Onion Moon Landing

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Chase H. : Oh how i wish this was the more famous quote.

Vegetable Police : best damn video ever made

LISTT Infonet : NASA did fake the moon landing footage, because the actual footage contained too much excited swearing and astronaut dancing.

Doug Glassman : Back in middle school, I got in trouble for having "Our Dumb Century". Of course, it was open to this page when they found me reading it.

Chuck Norris : 'In a chicken basket

KaPowMudafuckaz : I dare someone to get the teacher to play this during science class or something haha "It's a really great video! it's original footage of the moon landing!"

THE GOOD CONTENT : ..Original ..1080p ..720p ..480p ..360p ..240p ..Minecraft ..Pacman ..Oregon Trail ..This video

Juan Franela : Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket.

Mark : For those of you saying the moon landing as a hoax, you're partially right. This is the REAL audio transcript!

SH4D0W : I'm now going to KFC to order "Jesus H Christ in a chicken basket"

Granny Omaha : Not a parody, just updated soundtrack for modern times. '-)

Jason Sheroan : This NEVER gets old!

5eurocups2005 : When Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon, who was holding the camera?

G Liddy : Hard to stop watching this. God I wish that was what they really said.

virtualpilot45 : The moon landings were faked, they were filmed on Mars.

jgraz42 : That was the funniest God Damn thing I've EVER seen...........

41point2 : This is so fucking funny. I can't fucking believe they found the orginal fucking audio. Great fucking job. LOL

harukishinju : "Uhhhhhh, holy shit, Tranquility. *beep*" Amazing.

Robby Daniel : You guys & your brand of politically aware humor at "Onion" probably saved comedian Bill Hicks from a lifetime of dull hellish drudgery as Chief CEO of a major Western Corp, & instead allowed to find fame, respect, love, & fcuk-all money as one of the funniest comedians with political depth ever. (His estate & all his dependents hate you)

Liam Drury : Just one more step and... Holy living fuck tranquility I am on the fucking moon I am talking to you on the surface of the fucking moon Jesus Christ in a chicken basket over

Juan Franela : It's from Brian Eno's "Ambient 4". The track is "Dunwich Beach, Autumn, 1960".

The Somethin' Or Other Tour : Still so funny!

Exarian : the real reason they faked the moon landing. The REAL video was too explicit for television, and NASA could NOT afford the FCC fines.

Genderfluids : I lol'd pretty hard at that part too

AtomicPunk23 : HAHA, that is exactly what I would have felt if I was there. Holy fucking shit dude, I'm on the moon, the moon.... wow.

tybo09 : @AJprofsr I once heard someone say that the only thing harder than landing on the moon would be faking it and covering it up. Convincing someone who "knows" we never went is about as easy as convincing a brick wall that it is actually a golden retriever.

tybo09 : I know convincing the "experts" that "know" we never went to the moon that they're wrong is about as easy as convincing my toilet that it is actually a 4.0L inline 6 engine, but I'm going to throw this out anyway: If we had, in fact, faked the landing, wouldn't the Russians have been all over that? They were watching the missions as closely as the Americans, listening to our broadcasts, snooping on telemetry, etc. If it was faked, why didn't they ever pull back the curtain to reveal the Wizard?

Broey's adventures : MR MOOOOOOOOOON

omarreza420 : Holy. Living. Fuck. Are you fucking believing this? Over.

TheLastHylianTitan : truly a momentous milestone in our history. over.

jpsmart59 : It was inside job, I won't believe they went to the moon until you provide me with moon rocks. So that means never...lol

jpsmart59 : They didn't use this kind of language when they went to the moon.

AFinalDate : Lmfao! That's my favorite part.

AFinalDate : No dude. This isn't even close to the weird part of Youtube. Shit like "Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend" is the weird part of Youtube.

32ghzt54 : Jesus H. Christ and a chicken basket!

cleverjoe : lol

EndaruTassadar : XD

EndaruTassadar : Holy living fuck ^^

EndaruTassadar : lol

jazzpsalti : lol why is the best video in the world also accompanied by the suckiest comments

Mike Granaldi : Nice BRIAN ENO track. Its "A Clearing". One of my favorite tracks.

DanielRoffle : Wow.

MrDevo5 : cool it its the best thing on youtube

MrDevo5 : the fucking moon

YouT00ber : I agree w/ that statement only because the Russians planted a flag undersea at the north pole & pretending it's their's now. Ok fine, we get the moon.

YouT00ber : you mean from NASSA?

YouT00ber : An excellent attempt for extra credit usage of the F word. to be correct, however, it should be "imfuckingpressive", rather than how you put it. well done anyway, now you're fucking getting it!

Rob260259 : user17v - 1 lie. .

tybo09 : @cashcleaner Thanks. Glad someone realizes this. The conspiracy people argue that "the Russians were spending a lot of money trying to get to the moon, too. If they claimed the US couldn't do it, then their people would claim that they couldn't either." It makes less sense than the 9/11 theories.

tybo09 : @tatarjj2007 I agree. The gene pool needs chlorine.