The Illuminati ! The New Trend !
The Illuminati The New Trend

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Lee Vasquez : Hope you're doing well bro, looking forward to the next video.

Goup Mading : You do Assassin creed unity and rogue now that your back.

Xarmu5 : Hi.You can make a video about the subliminal messages from AC unity ( if there is such things in the game) ?

Game Conspiracy : Glad to be seeing you put up a new video. And yes I have to agree, I hate hoe this who Illuminati thing has become a joke when it is one the center's worst world problems because of their manipulation and brainwashing ideas into peoples minds. We like to skim the surface sometimes of what is s good and bad, but if you dive in, we will learn alot more. God Bless Militia, keep up the good work.

Random Dude : Nice video, hey when are you posting the assassins creed one?

Meh Tako : don't stop with the vids. Keep going please.

Soar-ed Recreation : I have noticed this too. People also use Christianity in/as a joking matter, mainstream media has done this since day 1. People are being deceived by falsehoods it is so sad, God sends them a strong delusion to believe in it.

Vosto Vlad : Man you gotta' make more videos . Why did you stop ? :( You have been an inspiration for me .

SLIM MILL ✪ : The trend just make people more curious and want to study the real illuminati, its good think

Black A.M : Im glade your back posting videos again I enjoy them very much and by the way this video is very much True cause just the other day I was explaining about The illuminati to my friends they all laugh at me saying im a conspiracy freak and crazy, I think people are starting to take this as a joke now.

kimberly melton : Insightfull ladvice...for ppl to focus on celebs it takes the focus off the true masters pulling the puppet strings ..and their AGENDA!ThX, peace

crackerwv : They are good at hiding who they really are. Most of the people we see in the public eye and on the media, even the so-called and mostly mentioned "13 families" are a front. They are not the true Illuminati. They are just silly henchmen. The ones behind this garbage aren't going to expose themselves if they can help it. They pay people to do their bidding and the higher tier front or "associate" families, the higher the pay scale. They are the hierarchy of the Satanic corporate collective running the world. Satan is not an entity or really a demon, it's an IDEA. The IDEA is that these people will "set themselves above the Most High" and convince the people THEY are our "gods." That's the objective. To get our worship. "Satan" is the ENTIRE collective of the true illuminati families, their henchmen, corporate, political, media, scientific, medical, industrial food, governments, countries, weapons contractors, banks/monetary systems, stocks/investments, universities...pretty much anything involving the use of money. Here's the real bastards behind it and a little explanation. There are actually two sets of 13 families that go much farther back than the RA'S CHILDS and the RA'KA'PHERAS or the Russels, Bundy's...etc.... Rockefeller is a moniker. It actually stands for Ra'Ka'Phera which literally translates in Egyptian to the PRIESTS (Phera) born to/"of" (Ka) RA (sun god Ra) just as RA'S CHILDS is quite evident and also ROTH (red) SCHILD (shield) which is the "shield of blood" AKA "antisemitism" these asshats use against anyone accusing them of crimes. The shield of blood that Rothschild paid Hitler to make for him. Sympathy to hide crime. The Rockefellers' real last name is Livingston just as the Rothschild's last name is Bauer. They are all fake names/CORPORATE FICTION. The real 13 families are the Monarchy of the past. They are the "two pillars" of freemasonry. The Brotherhood of Saturnalia or the Dark Sun and the Illuminati Grey Masters. These two sets of families are as follows: Saturnalia brotherhood Borgia/Borja, Breakespear, Somaglia, Orsini, Conti, Chigi, Colonna, Farnese, Medici, Gaetani, Pamphili, Este and Aldobrandini. The "Illuminati Grey Masters" Matteiano, Flaminio, Vaticano, Dogali, Solare, Lateranense, Minervio, Macuteo, Sallustiano, Quirinale, Agonalis, Pinciano and Esquiline. There's one other family that I can't place but they seems to head them all. That family is the Pallavacini family. Maybe the ruling family. That remains to be seen. This is a family tree that must be ripped up at the ROOTS. Chopping at the leaves and branches isn't going to solve this problem and eliminate this evil from this planet. We don't even have to kill them. They will die anyways because they are so coddled by their wealth, they will have no survival skills without their assets, servants and money. We just have to seize everything they use to manipulate the world and take back what is rightfully the TERRA-ISTS (people of earth) which they like to call "terrorists." These monsters are not of this planet because their actions show them to not be human although they occupy a human body. They HATE the human race which is obvious via their actions against it. They have no soul because they sold it for material comforts. They are cold, calculated, hellbent on immortality, exclusively self-serving and only concerned with survival through control. They possess NO empathy, compassion, sympathy, love or any other positive human qualities. Their morals are the EXACT OPPOSITE of those other people feel are in line with the true advancement of the human race. They will do whatever necessary to complete their mission and plunder the people of this planet for their own ends. Psychopathic murderers to the core. Nothing but a bunch of CLOWNS we should laugh at for their ILLUSION of power. Like the pied piper who once he loses his little hypnotic flute, will immediately be seen not as the ILLUMIN-ati but the ILLUSION-ati. A bunch of fucking cowards who are DEATHLY AFRAID of us which is why they need to try so desperately to control our perspectives on pretty much everything. It's their greatest strength and their most glaring weakness. Psychological manipulation can only go so far before the cord is cut.

Vosto Vlad : I just made my channel this year . I think you won't be disappointed .

Der Thinker : For rule number 2 mentioned near the end of this video (having solid evidence and all), i have to say this. We are moving into a new generation of technology. Evidences facts proof and what not can easily be edited or twisted to express propaganda by the governments and other groups like them. However not all is lost. We conspirators/conspiracists are able to think deep and understand even the most non-obvious hint that is being given to us about this evil. It is from there that we are able to stem out solid backup for our claims. We should let this known to people. Don't keep listening to Historians, they are the mega puppets who will brainwash you and tell you 'This is deep thinking. There are no conspiracies whatsoever, the world is actually a very nice place as there is no chance of WW3) Historians = False Messiahs