We're Different but We're the Same

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Aunty Donna : Hey we're performing the album live throughout Australia! Buy tix at https://www.auntydonna.com/shows

applepie468 : Is Mark STILL Italian!? Goddamn, get well soon, mate.

sumaya iwaszkiewicz : I think aunty donna just ended racism, good job boys

Michael Turvey : Mark was the true Aussie all along, there's nothing more australain than running out of sessions on your mental health care plan

DsiMasterProductions : Wow, boys. What a ride. I laughed, I cried, but in the end I think we all learned a little bit more about each other. And, well... isn't that what you boys are all about?

Bread : This truly captures the Aussie fair go attitude, we should all be so accepting of people who want to wear their friends as a fleshy gimp suit

Childish Platoon : I don’t know why but I think Mark might be Italian 🇮🇹

Tomouski Labouski : When you're dealing with a breakup and then aunty Donna come along to help you out...

LiquidBeagle : Mark reminds me so much of Charlie Day

Gremlin DVa : Classic Aunty Donna’s 0-100

John Doty : shutupayouface is a reference I never thought I'd see on this channel. I'm pleasantly surprised.

Burgazum : i want to touch marks majestic beard

daniidiscovers : i learned about penis sushi today

Madison Weber : Just when you think a video is going to be "normal" here comes Mark Banana 🍌

kool kam - : this is the first vid ive ever noticed zackarys beautiful eyes

Badicus Vibesimus : Mark is the Australian Charlie Day

pooweebum : HAHA, wow, so Australian, so multicultural. You guys are truly breaking down barriers. <3

squttnbear : The world needed this video

Canonbouncer : A true Italian would never endorse Dolmio, fake wog Mark

Josh Morris : I clocked the subtle eyeliner and lemme tell ya, real good stuff

James Man : R u guys okay?

The unprofessionals : I remember seeing this one live when they where in toronto this year , definitely one of my favourite skits

Maximilian Bye : Mark plz no

Eggs Benedickhead : Was really hoping that the remainder of the video would make up for marks description of his greasy Italian meat. It didn't lads. It made me feel uncomfortable. I think we all need to sit down and figure out how we can move forward because I don't want this relationship to end, but I'm not sure I can trust you fully. See you on Saturday for the home and away marathon we planned xoxoxo

UltiH : This is like me and my penus talking... Im not the only one that does that, right?

P2-Probationary Man : I'd love to see a power rangers esque sketch with the boys. The villain being Judas whose selling his body for silver.

Tea by Manu : Classic A.D. haha Zach's death that is. Long live Manu

Jet : I've never hated something but loved something so much at the same time

applecoreeater : Well. That escalated quickly.

R1b : when your so homogeneous your groups italian becomes your ethnic

Sam Morris : "I think I need to see a psychologist but I ran out of sessions on my mental healthcare plan". Too real guys jeez!

Jet : this is giving me don't hug me I'm scared vibes

OvAeons : Aunty Donna should google necro pants.

Chad Eichhorn : No one gonna talk about the way Broden said ACDC?

zman1508 : Didn't even get called a Dago?

Daniel Marais : I’ve heard this before, is this a reupload? Edit: dw I saw it on The Slot

Kurt Kemeyer : Good video.

GamerMGO : Best Broden entrance ever.

Will Craton : Very European

madarichards : The Mona Lisan.... ha.

Nathan Palmer : Mark Bananno at his finest

REMY AYRES : They're honestly the best comedians 😂

Bubbanator63 : the voice of a generation

Jeremy25738 : Spaghetti

NorthernChev : Outstanding

Maximum Over Rustle. : BIG GAY

Zac Bartlett : First.

GP : Must be hard working with a horse.

Someone's Husband : I'm so happy to finally see this on your own channel... mostly because I don't remember where it was before.

Tom Bagiotas : Best bits are 1:25 and 2:19