I Am Iron Man

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the Hacksmith : This was incredible. Amazing job editing. I'm speechless.

raj aryan : Dr. Strange- " if your whole house is burning and you everything is falling apart, whats that one thing that you will take?" Tony- "a nap" 😚now this is TONY STARK

Zoey Jafferally : And that's why I always tell everyone that Iron Man is way better than Captain America by far. So everytime I have a debate with someone about this subject I'm just going to show this clip. Also Robert Downey Jr. played the character of Tony Starks and Iron Man perfectly. Wow I so love you so freaking much. Iron Man should always be the leader of the Avengers not Captain America. 💘❤💓💕💖💗💙💚💛🧡💜🖤💝💞💟

Teodor Recabarren : "I don't care. He killed my mom". Chills.

Steven Evans : Lets be honest, this whole universe is just the story of iron man with films about the characters he meets along his journey and their adventures together

Mario Bahamondes : That part when Tony forshadowed Peter's death and then it actually happening was beyond heart-breaking.

IjuanSena2169 : This is why Shuri or anyone else can never be Iron Man.

Noth Lord : Beautiful video. Iron Man is hands down the best and most complex character in the entire MCU

Out to Lunch : The entire MCU is built on one character, his story, history, and his arch. I think we all know by now. Tony Stark. Is. The Marvel Universe. It all revolves around him. With his arch, the evolution of his personality, his friends, his family. His life. The character that started it all, was him. It’s him. His character. He is the backbone of the MCU. It’s all him. He is. Iron Man.

Raheel Ahmed : He is my favourite hero. No matter what people say about him. They donot understand him. He fights to protect the people he loves: Avengers(his friends), Rhodey(best friend), Peter(the son he never had), Pepper( his love, wife and the one he can never live without) and soon his son. This all is inside that suit of armor. He is IRONMAN.

Abhishek Nepal : Those 4 dislikes are the childrens of thanos !

mochi : I'm serious. If Iron Man really dies in A4, I am literally going to cry. It would be my first time crying over a movie and it's all because I've been watching these marvel movies since 2008, since I was eight years old. The way you've put together this video is just incredible and shows just how human Iron Man is. Marvel has done such an incredible job building this character and I will be devastated to have to say goodbye to an era I grew up with.

Gilda Hooks : This... this is the best Tony Stark tribute ever... This bring up every single thing that screams to me why Tony is my fave MCU character, since... ever.... Tony isn't a open book like everyone thinks... He grown up learns from his "cold" dad that the media and other people can use his emotions to manipulate him, so Tony have this "mask" that people, even a super trained spy like Black Widow, took as the real Tony, while inside there is so much more... There's no wonder why Peter wanna to be just like him... "I should'nt to be alive, unless is for a reason. I'm not crazy, Peper, I just finally know what I have to do. AND I KNOW IN MY HEART THAT'S RIGHT." For me, that was the phrase who really starts MCU. Thank you very much for this amazing masterpiece <3

トナリ : This is perfect, i love it, it made me cry... This guy should win an Oscar.

George Wodicka : Scarlet Witch has God-like powers, Thor IS a God, Hulk has the most pure strength, Peter has youth and perhaps the most agility, Vision and Dr. Strange have arguably the highest intellect, Steve Rogers may be the symbolic leader that makes the best out of his powers, but there is only one IRON MAN, the true combination of all the above mentioned abilities, and the glue that keeps it all together.

millenia_cosplay : This is by far the best MCU video I’ve seen. Thank you!

jacob romero : iron man would smash captan america with his new suit

Relic_Sachse : Best. Avenger. Nothing less.

Varun Ringani : Before watching this video...my favourite superhero was thor...but after watching this video... I'm speechless and now my Favourite superhero is Ironman

Relebohile Nkosi : Whoever still says that, that senselessly overpowered Bruce Wayne/Batman is better than Tony Stark/Ironman has to rethink that, you really can't compare the intelligence of a man who's always outsmarted by the likes of Joker to that of a man who created his best invention in a cave with a bunch of scraps and created his strongest defense without any access to. vibranium.

Smasher : This was a masterpiece of editing. Truly amazing work.

ashish meena : This is so heart touching and breaking.... Showing the real inside of TONY.. his journey .. his fears..and how strongly he confronts every situation in his own way. Noone ever look at the things from his angle.... Btw great job

Diana Greve : This is the most incredible movie editing I’ve ever seen. The story arc of Tony Stark is brilliantly displayed. Through all the arrogance and snark, Tony is an honorable man and a true hero of the MCU.

AFRAS SHAH : Spoilers!!! Tony Stark is Iron Man

David : The best version of Iron Man in seen in short so far... speechless....he took away my heart...

MauLer : Good God that was amazing. Excellent use of every scene.

Ayush Sharma : Heroes never die... Even if he dies in avengers 4... He'll be alive in our hearts... ❤

Aslı Nisa Aktaş : Soooo many tears. Thank you Iron Man.. thank you Tony Stark for everything... Thank you for memories..

Minh Quân : I bet 1 mil$ that when RDJ is called Tony by accident he will naturally react like thats his name. And i also think RDJ should keep the name Tony Stark because it legit fit him perfectly in everything on him. He is the man. He is the goat. The godfather of MCU. The legit born-to-be iron man

Sahaveer G : Wow man... U hav got super skills in editing n even making a touching story

Adamke_ : *...I Am Iron Man*

satyakam shashwat : Well this does put a tear on my face

Rima Tiwary : Robert Downey Jr is the main secret of marvel universe and it was edited superb

Abigail Bozeman : Man at the end of this it made me feel like he died... he didn’t though... I hope he doesn’t in part 2 either. I will die if he does...

Aniket Roy : A legend never die. Tony stark is just not a character for us.he is himself an emotion.you suffered a lot RDJ in ur real life but at last u came become a masterpiece. n bcz of ur excellence of acting u portrait IRON MAN so legendary. thats no one can forget u ever. U r not only just a big marvel hero for us u r our own favourite hero. Bcz we all considered u as our earth's own irongod. Thanks for this 10 years marvellous superhero franchise. AND now we all are not ur only fan we are the #IRONARMY ... #RESPECT #IAMIRONMAN

meulful woo : Am I the only one who got teary eyed in every scene, and in every dialogues in this video? DAMN! this water filled my eyes..

Kaleb Medina : "I Dreamt, We Had a Kid" "Mr.Parker" "It Was So Real" *I'm Not Crying, I Just Have Sadness In My Eye.*

Sofia Antonelli : Give this man an Oscar or something. This is beautiful. Brought me to tears.

hector rosales : They really did a great job building Tony Stark in the MCU. Definitely the best hero in the movies when it comes to a complex character on an emotional level. I will cry my eyes out harder for iron man when he dies than I did for (SPOILER WARNING) spiderman.

Jman 51 : I though this was going to be like a music video of Iron Man but this was still great

LookingForGf : the only thing that's missing from this is a clip of thanos saying "I hope they remember you" otherwise this is perfect <3

Sonya : Speechless. This is great. And, I remember watching third iron man movie. And then when he blew up all of his suits and stuff, in the end he said “I am Iron Man”. But no a man in a suit. Just his personality is made from iron, his character. He is iron man.

Bruce Wayne : I don't like videos normally..but when I do....I know in my heart it's Gold...

Porkpiggies : The 352 dislikes are whoever is left in the DC fanboy room

Ravu Chaudhary : Omg what a compilation nailed it

TFEXY : The timing of the we had a kid then cuts to peter and the timing of the music in the background was perfect and the best thing ever

Jack Skatter. : Dude the entire marvel universe as we know it would be totally destroyed without tony. He is quite possibly the most important person in marvle history

Jesus Christ : amazing job. Really captured Tony's journey, his motivation by Yinsen to "do something great", his relationship with his parents, with his son, Peter/Spidey, and how it all came crashing slowly down. (Also thanks for showing the Civil War parts from Tony's perspective not Steve's) #TeamIronMan forever....

Uskhorm : The music is cutting onions.

Abigayle Conover : “Big man in a suit of armor, take that off and what are you?” “I’m the man who killed the avengers” NO MY POOR BABY