV. What a soundtrack too, Sukiyaki is simply perfect :)

SuperMrBentley : One doesnt simply reject a hot asian girl.

Wesam Farah : Fun fact: the singer of this song died in a plane crash.

Mitch Hausfeld : Love the way the camera pans to another man sitting by himself, drinking alone at the end of the scene. Very subtle way at hinting that not everyone gets the same treatment as Don...

borderlord : Should have Banged...would've taken the Edge off!

Tedaus : Damn she was beautiful. I get why he didn't take up her offer then, but Don should of taken her number for another time.

Evilmike42 : This. This is how you know you are a player. This. Also, cool guys don't bother to watch the explosions.

Mprator : Draper turns down more tail than most guys will ever get.

Remi Stardust : Fellas, don't forget this is a made up scene in a made up show. In real life, even if you look like Don Draper and act all serious, it's highly unlikely, that a stunning lady will walk up to you with unflinching eye-contact, wanting you. Of course this is the kind of ego-bruising shite women have to deal with every day: You either have the looks or you don't. To both genders: Be positive, look at your assets, tools and skills, work on something good!

The Snookman : How much for a BBBJWCIM?;)

benana : My boss looks kind of like Don, except he has no hair..... At all.... :(

zeaol : This is my favorite scene in the series. (of what I have seen)

w67bv2cxm : Great Feynman almighty ! This guy has some kinda' willpower.

Stefan Gil : In the mood for love

RoxanneJ81 : It's so interesting to see how far Don has fallen. I'm guessing season six was "rock bottom." Come April 13, we'll see if he changes and/or bounces back.

Chris billing : yeah its classy but honestly that shit only happens in fantasy land

glen jones : A classic moment to be sure. Old Don facing life's oldest "sukiyaki fantasy"

jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj178 : No woman like that, has ever looked at me like that. “Not tonight.” Great line.

Neil Simpson : I have never watched a single episode. I only came here because Ue o Muite Arukō was playing in the background.

sólveig Diðriksdóttir : Í love this song

Brodha Sattva : My man does not have the fever I do! Come back yum-yum, Im here for you

NibiruLives : Only problem is that they never had a tiki bar scene in *7 years!*

J Shepard : The waitress is Elizabeth Tsing. I'm so in love right now.

Robert Storey : She walk beautifully.

Jack D. Ripper : My favorite scene from the entire series!

kjborchers : Who cares if she is Chinese in a Japanese restaurant?  Geez!  You people are crazy!  A lot of asian restaurants have many different types of people working in them.  Lots of times, Chinese will work in Korean restaurants or Vietnamese restaurants and vice versa.  Just enjoy it for what it is and quit nit picking.