When City Planning in Cities Skylines erupts a Volcano Full of Poop

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All of our sewage has been pumped into the Tree of Life since the dawn of our city. It is time for the great flood ~Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/rtgamecrowd ~Merch Shop: https://eu.rtgame.net/ ~Twitter: https://twitter.com/RTGameCrowd ~Discord: https://discord.gg/rtgame ~~~~~~~~Extra Things~~~~~~~~ Music is Pokemon Black & White - White Forest, Fallout 76 - Take me Home (Original Cover).


Prince Grotle : "I don't care if these people die, i'll kill em twice if I have to." -Mayor RT 2018

JoeyTheArbiter - Halo and Destiny Clips : *country roads starts playing* Citizen: (chuckles) I’m in danger

Angelo Pacia : That vertical road tho.... *Okay class let's talk about gravity*

Pássaro Azul : I'm not impressed because he built a shit volcano in a city sim, im impressed because this city sim has shit physics, *LITTERALY*

Zachary Smith : You do realize if this was real you probably would be able to smell it from the next state over.

Koishi Komeiji : Pompeii 2.0 Also known as Poopeii

The Mr. Man : *_The most powerful diaherria_*

Kathryn Ryan : Ghost 1: so how did you die? Ghost 2:poop volcano Ghost 1: hey I died from that two

Tim M : “I am using the terraform tool, they’re called meteors” Dying

Bedbugs : Imagine building a home on the rim of a poop volcano. The smell would be TOXIC lmao.

RCA G : The whole population singing country roads as they embrace their inevitable doom

TiHeich : 1960s: There will be flying cars in the future Now: Erupting Volcano of Poop on a City

Keira Gloeckler : Kid: Mom what’s that noise Mom: I’m sure it’s nothing honey Country roads starts playing Mom:RUN!!!

Goomyiscute777 : Nobody notices the vertical roads? It's like Mario Kart 8 up in here, fellas!

Flintbone : Do a post apocalyptic map and try to make a dystopian city and than pur meteors and rebuild society again, each time you succeed, make more meteors and

TheCounterWolf : West Virginia Population: **unreadable due to sewage**


But can it inhale? : Irish man floods a state with country roads playing in the background.

TheCptCoy : I want to see you build a city in the aftermath of this disaster and try to create a tourism and agriculture industry around the poo lake.

Redd : I have never heard RT as happy as he is when the volcano erupts.

IllegalFishButt : That 'or else' at the end gets more and more threatening each video

TheGodFather : Cities Skylines main problem... The job priority of BEING God.

Cyris Ikahihifo-Manuel : I know someone said this before but We definitely need a mod that plays country roads whenever a disaster happens

Against Ballveer : I can't even imagine the headlines.

fireballlizard 1 : The eruption starts about 7:19 Your Welcome👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Swag Dinner Money : ill make sure to vote you president

catman555 : This is actually a full on shitstorm

Jennifer Cavenee : "So our plan for today is just to produce as much sewage as possible." *Eating Taco Bell* - Way ahead of you!

Aidan Weiss-Rice : "I don't care if these people die." All of your videos in a nutshell

Miguel Rosa : I found the funnier at all is that, while the poop avalanche, the average city happiness is Ok <3

Khallyn Thompson : A moment of silent for the lives lost in the West Virginia Sewage Explosion of '18 EDIT: #PrayForJeremy

Poidachi : *C R A P T A S T I C C R A P T A S T R O P H E*

PTI Gaming PH : Seriously don’t vote this guy for mayor.

Agsma, Just Agsma : This video manages to ruin Take Me Home, Country Roads for me, even moreso than Fallout 76.

InsideAssassin2 : I’m from West Virginia and I must say this is very accurate

Who Are You? : *All around the volcano the entire population held hands while singing "Take Me Home, Country Roads" to their impending doom*

OliveBoi Productions : When the poop volcano erupts - “Yeah I think there’s a backlogged toilet in one of the craters” 😂😂

igor lozano : Build near volcano Volcano: I'm a joke to you?

Mustache Merlin : Country Roads is nice. Personally though, I would have gone for "Chocolate Rain" for this particular soundtrack. 😂

SexySeaTurtles 17 : We can't afford those new citizens... *drops a meteor on em* LMBO 😂😂😂

StickMaster500 : This event will go down in history as the West Virginia Sewage Explosion that took more lives than Pompeii itself. The only survivors where Harry Hill, Ross Bob and Thanos.

Skymanoz : 6:44 *The end of West Virginia*

SnowyBeach : As a REAL West Virginian, I can confirm that the horrid roads are accurate

Guesswhat87 : "Top ten secret nazi super weapons"

Kytheam : Erupt the pooop volcano onto T-Series plz

The Derp Chaos : Thank god it wasn’t a poo-nado

Panda Boy 2.0 : It was my home once... and it was Beautiful

Demon x Carnage : Nobody: YouTube's algorithm:

doomscyte : you are a terrible city planner *I like it*