I Am Iron Man

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This is a tribute to the one who started it all - Tony Stark Marvel Tribute Music: Balmorhea - The Winter Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for -fair use- for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.


SEWextreme : Nobody has EVER THANKED Tony for what he has done. Instead, they just brush it of like nothing happened. Tony Stark, the one who started it all, the one who has the least respect, the one who has gone through the most harsh words, the one who LOST somebody who was like a SON to him, he went through constant panic attacks, blames himself for breaking the Avengers, questions why he’s alive. In the end The Mad Titan Thanos, was the ONLY one who TRULY RESPECTED Tony. We will remember you Stark.

Tiago 98 : I'm not crying, it's just a little 'don't die Stark' in my eyes.

4lpha Red : Thanos: I am Inevitable Tony: I am Iron Man

Amirhosein Fallahpour : Steve: You’re not the guy who makes the sacrifice play.. Woman: Who’s going to avenge my son, Stark? He’s dead! And I blame you.. Thor: I have more than enough words to describe you Stark..(Chocking to the air) Pietro and Wanda: And on the side of the shell, is painted one word... Stark Zemo: ..And my son was happy to see the Iron-Man flying through the sky.. And the Avengers?...they left. Rhodes: You don’t deserve to wear one of these..shut it down!! Christine Everhart: ..I never said you’re a superhero.. Vision: That’s right, he (Ultron) hates you the most. Scott: Hank always say you can never trust a Stark.. Clint: The futurists gentleman. The futurist is here. He sees all! (In a sarcastic way) Thanos: I hope they’ll remember you. Tony, you don’t deserve all these hate. You’re a human. You make mistakes, and you struggle. But behind all these, you tried your best, to save the people you love and care about. You are truly, an Avenger.

razmw : when you think about it thanos was the only one who compliment tony stark.

Itztimetowatch You should enjoy : Who's here after endgame "I am Iron Man" 😢😢😢😢😢

Caleb Hawkins : Howard Stark: "My greatest creation is and always will be you" Next scene is Tony fighting hand to hand against the mad titan with half of his armor. I love it

RainbowFlowers 30 : When Tony sends the missel to space cap says. “That’s a one way trip” When Peter snuck onto the spaceship Tony says “This is a one way ticket”

Kylerncs : RIP Ironman 😭😭 Avengers wouldn’t be the same ever again without you now

the Hacksmith : This was incredible. Amazing job editing. I'm speechless.

Vince Lewis : This video makes the the final scene on endgame worse😢😭😢😭😢😭

Wasawat Khotchakrai : "Last night i dream, we had a kid" 'oh,Mr.parker' "so real" . . . god i'm cry

Andarkvolt : Thanos: I am inevitable Tony: I am *IRON MAN*

Dimashz : "I shouldn't be alive, unless it was for a reason" Best lines

wreck house : I literally had tears when he said "I am Iron man" damn this was powerful 😵

PinkPotatoe 777 : Captain America: "Take that off what are you? The greatest and most beloved hero of all the MCU

James Austria : this video is surprisingly accurate about avengers endgame BRO I MISS IRON MAN ALREADY MEN I AM IRON MAN :'(((

Alice Apsara : “The only thing you fight for is yourself” What a damn lie. He is Iron Man.

MauLer : Good God that was amazing. Excellent use of every scene.

Yaya Mercury : ❤️ Proof that Tony Stark has A Heart...

Frankys Life : That's why he is the strongest Avenger❤

Bobthebob 5 : Dammit you missed out on a perfect ending, And so my great journey has reached its end Thanos: I hope they remember you I am Iron Man

Squagnolo Da1 : The G.O.A.T, Iron Man was the first superhero I ever knew and is my favorite ever since. Also there is NO ONE who will ever play this role as good or better than Robert Downey Jr. RDJ is the only one who could play this role, and if anyone else were to play it, it would be disrespectful.

Lucy Gu : Hell. After the trailer for endgame? Trailer - "Part of the journey is the end." This video - "And so, my journey had reached its end" God I want to cry.

Rudy Cooper : This video should have way more views by the next couple of days

YC Y : Omg I didn’t expect you..... In end game Amen

Colonel : I just realized, when watching this video, how much this character is important for the MCU. This is truly the most important character for those movies, and I think that considering how likely it is to see him die in Endgame, everyone should see this tribute to this fabulous character that was Robert Downey jr's Iron Man

양지혁 : I always remember you stark 'IRON MAN' END game makes me cry .i rememver you always bye stark my hero Your favorite fan from KOREA

Natalia : Tony is one tragedy after the other. Though he's pushed through everything so far, he's tired, and he's only human. Anxious for Endgame.

Mary Jane : „You’re not the guy who makes the sacrifice play.“ One last sacrifice.

Job Fun Vids : *I AM IRONMAN* Damn right he is..... R.I.P. Stark 💙

MARVEL FAN : Thank you Tony. We love you with all out heart

Mario Bahamondes : That part when Tony forshadowed Peter's death and then it actually happening was beyond heart-breaking.

Happy Jean : Cap: Take that off, what are you? Tony: I'm the man who killed the Avengers. OMG

Leo Sciuto : Watching this after Endgame has no price

Abarca Matias : Well we all know why we’re here

Lachie : Anyone else here after Endgame?

Micuda98 : Man... the most developed MCU character and YOU my friend, YOU have created masterpiece.

Master chief : The greatest hero in the MCU. Rest in peace.

lol Dragonfru : spoiler rip Howard Potts we miss and love you 3000 ☹️

WaffleSlothStone : This makes me so emotional 😭. Please don’t kill Tony in Endgame. He is too amazing

Thalita Risia : I do not know what to say, I'm speechless, okay, I'm crying. 😭

Smasher : This was a masterpiece of editing. Truly amazing work.

stxrk dxffxrxncx : I came here after watching Endgame. Everyone else on the same boat with me, let me just... *_hugs_* *_all_* *_of_* *_you_*

Alice Apsara : He warned them, told them they had to prepare themselves. No one listened and he had to take one for the team. We love you Tony Stark, more than 3000, you will always be Iron Man and our hero

Chelsea Naugler : I Love Iron man he's my favorite he's been through so much Beautiful video


Matthew Pangilinan : "Last night, I dreamt, we had a kid-" "Oh, Mr. Parker" "-It was so real." Stop cutting onions, damn it.

keito : Man... Marvel Thank you for the Wonderful 10 years of my life, OUR life. Endgame is so... i can't even put it in words Amazing, Wonderful, Beautiful Iron Man is my Fav ever since. Respect, ~Tony Stark Endgame2k19