When City Planning in Cities Skylines erupts a Volcano Full of Poop

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RTGame : Some people thought I'd have mercy on West Virginia and spare it from more destruction. Others thought I was being cruel by teasing the poop eruption and not destroying the city. I'm happy to say that both groups were wrong

Insert Gaming : “Use the terraform tool RT” “I am using the terraform tool...it’s called meteors” Comedy gold!

Koishi Komeiji : Pompeii 2.0 Also known as Poopeii

Thong Wen Sheng : I was in a shopping mall and they played country roads through the speakers I've never ran that fast before in my life

RCA G : The whole population singing country roads as they embrace their inevitable doom

Cakekwan : (Funeral) Relative:So sad how he died... Person: Howd he die? Relative: The tree of life erupted and he drowned in the poop at west virginia....

StickMaster500 : This event will go down in history as the West Virginia Sewage Explosion that took more lives than Pompeii itself. The only survivors where Harry Hill, Ross Bob and Thanos.

STRYKER B1 : The first video I see on this channel: Poop Volcano. Poop. Volcano. I'm sold.


LKNANML : Some poor guy driving home is talking to his wife. I have had such a $hitty day. I can't wait to get home. Hold on honey. Something is going on behind me..............

Somewhat dead inside : As a citizen of WV, I can say 100% this is how it looks

1ik : He always says, "I'm not gonna destroy the city this time."

C0PY CA1 : "I don't care if these people die... I really don't care... *I'd killem twice if I had the opportunity."*

Ethan Hampl : I want this to be a movie, where the government makes a giant silo around their city and their plan is to kill their people to reduce the inflation in the world and balance it, some people here this and try to take action, they kill the mayor but when they do, a man in a glass window flips a switch which brings down tons of boulders breaking the silo spilling all over the people with "West Virginia, country roads" blaring almost deafening loud so everyone can hear it before they die, the final scene shows the main characters holding hands in a circle formation singing West Virginia then it zooms out into the city where everyone is holding hands singing before the crap comes down

The Goddess Of Puns : “It’s a working police station, and it only covers half of Washington street!”

C0PY CA1 : "You guys keep screamin' at me... to move those pipes... *oh I'll move those pipes."*


SomeNerdyBoy : Now this video was just crappy

Coe T. : Q U A L I T Y C O N T E N T

El Garbage : 7:32 look at the top of the screen God dammit jeremy

MarGuy Thatguy : *welcome to West Virginia*

The Derp Chaos : Thank god it wasn’t a poo-nado

Owyn Lyons : *Me: Who builds a city in a fcking cra-* *Also me interrupting myself: WEST VIRGINIA, MOUNTAIN MOMMA. TAKE ME HOOOOMEEE,COUNTRY ROOOAAADS!!!*

Larry H : 6:50 is what most of you are here for.

SehrBA : "Our citizens are sick. How are they sick?" The live in the shadow of a poop volcano...

xXx_spaghettilord420_xXx : My friend called me and we built a poop volcano for 90 minutes together. I did the playing but he would just tell me to do stuff. It was quite a fun day

Dark Megumin : I said I want to live in the Crater. I don't mind the meteors, the tsunami, the flood. But the poops... You just making it better and better! *TAKE MY PASSPORT!*

Malachi Jones : Fallout 76 in a nut shell


Romax 24245 : Citipedia, the free encyclopedia: In January 18, 2030, VolcAnus erupted into West West Virginia, fueling a civil war between the Poop of VolcAnus and the humans of West West virginia. the battle went on for 4 months. When Poopuss, the leader of the poop army, asked the General of West West Virginia army for his surrender, he refused. Furious of his selfishness with imprisoning the rest of the poop population, Poopuss turned to God, who felt the same. They spoke about what to do about this, and God came up with a clever plan. in April Fools of 2030, Poopuss said that he worked with God to save West West Virginia. The remaining citizens, including the General, were overjoyed. Turns out however, this was an April Fools joke. God's plan was to spike meteors on VolcAnus. When It happened, the rest of the poop army came and formed a Sewernami, which came crashing down on the remaining 4,500 citizens in the town and filled up the town like pools. The citizens tried to evacuate, but it was too quick for them. They immediately drowned in 10 days, putting an end to the West West Virginia war, and forcing the remaining 2,500 people to stay away and let them claim it.. Since then,the section of West West Virginia has been renamed Sewahtown. The population is now reads POOP. Several records of this were lost due to the Poop destroying almost everything in this massacre. The other side didn't even bother writing them. Because of this, its unknown who anyone's names were. Not even the General. Now, The remaining citizens have to work under the smell of sewage of what was once part of West West Virginia.

Querty Beighteen : You're in our THOTs and prayers

Shall0wEdgyMemez inc. VEVO : 7:43 Meanwhile, in chipotle’s bathroom

bruh sound effect #2 : *mum*- studying hard I imagine?

K.G. Donathan : RT: "The pipes! The pipes!" Me: "Are calling~"

DiamondOranges 123 : R.i.p rest in poop

durianhead : a visual depiction of the hours after eating something at taco bell (2018)

Skymanoz : 6:44 *The end of West Virginia*

Rex H : 7:29 I hear the demons repeating the country roads

Emo Mew : thanks for pooping up my state man

DoubleOhKevin : You did an excellent job of recreating Toledo, Ohio

Izzy : This is pure art. *All hail the poopcano.*

Poidachi : *C R A P T A S T I C C R A P T A S T R O P H E*

BananaGram23 : I see you've created a real shit storm here, RT.

catman555 : This is actually a full on shitstorm

Yahtzee Germany : I was on the stream when it happened. Ah, the memories.

Eliminator Performance : "Citizens are sick...why are they sick!?" Jeez I don't know, maybe because they're living next to a *GIANT POOP SILO* 😂

The Mr. Man : *_The most powerful diaherria_*

Ziemniok : Shitcano

FirstName LastName : *country roads* *take me home* *WEST VIRGINIAAAAAAAA*

Lel Jdam : that wasn't very country roads of you