Trololo Cat

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MeMakeSparks : Whenever I'm having a crappy day, I watch this video (have a shortcut on my desktop) and it makes me smile! Thank you for that

CrazY CraZ AshleY! : Yeyeyeyeye oh oh ho oh oh 🎶 Edit: nanannananaaanaaa Hahhahahah lalallalaaa

Nico Nirva : That cat reaction when he stop scratching *laugh*

1960jack : This video should be in the YouTube Hall of Fame, It's so hilarious. Eduard Khil would dig it.

JGSHD : He was just a whisker away from a music award...

Chinnu : Who else in 2018 !!?? 😂

Glenn Urquhart : i would pay anything to know what sound the cat is actually making lol

Darth Maul : who is still watching in 2016?! god..cant believe I typed that...

Gehtdich Nichtsan : how is it possible, that this cat can sing?

XRinoaBCX : This video is Priceless! XDD I also totally love the "WTF" face the cat is making at 0:47!

Melissa Bacon : Whenever I am sad I put this on...LOL cracks me up and I have seen it hundreds of times.

Dwiki Andika : Near the end of 2017 and this video appear in my recomended list

Ichiro J95 : Lol I need a life

Febe Angulo : I saw this video 3 years ago and I still laugh everytime I see it.... I just can't stop laughing LOL !!!

Hendo56 : This is so funny! Between scratchings, he has a look on his face like "What the hell just happened?".

Michael Hecker : No No No No No, my cat didn't let me do that, I would have lost my hand and eyes:-)

1wsx10 : the hand gestures make it 10x better

starkravenmadd : My only regret in life is that this video isn't much, much longer.

bimberandbigos : WGN Chicago Morning News showed this video this morning. I couldn't stop laughing, for a the morning...before the middle of the week.

stegokitty : It never gets old :)

trrnss jzzml : This is probably fake because I've had cats as pets all my life and they never do this body movement when they trollol...

potato crazy emo : OMG I love it one second in and I died

channy : If this was an audition in americas got talent and me as one of the judges i would push the golden buzzer straight away xD

rafa shanahan : 628 cat dislike the video

Esther van Andel : Every now and then I come back to watch this video. The person who thought "let's put the trololol song to this video of my cat" is such a genius xD

Brian Nomi : I've watched this a dozen times, and it keeps cracking me up.   Proof positive that cats can be funny.  I just wonder about the mind of the person who thought to meld Trololo with a butt-scratching cat!!

Samir Wijaya : everytime the guy stop scratching he cat's back,the cat be like "the fk was that"

ronnymatt81 : You do realize that your cat is orgasming, and jizzing on your shirt, right?

topaztheringer : the only time this ever failed to make me smile was ohbutwait that's never happened ever.

Uchiha Shisui : Who's still watching in 2018?


Hiungsin Sentosakarunia : who is still watching in 2017??

IRFZ44 : Omg, I've never laughing this hard. This is hilarious!

fidel catsro : we need to arrest you for cat molestation, outraging modesty of the cat!

waves xo : omg the way he looks at the camera and back at his owner. Gorgeous kitty

Jaye Batista : I love how he looks at the camera at the end.

Vernon Roche : I think it's not the cast who is singing

Miguel Músico : Who os whating in 2018?

95TexRanger : This video makes me laugh time and again!!!! Love it!!!!

Jhonatan Alvarez : Jajaja lo repetí como diez veces.

WrongArea MM1 : Who is still watching 2017!!!

QueenofHearts : House of Night Destined brought me

D N : People who disliked this have a potato where the soul should be.

Herman Coetzee : Brilliant! Can't believe I've never seen this #funny #trololol

Izul Tatsumi : this is beautiful.

Sally Ann Loveday : This is still making me laugh.. :0)x


rebel just for kicks : Went to thumbs up, and turned out I already thumbs up. Lol.

mitsuko mitsuka : LOL

Porfle Popnecker : I love this so much that nothing else is any good.