Offended by the "N word"

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Kal's Channel : Came here after this whole PewDiePie thing. I've heard "the word was in his heart, therefore we all know he's a racist." Louis CK CLEARLY isn't racist. The subconscious is a very mysterious thing, words float around in there and don't have any discernible intent. Look, if ANY word is going to be taboo, of course it'll be the N-word. That being said, all making words taboo does is give them power. I think there are two things society needs to learn to accept: 1) Words without context are just words 2) Offense is only to be taken at an individual level, otherwise, point and laugh at the person 3) Stop judging people based on arbitrary characteristics like race, and recognize race has no bearing on who you are as a person or your capabilities This is how bigotry and racism could be effectively fought. *_I'M SORRY I TURNED THIS JOKE INTO A POLITICAL SPIEL, but I think it sheds light on recent events consuming the internet. Louis is awesome. This bit is hilarious._*

PurpleBandit3000 : Agree 100%. Just saying a word doesn't make you a racist person.

nfinitiduck : As a non-black, non-white and non-asian person I found this joke highly offensive in that I don't get to say that I'm okay with how he told it because I'm not commonly made fun of.

Tony Stark : As a white cis gender helicopter I find this nigger

Len G. : Many black comedians say nigger . Jay Z recorded the song " ain't no woman like the one I got but changed it to Ain' t no nigger like the one I got. No uproar over it. I had blacks call me and others nigger. Yet If I as white man called black nigger they would go all ghetto on me.

Eric Thompson : It's a fun bit but there is a different. Use "n-word" if you're a decent person quoting or admonishing a bigot, not the actual word. Ofcourse, "n-word" can also be used in a way where it is in no way different to the other word and you should feel bad for using it eg. "I can't stand n-words!"

Bill M : The n word, the R word for retards..just say the dam word.

Shawn Kemp : Nigger

Andrew White : That nigger made the shit out of my coffee!

Inmate288 : Anyone offended by a word is a weak minded twat. I've never met a black person outside of a few select shitheads who would ever find this anything other than humorous

Yard Sale Dale : I get mad when people say "caucasian" ....but I don't chimp out and punch them.

pissed R : you're sensitive and this offended you.

Oneeyedjacks : Every time professionally offended people say "WHITE PEOPLE CAN'T SAY THE "N" WORD!!!", I show them this video.

Amazing Joe : Find myself coming back to this every so often. Now because if that bill maher bullshit. In the end they're just words and they cannot hurt you physically. Seriously let's all be adults. Anyone can say whatever the fuck they want as stupid as they may be

Steven Williams : I'm black and I thought this was funny

JlXip : I am wearing a black T-shirt and this partially offended me.

MANSOUR AL SHATHRI : The only white comedian that can say it and get away with it... Genius

Kioku : I don't get that ending. wha.... o-o

Arturas Karbocius : Louis CK is J--- and i like then in coffee shop they make that cappuccino jerky foam.

Adam darkmaker : Calling another person ''nigger'' (no matter the race) is equal to calling them ''slaves'' , many people bragg about knowing the whole story behind that word and at the end of the day they don't know shit! will you really get piss if someone else calls you slave???????? many hypocrite black people are going around calling them each other ''hey nigga'' and they don't know they're actually insulting each other. But anyone that is not white can call a white person hellbilly, redneck or whitetrash and is not a big deal....................................... PURE HYPOCRISY!!!!!!!!!!! PS: Either EVERYONE should stop using the word nigger or just start hearing like it would a regular word or a regular insult not a big crime! Btw: i'm not taking sides neither am i a racist.

megaman exe : As a black nigger I'm not offended

Ganu Rocks : Killer Mike brought me "hear"

nigelwestdickens : Putting so much power behind nigger helps racism live on imo

stefan williams : I'm white

Salacción : My butthole is black so this offended me.

tybofborg : That nigga made the shit out of my covfefe

Cr00xY : That's how a coffee is made. I feel sorry for all the starbucks (and similar other junk brands) junkies who get their machine mixed waste and think it's a coffee.

melkymac101 : why would you say this

Ana Victoria : I don't understand why it's so hard for some of y'all to not say the n word lmao, simply don't do it. It's disrespectful no matter how you say it.

Dylan Ciraulo : Poor Bill Maher, Hypocrisy is life

Gar Laa : If everybody just said it , and even blacks refer to whites as the Nword,it would lose its power and just magically disappear,, but if people want to give the word power,and be offended, it will live on !! Cheers 🍻

Cee Cee : I'm sorry I didn't realize so many of you ignorant white dickheads commenting we're actually African Americans who lived through the blatantly racist times of 40's, 50's & 60's segregation. Oh that's right, you're not.. And you didn't. Stop acting like you wanna be forward thinkers speak for the whole of society. Simple conclusion: If you've got a cock between ya legs never tell any woman period pain'll only hurt her if she lets it You got no right to. You don't have a fucking clue what it feels like

Jay Flippen : I am offended by the word 'Abracadabra', rude behavior, and people who don't wear deodorant. 0:19 Is it ok to type Voldemort?

Anton Oakenshield : N I G G E R N I G G E R N I G G E R N I G G E R N I G G E R

Go Cowboys : I have to say, I am disgusted. I wrote about this before but I feel compelled to bring this up again. I was at the races last night. Not a very popular sport for the brothers, none the less, I was getting our mini stock truck ready for the main event. We were late, almost missing the start of the main event. Our truck needing the rear end changed out to bring our RPM's in line with our power band. Two black young adults in their late 20's I suspect, walked by while one loudly says to the other, "I told that nigger..............You know what I'm saying my nigger" the other one replying with a nod and fist pump. I looked over at the other pit next to us where another crew trying to get their race car ready, all looked up at each other and began laughing and shaking their heads. It was loud enough for not only that pit crew to hear but the other pit crew on the other side heard the dialog also. They too laughed and shook their heads. They were all white crews. Good ole country boys I have known for some time. Me, I was disgusted. I wanted to beat both of them until they were only able to breathe and listen. Perhaps the greatest defeat white people have ever achieved over us is to witness the use of the very same word that was used to degrade and shame our race. The very word that in one instant defeated and stole our human identity and replaced it with a permanent stigma. A word that loudly stated that you aren't human, you're not even entitled to live among us. You're not a man or woman anymore. You're property, you're work animals, and you’re ignorant slaves that have no value but to work the fields. In a single utterance from the master or anyone, in any context, meant the target of the word was defamed and immediately lowered into the realm of irrelevant subhuman status. Instantly a father was no longer a father, a brother no longer a brother, a man no longer a man. Because no matter the situation, a father standing walking his son, a mother playing with her daughter, a grandfather telling his grandson a story on his lap, a white man or woman could destroy that moment and reduce the title of grandfather, elder, mother or daughter to basically nothing. A nigger, defined as nothing. It means that you don't exist but for to serve and be property. It means, you have no rights. It means they have complete and total dominion over you. It means you have no family. There is no such thing as mother and daughter, father and son. Because if the Master chooses, they can do just about anything they wanted to any one of them, independent of title or bond. If the master wants to sell your son or daughter to another slaver owner, he could. Because it's just a nigger and they don't have family bonds nor do they feel like whites do. A nigger may as well be a farm animal. You see, white people laugh at blacks because we prove that we are stupid. I mean how could you call your fellow black man a nigger and smile doing it. Seriously, how could you, knowing all the while that our great grandparents were killed without remorse because they were tagged niggers. You see, a nigger is nothing. A nigger has no rights. A nigger is ignorant, has no feelings, no bonds no self-worth. A nigger is a hopeless slave that lives only to serve his master, and in doing so well enough, avoids being whipped and may get to eat before the dog is fed. A nigger owns nothing, and has nothing to call his own. A nigger baby is nothing but a mouth to feed until old enough to become a laborer, therefore is lowest on the list for care because it's useless. Like a batch of unwanted puppies you put in a gunny sack and throw into the river. A nigger swings from trees with ropes around their neck as a result of a few country boys having fun on a Friday night. A nigger has no voice in the world and even if he did who would listen to a nigger anyways, for they have nothing to say. A nigger works until his fingers bleed and his back breaks only to be shot in order to make room for the younger nigger that can work twice as long on half the food. You see how horrifically funny that is. You see how stupid we as black people must be to call each other by that word. You don't see Mexicans calling each other wet backs. You don't see Japanese people calling each other Japs. You don't see easterners calling each other camel jockeys. You don't see Jewish people calling each other Kikes. Why? Because they have the dignity and self-respect to not only shun the word but defend themselves from being demeaned and reduced by it's use. They remember what it felt like for their fathers and mothers and great grandparents to be instantly defined and destroyed as a human being in one simple demeaning utterance. Those races I mentioned fight to distance themselves from a past of hate and discrimination. Those races refuse to let anyone take their humanity and individualism and roll it up in a ball of toilet paper and throw it in the toilet to flush. Niggers can be killed with impunity, worked to death, starved to death, ran over, passed over, shot, hung or hogtied. Because once you’re tagged “nigger” your life becomes a worthless, valueless existence. For those that contend that calling each other by the name takes the power out of the word and seizes control over it's power. REally? So how exactly does that work? From what I saw the white guys in the pits were laughing at two niggers that were too stupid to realize they had just reduced themselves to nothing. Flagrantly announcing to everyone in ear shot, that they are ignorant nothings. White folks, no need to show us any respect because we're only niggers we have stated so aloud. In fact, you may want to keep an eye on us because we have little regard each other, or our past, let alone anyone else. In fact, just ignore us because nothing we say or do will be of any value. I would argue that’s pretty powerful statement. I would argue that the power is NOT being taken back, but handed over. As if to walk up to any white man and say, " Master, I don't deserve to be taken seriously. I'm just a nigger like you told me I was many years ago. In fact, here, take this weapon and please use it on me and my family. You should be pleased with us Master as we have even begun to reinforce our status amongst ourselves so you need not remind us all the time of how little we are worth and how ignorant we are." Take control of the word you say? Make it softer and meaningless you say? Tell that to your great grandfather who was hunted down and killed because he was an old worthless nigger running away from the whip because his hands won't pick cotton fast enough anymore. Tell that to your great grandmother who was stripped of her children one by one because they needed, good strong niggers in other parts of the state, not sons and daughters. Tell that to your grandfather who couldn't buy shoes in the store because niggers weren't allowed to try on shoes. Black men can try and convince themselves that the word has no power anymore. In 2014 it’s an endearing term, so they say. Hell everyone uses it, it means nothing. Just a word used long ago to define a race of people and beat them with it like whip until they no longer felt the sting. You can believe that if you want to but the truth is this. Calling someone a nigger or allowing yourself to be called one, only validates your ignorance. Because only a brainwashed ignorant slave, would take the very same whip that was used to beat our family and loved ones into submission and kiss it while claiming it's lost it's power to scourge. You want proof. Our President, one of the most intelligent, ambitious, hardworking, husband, father, and perhaps the most powerful man on earth can be stripped of everything with one word in a newspaper. No longer a man, a politician, a father, a husband, and leader of the free world. The title reads "The Nigger in the white house."..............A pretty powerful reminder of just how much bite the word still has wouldn't you say. Me personally, I am a Son, a Father, a Grandson, a friend, a co-worker, a colleague and business owner. That is how I chose to be addressed. I hope my fellow black men wise up and chose to bury the word where it belongs.

lorcan turner : look at all the white people who disliked XD

Evil Gary : It's called 'The Howling Doo...."

Young Lee : 1k people offended by a single word.

Rock Balancer : youtube please give these views to CK


New Account : Long live, KKK!!! Im Filipino and Im serious about this. Im sure you don't know why unless you're a Filipino 😂😂😂

James Griffith : Niggers are fuckin stupid, always have been and always will be.

Defgunt : I know why: shits black, coffees black, thats your adverb and object taken care of, all thats needed then is a black subject.

Joseph Caskey : This nigger is hilarious

lil angel : to the black people that think Louis CK isn't racist, this is the video lmfao

Sarca Gausjz Ashur Rebaddra : i'm a sand nigger am i allowed to be offended by this?

TechnocraticDreadnought : Nigger, Nigga is nobody's word.

GenesisnKaidence : Go tell this joke in Georgia.. good luck.. I just know because I was discriminated against hard as hell.. I'm a dirty spic by the way.

C-AZ : it is offensive if you want it to be like instead of saying "you asshole" you say "you nigger" as you presume that being black is a disgraceful thing

Jaylin Taylor : I'm black and 127% OFFENDED Louis CK is just AWFUL y'all should NEVER watch him