Stuff I Drew in [VRChat]

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Memorable Username : SONGS Bel-Air vs Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger BY RIG Around the World vs Rapper's Delight vs Good Times BY LIMNER

Twiejk : Even though the dragon was most impressive, i liked 5:00 the most. Cant believe you can pull that off with such minimalistic tools. well done! o/

Nuts : this is amazing !!

Mark Lagbao : The kid in the end doesn’t deserve a vr

Dorkus Maximus : I would’ve been so pissed I had taken so much time on an art piece only to have some dude run through yelling “DE WAY DE WAY” and drawing all over it

Dragototem : Damn, now i wanna become a VR artist.

AstroDreamer : Are you an artist, as in, you do this for a living? That was phenomenal and I think you're doing something wrong if you're not. You have some real talent there. Do you use Tilt Brush, another vr art software? You would probably enjoy it and the program gives you far more tools than vr-chat's drawing room. I haven't used it myself but I've seen work done with it. Your talent and skill would blend well with Tilt Brush. Amazing job man, well done.

three tree : Do more dude this is sick

Brexxa : 9:29 to 9:36 0 to 100 real quick

Hi : Animation memers don’t know shit. This guy rocks

AbsolutelyLiquified : You can tell this video is fuelled by his desire to draw, and not a monetary gain. By how he doesn't stretch it to 10 mins. <3 the work

Xendor Dawnburst : There needs to be an Art Museum in VR CHAT! With some way to save this art! Incredible!

Yukihara Sakura : de wae de wae 😂 fcking knucles

Kaotic Kitten : Have you ever had anybody mess up your drawings in VR chat?

Viper : 3:13 the most one I liked


Kyra Starholder : YOU ARE AMAZING! I wish I had VRChat and artistic talent…

GD Osman002 : I enjoyed watching this video so much! Hope that you had fun while drawing so many beautiful and awesome arts in *VRChat* and keep up your great videos!

Johnny Sins : I love vrchat People they can be crazy and funny but they know how to listen , how to RESPECT... to his amazing art As you see Nobody touched 3d models because they have respect to his art. You know they could draw random things on it but they didnt do that... Edit: Ok at the end of video 2 bunch of idiots didnt respect Edit again: Okay Nobody has respect

Dark Phantom : Can you draw matsix, Joeybagel, Rad, and lanfear for their wedding?

Sid yay : You should stream

morpheus297 : Holy hell, that's amazing.

༺ڳOpernce.ฟ༻ : Can you do this with.... a 3D pEN? PLeaSE!

Gamer Duden : *R E S P E C T .*

AlienBussy : I’m surprised someone didn’t come in and clear room

Henry Ambrose : I checked your channel to see what other content you had. When it turned out that there was none, I decided that this was the exact mean quality of content. Instant subscription.

Zorph 27 : That’s too bad some of your work got sabotaged. Impressive job anyways

Bargingo Gorgonsoli : R.I.P 🐍

A Brain : snake in my boot

Anders Kamrath : Thats some serious dedication right there. Good job man


Trex Intros : this deserves a sub i wana try this out

Ardon : At first i though its gonna be: *GABIEN, GABIEN, WELCOME TO VALVE SOFTWARE.COME*

Piotr Astra : I 💛 this tiger the most 🐯

Piotr Astra : Beautiful 😱😍❤💛💚💙💜

Masumi-Chan : they need to update the room so only the host can use the undo/clear button.

Beat *** : Post more bro ur amazing

Conor Winterburn : 8:20 it's beautiful


disbelief papyrus : Draw your nightmare

The Vanquisher : Didn't even draw any Evangelions. Shame on you.

A1OFFENDER : Don't stop ever

Zanįk Hêl Rhapïdoh : You are an artist!

tokoutokou ! : How?

BadBaneCat : This was absolutely no doubt gorgeous to see, I especially loved 5:18 bravo.

Ian Fallarco : Now that is art, feels like you're inside a 2D world when seeing those drawings.

Quintinity : They are absolutely AMAZING.

I Live For Cr1tikal's Laugh : *War.* *War is upon us.*

Cyburner : Such great works! It hurts that you couldn't save these amazing drawings. Earned a sub from me!

Snaky : thats amazing !