The School Nurse: A Special Report
The School Nurse A Special Report

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AUSTRALIA, you’re invited to the GLENNRIDGE GRADUATION PARTY! A live sketch show and dance party. More details and tickets available at New comedy sketches every Wednesday, lol SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: This week we enter the sick bay, where Michelle looks after the unwell students of Glennridge Secondary College. Definitely not a place where funny things should happen, sickness is serious school business. No room for nonsense or parody here, no siree. Yee haw. Sign up to our mailing list: PATREON: BUY MERCH: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: SPOTIFY: AUNTY DONNA PODCAST: Principle Production Funding Provided by Screen Australia LEGALS Shaun Miller Lawyers CREATED BY Tom Armstrong Mark Bonanno Sam Lingham Max Miller Broden Kelly Zach Ruane SCRIPT CONSULTANT Tony Martin SPECIAL GUESTS Michelle Brasier DIRECTOR Max Miller PRODUCER Rachel Millar FIRST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Lena Moon 1 st ASSISTANT CAMERA / 2 nd UNIT DOP Alastair Duffield SOUND RECORDIST Nick Whelan GAFFER Albert Garcia COSTUME DESIGNER Ingrid Beilharz PRODUCTION DESIGNER Maddison Haywood MAKEUP DESGINER Amanda Lissant-Clayton PRODUCTION COORDINATOR Mandy Norbury 2 nd ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Sumah Hurley 1 st ASSISTANT CAMERA / 2 nd ASSISTANT CAMERA James Moriarty BEST BOY Hannah Palmer BOOM SWINGER James Browning Alex Christensen DIRECTOR’S ATTACHMENT Jemma Cotter ART DIRECTOR Elena Lyons Dawson COSTUME ASSISTANT Jodi Hope Darci Campbell ADDITIONAL MAKEUP Marlene Olsson Natalie Corteling Ross DeWinter RUNNER Joseph Potter BEHIND THE SCENES SHOOTER Carla Bellomarino AUNTY DONNA COMMUNITY MANAGER Dominique McCusker PUBLICITY Hannah Watkins PRODUCTION ACCOUNTING Nagle Accounting TITLE DESIGN AND ANIMATION Dirty Puppet EDITOR Max Miller ORIGNAL MUSIC AND SOUND DESIGN Tom Armstrong BTS EDITOR Isaac Brasch THANKS TO: SCREEN AUSTRALIA Lee Naimo Judith Craze Dennis Ball Melbourne CIty Wrestling Michael Jozis Kat Dale Vocally Owned Jacques Van Niekerk Viewbank Secondary College Stupid Old Studios Savage Film Servies Hummingbird Rentals Motorolla Solutions Creative Represention Token Artsits Smallfry Galvanize Insurance


CivPr0 : Broden's reaction to a lollipop... I'm sure we can all relate

Mitchell Burgoyne : 3:00 Every Aunty Donna vid in a nutshell

christeebs : I didn't know that Michelle was also a nurse. A true triple threat

Hamish D : In the end, we learnt that the real treasure was not the destination, but the horrific injuries we sustained along the way

Max Doubt : Yo did Manbeast break at 2:24? Haha this is some fuckn quality Uncle Donny.

Sammy Clasen : The best sketch yet boys, now release all the cut parts you’re hiding from us

Kurt Tite : But why was there a man in Broden's ham sandwich?

danehb89 : But did the nurse marry Lord Brusselton? Find out next time, on Call The Midwife

My grandma just died. Also my cock is massive. : 4:22 Now this...this is the quality stuff the Australian Government should fund towards.

Aprilham : authorisedbytheaustraliangovernmentcanberra.

Just a Snake : A gunshot.

Ruby Martella : 0/10 not enough ice packs

Dont Rob me : Broden: *dances* Broden: lifts jacket Broden: a gunshot nurse: what!!!! Broden: *keeps dancing*

radish. : “I’ve had a gunshot to my abdomen.” “You want a lollipop?”

xHuntsman : Mark. Mark. Mark. That is a ripper bod.

UnLawful L : I was like year 2 when I saw someone get a stick directly through their hand, sick of Aunty Donna copying my life

Samantha Glynn : I'm so glad Michelle recommended opening my eyes, I've been blind for 19 years until today

VidovicArts : I love every damn sketch you boys make, these recent ones are next level!! Love you guys, stay awesome!!!

Lost in a Paradox : We’re reaching levels of self awareness that shouldn’t even be possible

Ryan Heiss : Just for some background... Jesus saw every sin from the past, present, and future when he died on the cross... Which means he saw Mark Bonano greased up and pretending to be a baby, and he STILL died for our sins. Legendary.

Nicholas Nolan : Wouldn't be surprised if they were making all this shit up to get out of a test.

Jackson Webster : Michelle Brasier is such a fantastic addition to the Aunty Donna troupe. Please keep her around forever.

Zweek : It's nice to see that Mr Bull has a relative that is dressed exactly like him, speaks exactly like him, only he is not a Bull

Tom Star : This was funded by the Australian Government.

CallMeShirley : Someone needs to get that sailor to the sea, STAT! HE'S LANDLOCKED!!!!

Kelevra : Zach you’ve been very fancy lately, and I have to say it makes me quite chuffed.

Dante DeFazio : 1:32 why would that ever be a problem, school printers are never working

Pyraxil : I can never go back to stand-up ever again, this is too brilliant. I love you beautiful boys, and Zach, like I said when you were in Freo, I still plan to Buy Tom

Tobias Robertson : That nurse just feels like one of the lads, one of the boys you know?

Dave Hank : Me: He's absolutely not getting in.. Jesus: Get in Me: Holy sh!t he got in 😐

Yew Tewb : "IM LANDLOCKED!" fukken died

Sammy Clasen : One of my favourite things is sailor Broden barely keeping it together

Jennifer Ou : This was filmed in the Health classroom at our school LOL

SuperSubject20 : Did someone forget to blur out Mark’s junk?

Bread : I mean someone copped a javelin through the thigh at my school so really it's observational comedy as far as I'm concerned

Wayne Habib : I hope we get some long blooper reels at the end of this Glennridge series bois.

Michael Mitchell : Zack: ''I can't see!''' Nurse: ''Have you tried opening your eyes?'' Zack: *shocked pikachu*

Amy Cooper : For one shining moment I thought Zach in a tophat meant the return of Mr Bull

Hilo Takenaka : “You’ll never know what shit comes through the door next.” The spirit of Rick Harrison lives strong in this one

Mysterious Video Maker : Michelle seems like the type of woman who would examine my shattered kneecap, give me a paper towel and say "Come back at lunch time if it still hurts".

DePLORIble : Don't worry that's not worthy of hell *but you ain't getting in heaven either*

angustrainor : Pedro the cowboy is so underrated

SansCalamity : 'it feels like the same three 30-year-old men' who were somehow let near a school. Oh you bois.

ross donaldson : Crikey mate, jolly good larf this one

Brook Hubbs : "Oh no he's gone... I found him... he's gone... I FOUND HIM... he's gone... HE'S BACK... he's gone... he's baaaack."

Cass : This is one of my favourite sketches of glennridge

James Van Soest : I was all good until mark came on at the end and BAM I lost it 😅😅😅

ben reaper : in the past four months I don't think I've laughed as much as I did in the past 4 minutes watching this

Murrangurk2 : Sean Micalliff makes a great cowboy!