Stuff I Drew in [VRChat]

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Memorable Username : SONGS Bel-Air vs Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger BY RIG Around the World vs Rapper's Delight vs Good Times BY LIMNER

Twiejk : Even though the dragon was most impressive, i liked 5:00 the most. Cant believe you can pull that off with such minimalistic tools. well done! o/

AstroDreamer : Are you an artist, as in, you do this for a living? That was phenomenal and I think you're doing something wrong if you're not. You have some real talent there. Do you use Tilt Brush, another vr art software? You would probably enjoy it and the program gives you far more tools than vr-chat's drawing room. I haven't used it myself but I've seen work done with it. Your talent and skill would blend well with Tilt Brush. Amazing job man, well done.

Xendor Dawnburst : There needs to be an Art Museum in VR CHAT! With some way to save this art! Incredible!

morpheus297 : Holy hell, that's amazing.

Zorph 27 : That’s too bad some of your work got sabotaged. Impressive job anyways

Kyra Starholder : YOU ARE AMAZING! I wish I had VRChat and artistic talent…

Snaky : thats amazing !

BadBaneCat : This was absolutely no doubt gorgeous to see, I especially loved 5:18 bravo.

Masumi-Chan : they need to update the room so only the host can use the undo/clear button.

Bertolt Hoover : Please can you do more

Chad711m : Amazing shit dude! Wow

DragonRuler96 : Dude you are crazy talented. Do you have a deviant art?

WhamBamDan : I would be constantly paranoid when attempting to draw anything to that level of detail (not that I can) knowing that all it would take would be one asshole to join and hit the clear all button...

Burnslasher : you sir have an incredible talent. Someone needs to make a VRchat Art Museum for your work to be featured in.

Vapor Wave - sama : Wonderful drawings, the one I like most was the Pirate Boat. PS: The knuckles ruining everything at the end was an asshole.

Nuts : this is amazing !!

Mark Lagbao : The kid in the end doesn’t deserve a vr

RedLockYT : Duuuude make more this is so good you deserve a like sub also im gonna hit that bell cus I want some more of your content!

This Anime Guy : make more vids i beg of u

Dreemurr Mistress : Your artwork is beautiful. Keep up the good work!

Shy Shay : The poor beautiful Tiger got ruined by the stupid knuckles!! RIP Tiger


Nedahert : As another artist watching this, this really inspires me to want to draw in VR but sadly I have no way of getting a vr headset and set of controllers. I would start commissions but sadly that will take me around 4 years to get that much money because of school in the way. I can only imagine what it feels like to draw in vr without having to use a mouse.

Jem : Your pretty amazing at this, I actually feel bad that some people sabotaged some of your arts.... ~T_T~ But anyways, Amazing job on it. The arts were Spot on amazing! I hope you can create more if you have time. Your really doing amazing. The lack of coloring is hard, but you managed to get creative with what you only have. Now that is a true artist! (>^ω^<)

Dragototem : Damn, now i wanna become a VR artist.

Zorph 27 : Did you get to check out the new Presentation room? It’s got a eye dropper to copy other people’s avatars colors

Yukihara Sakura : de wae de wae 😂 fcking knucles

Blank Zedi : holy crap your amazing !

Outertale Napstablook : When the random fella that joins helps you indirectly.

Smile Forever : You are an AMAZING artist! 😲

Hoànghuy Lê : Feels bad when u art got delete and by scew up by some kid :(

three tree : Do more dude this is sick

Dark Phantom : Can you draw matsix, Joeybagel, Rad, and lanfear for their wedding?

Brexxa : 9:29 to 9:36 0 to 100 real quick

Oliver_The _Weirdo : Good job on drawing these masterpieces! Hope you improve :3

Ad Friendly Aleks : wow I was going to ask if it ever happeend to him that some random people reset the room while he was drawing and then I saw the end of the video

Dylan Edgmon : How do you only have 600 subs

Dorkus Maximus : I would’ve been so pissed I had taken so much time on an art piece only to have some dude run through yelling “DE WAY DE WAY” and drawing all over it

Wreck RS : Rip everyone if you join an art contest in VR Chat

xXMintaX x : Everything here amazes me Lol im So Jelly XD

A dog, Not a cat. : i wish 3d drawings existed.

AlienBussy : I’m surprised someone didn’t come in and clear room

Kaotic Kitten : Have you ever had anybody mess up your drawings in VR chat?

Sid yay : You should stream

Warfrunstine 55 : Needs more VIEWS

Conor Winterburn : 8:20 it's beautiful


darios ramos : R.I.P 🐍

AbsolutelyLiquified : You can tell this video is fuelled by his desire to draw, and not a monetary gain. By how he doesn't stretch it to 10 mins. <3 the work