Offended by the "N word"

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ERAUPRCWA : This is "The N-word" joke done right. I don't care (as a black person) who says it, especially a comedian. If you do the joke right, you can get away with it.

bmo : I'm primate and this is funny shit.

IsiahGames : I'm a coffee shop and this offended me.

chickennoodlesoup901 : Words are only offensive if you find them offensive. They're literally just random sounds that come out of your mouth. It's really the intentions of the speaker that give value to words. If the speaker intends to offend you, then of course it makes sense to be offended. But if the speaker does not intend to offend you, it is completely your choice to be offended.

maddog76 : its called jokes. not stand up serious lol. "some" words piss "some" people off.  he did not use those words with hate, he used them as examples. lighten up everybody damn.

ManlyChicken : I think he means "that nigga made the shit out of my coffee".

The Last Methbender : "Im black and this didn't offend me" OH well thank you for letting us know you were not offended by a *joke* oh good guys we can all laugh now that we know (random name) is ok it. Thank you for giving us the permission to laugh

Dillon Kane : I love how everyone in the comments introduces themselves by what race or ethnicity they are and that somehow exonerates them from whatever shitty thing they're about to say. Can't you just say "This joke is/is not offensive because..."? It just seems like you're side stepping any fault or finding a way to look like the bigger person and give yourself credit

mike t : If they don't like the word maybe they should quit using it or change the meaning. Over the years ive been in school a lot of the Hispanic and Caucasian kids say nigga only to friends in a positive way "whats up my nigga". Its only bad if you make it that way. We currently teach and follow Black history as a important part of America to all students yet we act like it happened yesterday. Are they going to accept the new positive use that mixed racial youths helped create or are they going to keep opening old wounds so change can never happen? Racism will always be there but the old farts need to step aside and let the younger generations handle it.

Shaqaiq Ansari : I love how he's so real and doesn't sugarcoat anything. Really ppl, he's a comedian making jokes about his daily life not a KKK activist

Lewis Collins : I'm not black and this didn't offend me.

King Scrobble : I'mm offended and this doesn't white me

Seige CJ : 'I'm a Humanoid and I didn't find this offensive'. Pretty much what everyone has said in the comment section thus far. I don't give a flying fuck what race you are, its irrelevant.

Aaron Johnson : This is why I love Louis CK, he don't give a fuck.

nicolaixx1 : Niggas are cool

Holymakinaw : In America, racial tension is almost everywhere and black people are often treated like second class citizens and segregation and resentment still exists, in every city. In Canada, black people play hockey and ski and drink beer and go to Tim Horton's for coffee and donuts, just like everyone else does.  We don't focus on race up here.  We're pretty much always just NICE to each other.  Imagine that, eh?  You folks to the south should try it sometime.

mkfallen : "say the word and take responsibility for the shitty words you wanna say."

P R : I think he hit the nail on the head in a previous video where he said "I'm a white man, you can't even hurt my feelings. What are you gonna call me? Cracker?" white people have never been in a position of serious disadvantage in modern society based on the colour of our skin and I literally just had to write an essay on how language is power so if somebody says "words are just words" I will crack a skull.  White people shouldn't want to say a word we have fashioned to be purposefully degrading and insulting to another race now that we've decided it's cool and ok. 

Primal 420 : I didn't know white comedians can say nigger. This is good because I love the way black comedians say cracka. lol Its too bad the whole world wasn't just comedians then there would never be offended people.

Kal's Channel : Came here after this whole PewDiePie thing. I've heard "the word was in his heart, therefore we all know he's a racist." Louis CK CLEARLY isn't racist. The subconscious is a very mysterious thing, words float around in there and don't have any discernible intent. Look, if ANY word is going to be taboo, of course it'll be the N-word. That being said, all making words taboo does is give them power. I think there are two things society needs to learn to accept: 1) Words without context are just words 2) Offense is only to be taken at an individual level, otherwise, point and laugh at the person 3) Stop judging people based on arbitrary characteristics like race, and recognize race has no bearing on who you are as a person or your capabilities This is how bigotry and racism could be effectively fought. *_I'M SORRY I TURNED THIS JOKE INTO A POLITICAL SPIEL, but I think it sheds light on recent events consuming the internet. Louis is awesome. This bit is hilarious._*

sky master : CNN brought me here to.

Edward Hilow : *You keep on adding more and more.* More of this, more of that, repress this, impose that. Should have done this, shouldn't have done that. Where do I go from here, am I wrong, am I right? Am I at all? *Google:* _The Truth Contest_

Sir Reason : I'm an apache helicopter and I'll blow him up last.

Mel : I'm black and I was more offended by the use of "faggot" than anything else in this video.

Virtus : I'm partially black, so this partially offended me.

CFL : To the people who say white people are evil, it is saying that black people are good. That is plain ignorant and if it wasn't for white men, you wouldn't have civilized world as we now have. Even in the greatest country in the world, black people kill each other, they make up most of the prisons, family structure is nonexistent....... Africa can't even get together and become a civilized country, they kill each other every single day by the hundreds. Africa for a period of time had white Christians slaves that were famously traded for as much as pickle. Your people have evil as much as anybody, also being a black or white slave in Rome wasn't as bad as being in Africa and killing each other merciless and having rituals that sacrifices people. We all come from the same ancestors. I don't hate anybody just because of their skin color. Life has been tough for every skin color. Think about the number of white people died in all the wars fighting for freedom that black people now enjoy. Looking by numbers alone, black people had it amazing compared to white men. Think about it 200,000,000+ white people dieing for freedom alone, compared to couple million of black people suffering. If black people become a strong country, they would have white slaves on a large scale just like anybody else. White people don't complain but get things done whether good or bad, learn a thing or two. We have to learn from each other to become better.

BigFatCock : The way he said "cawfee" offended me.

David White : I'm a nigger, and I'm not offended. Actually I'm not a nigger, I'm just brown skinned.

MegaAries1992 : Some people on here probably masturbate to Al Sharpton posters at night. Political correctness offends me...

Scrobbles : I love Louis CK! That nigger made the shit out of my coffee! Hahaha XD

popculture Heart : Louis CK: I don't care about the n-word me: Of course you don't care, you're white

Tiztu : I'm a black and white eye floating in the cyberspace and I'm not offended by this.

b151proof : I'm black and this guy is one of my favorite comedians. He's clearly trying to highlight where the power of a hurtful slur/racist word comes from. It's not the word itself but how your mind reacts after hearing it. ie: "the n word" would obviously make the listener think "Nigger". Anyway I've seen a lot of this guys comedy which seems to be mostly observational and hilarious! If all white people took this guys position on racism and racist slurs in general you'd see white people saying nigga everywhere with very little backlash from us. I say little because there are ignorant people of every race that just give more power to racism and racist stereotypes with their stupidity. Once you realize people of any race can be idiots and also geniuses I believe people would get along... not to sound like a hippie...just sayin

aphyd23 : I agree with CK on this one. I never say "n-word" instead of nigger.

SponzifyMee : It's funny how people say that he can't use these words. Of course he can. You have the ability to close the tab if it starts to scar your brittle minds. If it's accepted that white people can't say nigger, how can we end racism?

patrick : 1:07-1:10 ME

ZorbaTheDutch : I'm green, but I was not offended by this.

MidnightDesperado : I don't know if you people have figured this out by now, but whites (and Asians, and Latinos, etc.) are extremely liberal with the use of the word nigga.

himynameispuky : People, take notes from this guy.

SubFlow22 : I'm white from the waist up and my third leg is not offended.

: To all of you in the comments who are getting offended: "Quit being a faggot and suck that dick."

Scrobbles : When people say that only one race can use a certain word, they're being racist themselves by excluding every other race to a single word. It's stupid as fuck and I just wish we would all grow the fuck up so we could all be niggas together lol.

0Ventariux8 : We are all human beings. I´m tired of all these PC bullshit and people trying divide each other. You can pretend to embrace your culture but in the end if you want to get deeper fullfillment out of life you need to transcend it. All these social divisions and closed mindedness is what caused all the opression that people are against. Remember that in the end is your mind that gets angry, You think that you´re being disrespectful to your ancestors by letting their suffering be humorized, man you´re just being disrepectful to yourself and them by letting hatred in. It´s time to stop crying about the past and enjoy life for what it is.

SweetLeaf517 : This shits funny tho, plus he has no soul anyway so he doesn't care.

AAJAX : Lets just hope he doesn't do stand up in Compton

SharkBait19904 : According to the dictionary there are 3 definitions of the word nigger. 1)A-a contemptuous term used to refer to a black person. B-A contemptuous term used to refer to a member of any dark-skinned people. 2) Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. a contemptuous term used to refer to a person of any racial or ethnic origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc. 3) A-victim of prejudice similar to that suffered by black people; a person who is economically, politically, or socially disenfranchised. Most people know it as offensive to black people because they take the most offense to it. It however can be said to any race if you look at Number 2 and Number 3 as the definition.

Marc Singletary : This boy is crazy !!!! I'm black and I love this guy!!!

DARKERDARKO : I'm Mexican can I say nigga. I'll give you a beaner pass if you give me a nigga pass

New Pac : We're all niggas.

Andrew Fender : that nigger made the shit out of my coffee XD