Offended by the "N word"

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KT GE : This guy got REALLY famous recently. And it had nothing to do with using inappropriate language 💦💦

KALSKingdom : Came here after this whole PewDiePie thing. I've heard "the word was in his heart, therefore we all know he's a racist." Louis CK CLEARLY isn't racist. The subconscious is a very mysterious thing, words float around in there and don't have any discernible intent. Look, if ANY word is going to be taboo, of course it'll be the N-word. That being said, all making words taboo does is give them power. I think there are two things society needs to learn to accept: 1) Words without context are just words 2) Offense is only to be taken at an individual level, otherwise, point and laugh at the person 3) Stop judging people based on arbitrary characteristics like race, and recognize race has no bearing on who you are as a person or your capabilities This is how bigotry and racism could be effectively fought. *_I'M SORRY I TURNED THIS JOKE INTO A POLITICAL SPIEL, but I think it sheds light on recent events consuming the internet. Louis is awesome. This bit is hilarious._*

maddog76 : its called jokes. not stand up serious lol. "some" words piss "some" people off.  he did not use those words with hate, he used them as examples. lighten up everybody damn.

Lewis Collins : I'm not black and this didn't offend me.

Shaqaiq Ansari : I love how he's so real and doesn't sugarcoat anything. Really ppl, he's a comedian making jokes about his daily life not a KKK activist

ZorbaTheDutch : I'm green, but I was not offended by this.

Dillon Kane : I love how everyone in the comments introduces themselves by what race or ethnicity they are and that somehow exonerates them from whatever shitty thing they're about to say. Can't you just say "This joke is/is not offensive because..."? It just seems like you're side stepping any fault or finding a way to look like the bigger person and give yourself credit

King Scrobble : I'mm offended and this doesn't white me

IsiahGames : I'm a coffee shop and this offended me.

BigFatCock : The way he said "cawfee" offended me.

SubFlow22 : I'm white from the waist up and my third leg is not offended.

Semaj Glover : Why is everybody so serious about race and gender in America....??? Its not like any of us had a choice... lighten up a little... sheesh America...

Des Tan : People give importance to words. The words don't have a problem, people do. People getting offended by certain words only means there's a certain social undercurrent which needs to be addressed.

ERAUPRCWA : This is "The N-word" joke done right. I don't care (as a black person) who says it, especially a comedian. If you do the joke right, you can get away with it.

himynameispuky : People, take notes from this guy.

chickennoodlesoup901 : Words are only offensive if you find them offensive. They're literally just random sounds that come out of your mouth. It's really the intentions of the speaker that give value to words. If the speaker intends to offend you, then of course it makes sense to be offended. But if the speaker does not intend to offend you, it is completely your choice to be offended.

AAJAX : Lets just hope he doesn't do stand up in Compton

sky master : CNN brought me here to.

JlXip : I am wearing a black T-shirt and this partially offended me.

LordStar : D-did he just said the N word ?

Tiztu : I'm a black and white eye floating in the cyberspace and I'm not offended by this.

Marc Singletary : This boy is crazy !!!! I'm black and I love this guy!!!

Ronnie Brown : CK is on point...

Ray Samuel Jr : I'm a black dude......why should this offend me? Nah...made me chuckle !!!

Oneeyedjacks : Every time professionally offended people say "WHITE PEOPLE CAN'T SAY THE "N" WORD!!!", I show them this video.

Sandpaper Snail : Louis borrowed this joke from George Carlin...who probably borrowed it from some other dead guy.

Virtus : I'm partially black, so this partially offended me.

Zenox : I was expecting a bunch of hateful comments.....but their golden XD haha faith in humanity restored.

NotJesus : Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggooooooot

SweetLeaf517 : This shits funny tho, plus he has no soul anyway so he doesn't care.

Siebe Albers : Funny how delivery works, If i picture myself saying literally what he said same comedian setting etc. people would not laugh. I agree with him Btw.

Ryan Parker : I'm black and it didn't offend me one bit... the context wasn't racial but that's just me... not everyone is gonna be so cool

Sophomorechance : i miss him

Daddy Tachanka : I’m offended and this is a coffee table.

James Preston : "That was in my heart for some reason..."

Shaggy : I'm offended and this made me black.

Sir Reason : I am doge. Such laugh. So haha. Many funny. Wow.

CFL : To the people who say white people are evil, it is saying that black people are good. That is plain ignorant and if it wasn't for white men, you wouldn't have civilized world as we now have. Even in the greatest country in the world, black people kill each other, they make up most of the prisons, family structure is nonexistent....... Africa can't even get together and become a civilized country, they kill each other every single day by the hundreds. Africa for a period of time had white Christians slaves that were famously traded for as much as pickle. Your people have evil as much as anybody, also being a black or white slave in Rome wasn't as bad as being in Africa and killing each other merciless and having rituals that sacrifices people. We all come from the same ancestors. I don't hate anybody just because of their skin color. Life has been tough for every skin color. Think about the number of white people died in all the wars fighting for freedom that black people now enjoy. Looking by numbers alone, black people had it amazing compared to white men. Think about it 200,000,000+ white people dieing for freedom alone, compared to couple million of black people suffering. If black people become a strong country, they would have white slaves on a large scale just like anybody else. White people don't complain but get things done whether good or bad, learn a thing or two. We have to learn from each other to become better.

HE MAN : I'm said he didn't say beaner now we feel left out :/

Mobley Hernandez : I'm offended and white didn't this me.

Cookie Monster : I don't see how this is funny...

Vinthie Vinthie : *parks and recreation anyone?*

JesusChristIt’sJasonBourne : I don't exist but this offended me.

saral123456789 : You can definitely see Carlin's influence in Loius CK's routines. Love them both.

Eddie M : crackers are so bad at stand-up. There's very few I think are actually funny

bguzewi0 : Want someone to say a word? Make it taboo.

Stefan SSW 135 : I'm A Lizard And This Didn't Offend Me - Zuck

BKKTRAPPER : masterbating in front people bought be here.

JBoy589 : Trump's Press Conference today is this

Sad Lad : omg he said the n word