Hot Cross Buns

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Heliotacular! : who would take animation to a direction like this


MrCrazy550 : I don't know why I keep coming back to this video

Heir Of Nothing : "If anything ever happened to you, it would kill me. It's like we're linked."

Shearer : theres a bunch of sht on her forehead

Michael Harlan : An Easter tradition for our family - we play this video every year. :-)

Ben Knight : 3:00 scared the crap out of me

Critical Slacker : Thank you for making hot streets

Christian A. : CONGRATS ON THE NEW SHOW, DUDE! This was the first video of yours that I saw back when it only had a few hundred views!!! I've been a fan for so long and am looking forward to the rest of your stuff, Brian!!!

Bloodyx_xMurder 1018 : We're learning hot cross buns

Kraylus : Oh, I'm in that part of YouTube again...... I AIN'T EVEN MAD

RoyGuy0 : 3:03 :D

Cock Hoover Films : damn, I could watch that walking to the castle scene all day.

Reyo562 : I hope he reference this in his new cartoon on adult swim

Fallen Seraph : Why can nobody explain how hot crossed buns is satanic?

GodotWait0 : Le FunnyJunk Army has arrived! xD

Nico Corradetti : here before viral

Guppy : I'm sorry but that's against the law, and you're under arrest.

couponsdowork : a music teacher in elm . school in Georgia must have made this lol

Venous Degree : HOT CROSS BUNS :D

Nagato Uzumaki : I'm learning hot cross bun in my trumpet lesson

Mox Mox : This is actually one of my favourite things ever :D

Edward Elric : This is some Adult Swim level stuff.

Enclavefakesoldier : So where are the hot round crossed asses this video promised?

Jamie Willkner : There ought to be a Hot Streets episode like this!

Snoop Beerus : I’m here from Hot Streets

Steven Gorefrost : I think this guy did some writing on Rick and Morty.

Naiuhz : I'm more disturbed by the animation style than the plot.

Realist : I can bet this was made by the maker of Zurtrun.

Tyler Ike : Yo wait I knew that new show hot streets looked familiar and then I realized it looked like hot cross buns so I looked back at this video and realized the Creator made hot streets lol anyone else like freaking out this random ass video from years ago is connected to this new show on adult swim?


myusernameiscooldude : hot streets looks a lot like this

Joseph Bunn : thanks Reddit for turning my brain to mush

Jacob Taylor : Yeah this might be one of the greatest internet gems. This is up there with Hedo Rick and japanese girls jumping into mud. 

chistine lane : Don't do anything illegal

TNM Comedy : Great! Now it's in my head, too!

Fer Silva : Why is this so underrated!!

good buddy : Amazing.

Troglodyte Finch : God. Hot Cross Buns is the song we have to play in music class.

Firestorm : +Tommy, A stripper Bar Sign

paperjack93 : awesome

krn jvr : okay,but is that tom hanks?

Too Faced Makeup Lover : Love it

Kate Kudirka : I appreciate this.

Tibbz : @jaxon12kh I NOW SAME THING HERE

Tacuruu : This is by far your best video.

NocturnalSlug : You're weird, subscribed.

Jigoku Dayu : This is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time! We did that in elementary school, learning "Hot Cross Buns" on recorder. And that's the only song I was ever able to play.

ian saunders : For some reason I'm getting like a Rick & Morty vibe from this. Is this from the same creator?

fómhar öliana : It's nice to see Dustin Diamond is still working.