Onion Moon Landing

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The Moon Landing with swearing. Lots of swearing

Comments from Youtube

LISTT Infonet : NASA did fake the moon landing footage, because the actual footage contained too much excited swearing and astronaut dancing.

Chuck Norris : 'In a chicken basket

Mark : For those of you saying the moon landing as a hoax, you're partially right. This is the REAL audio transcript!

Juan Franela : Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket.

Granny Omaha : Not a parody, just updated soundtrack for modern times. '-)

KaPowMudafuckaz : I dare someone to get the teacher to play this during science class or something haha "It's a really great video! it's original footage of the moon landing!"

SH4D0W : I'm now going to KFC to order "Jesus H Christ in a chicken basket"

G Liddy : Hard to stop watching this. God I wish that was what they really said.

Brier Random : THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS!!! Exactly what I came looking for. Brilliant. Perfect!!!


The Somethin' Or Other Tour [SOOT.TV] : Still so funny!

Michael Deall : From my rtiy

SekhmetSecretWeapon : Holy Mother of Fuck....!!!

deathyensid : Hi is onion moon landing the original by you, as it seems to have a sound in the background now ..was that always there

Jason Sheroan : This NEVER gets old!

jgraz42 : That was the funniest God Damn thing I've EVER seen...........

jgraz42 : Thank You

Juan Franela : It's from Brian Eno's "Ambient 4". The track is "Dunwich Beach, Autumn, 1960".

john k Kincaid : trailer park boys

Liam Drury : Just one more step and... Holy living fuck tranquility I am on the fucking moon I am talking to you on the surface of the fucking moon Jesus Christ in a chicken basket over

Ben101JokerAshur86 : lol, watch mine on my channel

omarreza420 : Holy. Living. Fuck. Are you fucking believing this? Over.

jgraz42 : Jesus H. Christ, Houston............

jgraz42 : this music is from "SlingBlade"?????

palindrome1959 : absofuckinglutely!!!!

Suavepebble : This video should have won an award seven years ago.

J V.E : okay...

dman042002 : fave

dman042002 : damn, that was good

Robby Daniel : You guys & your brand of politically aware humor at "Onion" probably saved comedian Bill Hicks from a lifetime of dull hellish drudgery as Chief CEO of a major Western Corp, & instead allowed to find fame, respect, love, & fcuk-all money as one of the funniest comedians with political depth ever. (His estate & all his dependents hate you)

furthurcat : never gets old..

yroe12 : Brian Eno - A Clearing.

TheLastHylianTitan : truly a momentous milestone in our history. over.

THE GOOD CONTENT : For christ sake xD

RJ Giddings : I'm abso-fucking-lutely am standing on the surface of the FUCKING moon. Jesus H Christ In A Chicken Basket !

THE GOOD CONTENT : ..Original ..1080p ..720p ..480p ..360p ..240p ..Minecraft ..Pacman ..Oregon Trail ..This video

philbiker3 : RIP Neil Armstrong

jdublu98 : The moon....... Jesus H Christ in a chicken basket.....we are on the fucking moon... r.i.p. Neil Armstrong

Erik Miitel : Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket... RIP Neil Armstrong.

Chris Barnes : RIP Neil Armstrong. The fucking moon. Over.

Spoif : This is more like I'd expect the audio to be like.   However, it was missing... "This is one shiity little step for man, but one giant hurc-u-fuckin-lean leap for mankind."

M8 Say something else : Yeah well its from 1969.

vseae15o : I just cried.

vseae15o : loooooooool

vseae15o : Yes that would make more sense.

123Jus1 : do you know how old this is?

afinefred : I wish I coulda been there...on the fucking MOOOOOOOON!!!!!!

AFinalDate : Lmfao! That's my favorite part.

AFinalDate : No dude. This isn't even close to the weird part of Youtube. Shit like "Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend" is the weird part of Youtube.