My Experience Working For Butch Hartman

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Kuro The Artist : UPDATE: He ended up uploading the episode showing my package. Watch it here: UPDATE #2: Please watch the entire video carefully, and understand that any comments, positive or negative, do not speak for me. As I've tried to make clear in the video, I am very neutral about everything, and wanted to share my story with my followers. Whatever you take from my information is up to you.

Dmoney1362 : It sounds confusing to work for Butch

Daidus : ....Yikes..

Pasteloween : This started out positive, but then when he didn’t credit you and the crunchyroll ad.... :/

KAI : Seriously u should get more credit.

Vailskibum94 : Cool to see your perspective :D

Amanda Flores : You are too nice. You should be angry because he's really selfish and rude.

Mouse Trap : No, nobody cares who did the CGI animation on Iron Man's suit...but that guy is still credited at the end of the movie.

Syn Starr : You sound like a battered wife trying to justify your abusive husband's behavior because he claims he loves you.

The Campfire : You have to keep in mind, Butch has been in this industry for decades, this is business as usual to him.

Callison Slater : Sounds like you were taken advantage of by an established creator who could have offered you more

Dan Williams : So Butch took a personalized letter than you wrote from the heart and used it without your consent as part of the slogan for his streaming service. That is a scumbag move.

The Robby BopBop Channel : Damn dude, Butch is looking more and more like a douche everyday. I’ve been trying to defend him even through the Oaxis debacle but one thing I don’t tolerate is theft of intellectual property and the fact that he outright stole your line from the letter without any acknowledgment is just soo.. grimey. Someone in his position should be giving young artists like you a leg up not stealing from them.

Mahogany doughnut : When you lie on the resume and still get the job.

Mandy !! : Oh my god dude you totally got manipulated. He always does that, the fact he didn’t even credit you for your work, he stole your slogan, and such, he does that because people don’t want to speak out because they are fans. Your work should be so much more than working for butch.

Eylon Aharon : I must admit that butch doesn't sound like a great guy and not just from this video

NukeOTron : Don't believe that "Nobody cares about the animators." That's like saying "Nobody cares about the construction workers." Yes, the masses may not recognize them as actual humans, but without them, you wouldn't have a place to live, or in animation's case, something to inspire, motivate, and entertain others. Nothing is built on plans alone. It takes actual workers. So yes, you deserve all the credit you need. You don't have to be Richard Williams to know that animation is hard work, but that hard work still pays off in the end.

TheJman8009 : Dude just admit it, Butch is awful lmao

Celtic Magician : Honestly, my friend? He should have been outwardly crediting you from the start on so many fronts. I can't help but feel like he's essentially used you. He may have payed you, yes, but there is something that feels less than professional to me about the way he's handled you as an artist/animator. However, that is just me and what I understand about animation production. I'm not here to discourage you from working with the man, especially since you seem super passionate about it, and by all means, keep going! That said, I do caution you to be mindful and careful about things. I'd rather not see someone like you get needlessly burned. You don't deserve that.

tehawsumninja : Me: Oh cool, maybe this might show that Butch isn't as egotistical as he's been coming off these last few months- Video: shares instances that were trying to show how much Butch cares but it ended up making it seem like Butch is a dude who took all the credit for your animations and even took something you sent him out of appreciation to use as a campaign slogan with no credit to you. Me: Great.

OblivionFall : 13:46 Holy shit... I wasn't expecting to see that again. You may not remember, but that little blue electricity effect you used there was one that I created back in 2008, and uploaded to Droidz(dot)org. My username back then was PivotMasterCF... DAMN, what a coincidence! :D

Livid 2k : Your being used. Manipulated. Decided.

Iman - : Wow. And all this time i defended Butch. But now i lost my respect for him. hes still a good artist, but as a person, hes a egotistical thief. "UPDATE" WOW 400 Likes?! Thanks everyone!

Mac jiggies : So basically Butch Hartman tries to capitalise on the most popular thing to stay kind of relevant.....ok? Literally Butch Harmon is like Steve Buscemi meme how you do my fellow kids.

Radagast : Fake it 'till ya make it

Algahiem : 12:46 - Wow! Now that is just despicable! This man took the words form a personal, heartfelt that giver to him from a friend and used them to promote his bogus project and butter his own ego without giving you any consent or acknowledgement?! That like if an editor for Playboy revived a lewd, romantic selfie from from his GF on his birthday and he then deiced to place the photo on the front cover of the magazine without her credit or permission. If I were you, Kuro, I'd cut all ties with this sleazy, manipulative, snake in the grass.

chris.sketch : why do you treat him like a god. He's a con man!

Super SmileyGamer : I know he's your boss but man... him taking your quote like that... idk how you can act all calm about it. But hey I'm just glad your getting a mark on the map so to speak looking forward to the new chapter and keep up the great work dude

sister snatched : Dude, I'm sorry, but Butch sounds like he used you. How could they not credit you??? Edit: I actually usually check who the animator is, and I think most people do when it's an art style they like, so there was no reason not to credit you.

Tech Swift : I Know that this might sounds harsh but dude it seen to me like he just using you more than anything else, and you should had been given credit for your work. I know that I can't say that I know him but it's not right for him to take your animation without giving you any credit for doing them, nor is it right for him to tell you something without giving out a more detailed explanation of about something. Yeah is he one of your bosses, and yeah he gives you lot of things to learn about animation along with jobs with other people, but he could at least tell you the reason why he says something to you also, his timing on things seen to be rather shadily honestly considering what I heard from this along with his behavior in general. It's kinda unsettling actually, he said lot of horrible things, and he never takes responsibility for what he said, nor does he apologize for them, and he said that will never take criticism unless they are other animators. Even then those animators would be scared of criticizing him because he could make it impossible for them to get work. Anyway I know that this could easily be dismiss, but be careful of him all right, and oh yeah I'm a big fan of five years later since it has very good storytelling along with it adding more to both universe along with their characters. So keep up the good work, and hope you have a good day. Well at least he showed your package that send him.

Galaxion Art : Damn Butch, you’re such a c#ck bucket! Don’t even bother with the guy you’re talented as hell and he doesn’t deserve anything from you.

ANIBAL PRIME : Butch is just kinda... weird

NoahMFilms : You know funny enough I’m in college for film and my lighting teacher actually did the camera work for Dojo pro. Anyway this was great video and I wish you the best. Your a talented animator and artist.

Tmack Mackerson : Working for him doesn't seem very appealing

S C R I B B L E : *Butch didn't care about you, he only cared about stealing your stuff and underpaying you*

5DsBestAnime : *Butch is fake & toxic*

imdb88 : As controversial as Butch can be, he still handles his controversies better than Channel Awesome.

Jack Svendsgaard : I think you deserve more credit than you’ve been given

ANIBAL PRIME : Kuro you deserve *Alot* more subscribers

Mosama : What universe are you living in where no one cares who animated the thing they're watching? Animators care, people who are looking for animators to hire care, people who love animation care- I care, lots of people care- he should care most of all if he respected you and had your best interest at heart. Him not crediting you is disgusting and unacceptable. He has full control over his channel I'm holding him completely responsible for that and you should too. You sound like someone who doesn't know their own worth. You really don't need him or anyone else to reach your dreams I promise you. Don't let people step all over you the more you allow them to get away with the more shit they'll try. Taking advantage of young artists on the internet is a disgusting thing to do for someone as experienced as him. It's awful. I know someone else who hes used a lot and it really upsets me more than anything else hes done. You guys dont need him. He needs you.

TDPSBtv : Wow dude, excellent video. You inspire me as an artist, this video is very relatable, every artist trying to make it big has a journey, I'm starting, and recently I've been making progress talking to other artists that have inspired me, and now I am working on my first big project, helping make a pilot for a series created by someone whos worked for adult swim and has made stuff on their YouTube channel, and this pilot may be seen by adult swim, thank you for this vid kuro, I hope you succeed, keep doing what your doing 👍

thedespiseduser : While it sounds like a back and forth dream come true, from the viewers perspective who may enjoy checking out new and blossoming animators, it feels a little scummy to not mention you in his videos. Along with that, perhaps he could've e-mailed you about that Oaxis slogan. It's nothing that really can be done over, nor would I myself personally do anything about, but it's a little scummy regardless.

Astrior : Damn, the whole situation looks pretty damn suspicious. I hope you know what your getting into dude.

Geo Izumiya : .... I am fine if you still believe in him but Isn't his behavior so unprofessional? Like, having you involved in 2 shows, but mostly concepts ( and not hearing from them at some point ) not being credited for your art, likely trying to pass it as its own Man, even from Speech Bubble, Butch doesn't seem to care about the work of others as much as it makes him look great He has said in the past that and artist that is not as experienced as him doesn't get to criticize his work, or even get the opportunity : / You are a great guy, clearly stay with the other contacts Butch gave you, but just distance yourself from him, you are not getting even his frienship He has shown on that he's capable to backstabing someone if they affect his image, true or not, at least just know that he acts mostly like a loser instead of an human being : /

Kaleb Bunker : It definitely sounds interesting, if not maybe a bit frustrating working for Hartman. I personally wouldn't appreciate not being credited, but it does sound like he's passing your name around since you got that TV deal. Ultimately, it's a great opportunity, but nothing is perfect. I don't understand the people hating on Butch *for* you.

ShadowKnight : i mean no offense but not crediting you is kind of scummy of him and you should be credited about it. even in descriptions it should be a thing morally done even if in the contract they don’t have to. the reason mainly is because he is using your words, your animation, and your art as his own practically without crediting you. it doesn’t matter if he is paying you or not, that is just down right morally wrong and borderline plagiarism. with all due respects, butch has helped you to put your name out there but i feel he using you more than you think.

some geek : You DO realize Butcth had no influence in Danny Phantom seasons 1 & 2 but complete control over season 3 and the Phantom planet episode, right?

Griffin Gterra : You inspire me as a Webcomic artist. I went through a similar professional relationship spin with an online content creator, that almost broke my drive to make my story. I was confused, mixed of angry and concerned, switching on and off constantly. Seeing and learning about 5Years later brought me back up when I thought I had no real options to start sharing a story I had spent years crafting And am soon hoping to be able to start publishing soon. I hope your relations with Mr.Hartman get better, especially in the professional sense, no offense.

Indie Plex : I think it's great how productive you are, even when faced with the consistent small issues presented to you. But... I feel like you aren't acknowledging the bad parts of this experience enough. I mean, from the beginning, you were already doing free work as is, so I'm pretty sure you built up an immunity to this stuff. If all of this is true, then Butch is mistreating you as a employee for his cartoons. The videos he makes are not corporate advertisements or full-length movies. Even if it was, movies still credit the people who worked on them. I seriously think Butch is just making his fans diverge from the idea that there are other people working on the stuff he uploads, and that alone is just... shitty. Seriously, for the future, be more open about the opportunities you were presented with. If Butch wants to work with you again, demand a more personal business relationship so you won't just get ignored and only talked to when there's a new project he wants you to work on. You're only making it harder on yourself by continuing to endure Butch's unprofessional practices at obtaining media. I'm not trying to be another person to tell you that Butch isn't a good guy, but you really shouldn't be this fine with a lot of this. He plagiarized your letter, erased segments that credited you in the work you did, ignored you and lied to you, and continues to lead you on a road of work where you don't know where you're going. I'm sure there's going to be a lot more of this in the future, because Butch only knows he did something wrong when he's extensively criticized for it. Regardless, I hope you retain consistent work for your craft. Your art is really good, and your passion is through the roof.

Ninat : Thank you for staying neutral! Lots of biased people talking about butch. You have reason to be biased, but remain neutral, which is a pretty professional way to handle things I'd say!