Japanese cat mascot Nyango Star drums to Slayer
Japanese cat mascot drums to Slayer

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Nyango Star, a cat/apple mascot from Kuroishi City, Japan, drums to Raining Blood by Slayer at Setagaya Civic Hall on 11/11/2018.


HOLY CRAB : And he did it without even blinking an eye

Saitama _ : What a boring crowd though. Should’ve been raging

James De Guzman : Still overqualified for the job.

Shivy311 : He finally followed his dreams

Soviet Onion : Is the crowd dead? Where is the moshpit, headbanging, and blood?

H.P. Teguh : And he did it all with a cute smile on his face

Á:/ : Some world class drummer decided, 'this isn't enough, I want to be a superhero, a superhero with a secret identity, in Japan. And YouTube famous. And cute as a button. **And completely metal.**'

Mr. Egg : What you don't see is the background of a bunch of old japanese men flipping tables with their shirts off and a necktie tied to their foreheads.

Lobito HF : This song is too slow for him

Water Nom nom nom : They should give him angry eyebrows

Arcterion : Normal day in Japan.

Sterling Crockett : I hope Paul Bostoph falls ill on the farewell tour so Slayer can hire Nyango Star for some gigs!

daniel kelley : Yesss finally he/she/it did it Sheheit followed the dream

Jamil Alexander : nyango star is sooooo dang good!!!!

『Castafiore』 : This is the best timeline

EclipticSaiyan Hand : Me at start: There’s no wa-HOLY SHHHHHIIIT

Fred Landry : There is something surreal about a cat mascot playing drums to slayer, but cute though!

Valkery Black : SLAYER - RUNNING BLOOD Anime version 😂

Ivan Filipe de Abrantes Stefani : You know its not a metal concert, when nobody is headbanging... And they should

oks1Ajax : lamest mosh pit ever.

Jimmy : How come the crowd not bagin' their head?

Darryl Wolski : Beavis and Butthead would love this dude

Jonathan Miccoli : Why is nobody moving in the audience?

darkbrisco : When you pug pvp and your opponent is wearing that.

Lurid Phaesporia : So pure. So Nyango...

Woolly Woolly Wombat : Keep going apple cat love u

Jeffrey : By far the best thing I've seen in a grip!

Mr. Roboto : You know... I'd never thought a Apple/Cat playing raining blood would ever be intimidating.

Sabb Babb : This thing wants to ara ara me, doesn't it?


kingalexcomedy : Absolutely love this!

sujal akshay : Event organiser:I don't think u can go faster than that Vedio Drummer:hold my beer

phillip st : NYANGOSTAR ROCKS!!

BZYBOY : This is zach hills part time job

jkloyup : Thanks for recording horizontally

Jorge Solari : OMG new fan here!!

Alexiazewolf S : Typical day in Japan/Tokyo.

JUST PILL : This guy drums almost as good as my dad when he's drunk

Psyco Meat : raining blood i'm in my Metal rage then realised kinda weard when He Drums this with his cute custume😂.

dinuk kavirathna : Anyone think there's two people inside that suit?

Doof Biggy : When the costume budget is low

andreas bianconeri : Slayer is nothing ..but nyango star!

Francis Baylon : The drummer that never blinks.. wait what?

Juan Penas : Holy Cat!

K B : It would be cool if slayer actually let this guy play with them....but knowing slayer they won’t. Which sucks because this guy rocks

Sheriff's office : Look at that eyes lmaoo so cute

Lucas Tomljenović : Hey i would love to see anime cat playing slay... *Ahem Ahem*

Arlen Morrison : How is no one in the crowd head banging? Like not one person.

Tanzis Liebling002 : When Lars Ulrich takes his drugs