When City Planning in Cities Skylines erupts a Volcano Full of Poop

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RTGame : Some people thought I'd have mercy on West Virginia and spare it from more destruction. Others thought I was being cruel by teasing the poop eruption and not destroying the city. I'm happy to say that both groups were wrong

StickMaster500 : This event will go down in history as the West Virginia Sewage Explosion that took more lives than Pompeii itself. The only survivors where Harry Hill, Ross Bob and Thanos.

Watzit Tooya : Pooptown, West Virginia Population: Poop

Who Are You? : *All around the volcano the entire population held hands while singing "Take Me Home, Country Roads" to their impending doom*

Dark PePe : So this is basically an India simulator

Struan McPhillips : One the plus side the ground after was super fertile after all the sewage and dead bodies .....

1ik : He always says, "I'm not gonna destroy the city this time."

Ashlee Smith : I'm just now realizing that I came here to watch a poop volcano, stayed for 8 minutes to watch the poop volcano be formed, and stayed for another 30 seconds to watch a virtual city flood via poop volcano. Humans are deranged... this is why we're not gods.

Edward Gadea : I really don't care if these people die. I'd kill them twice if I had the opportunity. -RTGame 2018

Ciara : The American dream, a beautiful home overlooking the great poop lake.

Sheppard Of Fire : I just discovered your channel I'm so glad I did

Insert Gaming : “Use the terraform tool RT” “I am using the terraform tool...it’s called meteors” Comedy gold!

stefan beaubut : C R A P O C A L Y P S E

Conor Winterburn : The new fallout game looks great i like how instead of rad storms there are Poopcanoes

RazvyDaGuy - The Main Channel : this is why virginia never wants west virginia

Alexandra Adams : Just casually watching from the main Virginia and sipping my coffee.

durianhead : a visual depiction of the hours after eating something at taco bell (2018)

kobro.mp2 : #PrayForJeremy

Gerry Alves : the funniest part is the music while the volcano erupts

Alenppk : Perfect mayor doesn't exi

J W : A pretty accurate representation of California right meow.


Sturges : I’m from WV... we don’t have poop silos

Gamma : Live footage of trump managing america (2018)(colourised)

Malik Earl : The country roads have taken me home.

Wilhelm Stenvall : When God in Skylines attempts to invent Poop Volcanoes but Everyone keeps Dying.

The Derp Chaos : Thank god it wasn’t a poo-nado

light emblem : Someone throw a match in there

Larry H : 6:50 is what most of you are here for.

Doublewrong : Well. All things considered, it could have been worse.

Blizzard Blast101 : This whole vid is because of fallout 76 isn't it... *WEST VIRGINIA MOUNTAIN MOMMA TAKE ME HOME COUNTY ROAD*

Izzy : This is pure art. *All hail the poopcano.*

Shy Abi : Best volcano I've ever seen in my entire life

thenutestnut : when country road starts playing... guess i'll die

Jon Snow Fangirl : #PrayForJeremy

A gaming show : Yeah let’s just forget about our problems until they go away

Dark Megumin : I said I want to live in the Crater. I don't mind the meteors, the tsunami, the flood. But the poops... You just making it better and better! *TAKE MY PASSPORT!*

Ethan Pollitt : 0:40 Mount St Helen’s

clayman929 : How dare you flood West Virginia with crap :(

RCA G : The whole population singing country roads as they embrace their inevitable doom

черный воронa II : The first video I see on this channel: Poop Volcano. Poop. Volcano. I'm sold.

Jo Jo : It’s 💩 EVERYWHERE 😂

Christopher Dibbs : West Virginia: Tudor Era Edition

Overkill Dragon : Because school is a dump amirite

Jere Rantalainen : #stillprayingforjeremy

Insert Gaming : I’m saying it here, Jeremy should not be prayed for #NoPrayingForJeremy

dolphin534 : Me: Country roads cant possibly get any better... RTGame:

pygmypoledancer : Walter White would approve of this

Ihatekip : Im from West Virginia and this is beautiful

Bence Horvath : What's the name of this game.