We're Different but We're the Same
Were Different but Were the Same

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See 'The Album' Live! https://www.auntydonna.com/shows Sign up to our mailing list: http://bit.ly/ADmailinglist SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: https://goo.gl/BUKkZU Here's a lil sketch we made for The Slot (a comedy program) on Foxtel (an Australian cable station). Here is a comedy skit and song about how even though we're all very different. We actually have a lot more in common that you would think. This is a very important video. VIDEO CREDITS: DIRECTOR / DOP Max Miller PRODUCER / 1st AD Jessica Galea 1st AC Lena Moon GAFFER Alastair Duffield SOUND RECORDIST Nick Whelan COSTUME DESIGNER Ingrid Beilharz PRODUCTION DESIGNER William Bobbie Stewart PROPS ASSISTANT Georgie Thomas RUNNER Josh Howlett EDITOR / COLOURIST Max Miller LISTEN TO OUR ALBUM: https://auntydonna.lnk.to/TheAlbumID PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/auntydonna BUY MERCH: http://www.haventyoudonewell.com FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TheAuntyDonna TWITTER: https://twitter.com/AuntyDonnaBoys INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/theauntydonnagallery SOUND CLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/auntydonna AUNTY DONNA PODCAST : https://www.planetbroadcasting.com/our-shows/aunty-donna/ AUNTY DONNA is Tom Armstrong, Mark Samual Bonanno, Broden Kelly, Samuel Lingham, Max Miller and Zachary Ruane http://www.auntydonna.com


applepie468 : Is Mark STILL Italian!? Goddamn, get well soon, mate.

sumaya iwaszkiewicz : I think aunty donna just ended racism, good job boys

Michael Turvey : Mark was the true Aussie all along, there's nothing more australain than running out of sessions on your mental health care plan

DsiMasterProductions : Wow, boys. What a ride. I laughed, I cried, but in the end I think we all learned a little bit more about each other. And, well... isn't that what you boys are all about?

Bread : This truly captures the Aussie fair go attitude, we should all be so accepting of people who want to wear their friends as a fleshy gimp suit

LiquidBeagle : Mark reminds me so much of Charlie Day

Childish Platoon : I don’t know why but I think Mark might be Italian 🇮🇹

Gremlin DVa : Classic Aunty Donna’s 0-100

Tomouski Labouski : When you're dealing with a breakup and then aunty Donna come along to help you out...

John Doty : shutupayouface is a reference I never thought I'd see on this channel. I'm pleasantly surprised.

Burgazum : i want to touch marks majestic beard

pooweebum : HAHA, wow, so Australian, so multicultural. You guys are truly breaking down barriers. <3

Ella Grace : 1:10 Is anyone else sometimes mildly shocked at just how low Broden’s voice is

Madison Weber : Just when you think a video is going to be "normal" here comes Mark Banana 🍌

Sam Morris : "I think I need to see a psychologist but I ran out of sessions on my mental healthcare plan". Too real guys jeez!

Canonbouncer : A true Italian would never endorse Dolmio, fake wog Mark

Daniel Manningham : this is the first vid ive ever noticed zackarys beautiful eyes

Badicus Vibesimus : Mark is the Australian Charlie Day

Josh Morris : I clocked the subtle eyeliner and lemme tell ya, real good stuff

JayZer0 : This made me realize that I wouldn't not watch a Zach/Mark docking video.

Paul Siemieniewski : I keep having "NAYY BOHRS" echoing in my mind all day

ThatTall WhiteGuy : Really annoys me how much effort they put in for minimal views. Glad it hasn't affected their content though

P2-Probationary Man : I'd love to see a power rangers esque sketch with the boys. The villain being Judas whose selling his body for silver.

Jet : I've never hated something but loved something so much at the same time

Tea by Manu : Classic A.D. haha Zach's death that is. Long live Manu

Maximilian Bye : Mark plz no

Jet : this is giving me don't hug me I'm scared vibes

The unprofessionals : I remember seeing this one live when they where in toronto this year , definitely one of my favourite skits

James Man : R u guys okay?

applecoreeater : Well. That escalated quickly.

Daniel Marais : I’ve heard this before, is this a reupload? Edit: dw I saw it on The Slot

Nathan Palmer : Mark Bananno at his finest

Eggs Benedickhead : Was really hoping that the remainder of the video would make up for marks description of his greasy Italian meat. It didn't lads. It made me feel uncomfortable. I think we all need to sit down and figure out how we can move forward because I don't want this relationship to end, but I'm not sure I can trust you fully. See you on Saturday for the home and away marathon we planned xoxoxo

squttnbear : The world needed this video

Chad Eichhorn : No one gonna talk about the way Broden said ACDC?

Evie Momo : is that a Joy Division t-shirt? 🤔😍

GamerMGO : Best Broden entrance ever.

PalladiumCupcakes : I love Broden rocking the Joy Division shirt

REMY AYRES : They're honestly the best comedians 😂

Triadix _ : My friends say that out of our group, I'm the most like Mark than the others from Aunty Donna. It's accurate, but I'm also worried

Seth Phillips : It just dawned on me that Broden said Meck at the end of the News paper bit. Strange times I'm living in man, strange times...

According To Honda : Jimmy Pop sent me annd I love it!!

Curtis Alessio : ‘Shut Uppa Yor Face’ Is that a Dean Martin or Luciano Pavarotti??

Bianca H : ahahaha I love the turn of events in the middle. I cracked up hard

4akat : Italian is just bogan with an accent

OvAeons : Aunty Donna should google necro pants.

madarichards : The Mona Lisan.... ha.

CollegeMovieGeek : I saw Y'all perform this in St. Paul!

AlanaKabanaBanana : Quality content is back :) love it