I Am Iron Man

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Smasher : This was a masterpiece of editing. Truly amazing work.

Michael Mello : Tony Stark is the main character of the MCU

Dom Imburgia : RDJ can NEVER be replaced

Artemis G : Tony: "And if you died... " Peter: "Mr Stark.. " Tony: "I feel like that's on me.. " Peter: "I don't feel so good... "

Adriana Santiago : "Last night I dreamt, we had a kid" "Oh Mr. Parker" "So real" "What are you doing?..Hey um...I-I-I'm Peter" What if someone had died tonight? Different story right cause that's on you...and if you died" "Mr. Stark?" "I feel like that's on me" "I don't feel so good" You hear that? That's the sound of my heart breaking

the Hacksmith : This was incredible. Amazing job editing. I'm speechless.

AFRAS SHAH : Tony deserves the final blow against Thanos in Avengers 4

LIZA -ko : 2:15 Peter says "i just wann be like you" and than we see little peter, which tries to be iron man ;-;

Lucy Gu : Hell. After the trailer for endgame? Trailer - "Part of the journey is the end." This video - "And so, my journey had reached its end" God I want to cry.

Mohamad Sulaiman Mohd Hashim : "When I drift off i will dream about you. It's always you."

MauLer : Good God that was amazing. Excellent use of every scene.

Zacharias 220 : Sees Tony tell Pepper that he dream or about having a kid. ME: DONT YOU DARE SHOW PETER PARKER AND MAKE ME CRY Video: Shows Peter Parker and makes me cry. Me: sobbing until my house is covered in tears.

Devdutt Kumar : Cap: Big man in a suit of Armour. Take that off, what are you? Tony: I am the man who killed the Avengers. . . . . . . . . I cried. Did you?

WASI I.I.S.J : 0:52 Cap was wrong about Tony. He was ready to sacrifice himself in all the 3 Avengers movies and now..... he's stuck in space with zero chance of "rescue" and still does not regret giving up his life but I am sure he'll be alright I mean he is the one who will save them all because like Dr strange said "There was (is) no other way Tony".😊😊😭😭😭

Satria Ocelot : I think not many people realize this but he's more "hero" than you think he is

Mario Bahamondes : That part when Tony forshadowed Peter's death and then it actually happening was beyond heart-breaking.

andrew simoes : If iron man started it, does this mean he can finish it?

ABIYA MIRANDA : *Team Ironman forever*

MagicalGirl4 : Tony has gone through so much, word can't express the boundless sympathy and admiration I have for his character. After 10 years, he's gone under incredible development, and RDJ's portrayal of Stark has been phenomenal. While he isn't my favourite, I'm going to miss Iron Man when he leaves. He's what made this cinematic universe.

Neat52 : I'm not crying you're crying

millenia_cosplay : This is by far the best MCU video I’ve seen. Thank you!

andrew english : How? How?... How in the world can you watch Tony say "he killed my mom" without every fibre in your body ache... It allows you to overlook so called righteous morals. And from that point on I just cant connect with Bucky im sorry but for Tony its a spot you cant come back from and i stand with him!

Shoram Emran : This video legit made me cry. Tony is the greatest superhero of all time.

Mandar Mithe : That yensen's speech in the cave was so important it actually motivated tony build mark1 suit. Take a moment to appreciate him.

DAVID MIRANDA : This video ends with:"My journey had reached it's end" Avengers 4 trailer:"Part of the journey is the end" Me:😖😭Mr.Stark I don't feel so good,I don't want you to go😔

Abhishek Nepal : Those 4 dislikes are the childrens of thanos !

Ma ks : even though Tony Stark is not the strongest hero of MARVEL, for my opinion he is the coolest, coolest and wittiest of all the existing heroes. I am very sorry that he will die in the avengers 4

Nicolas Breuil : I can’t believe how well this video is made, the music present at the perfect moment gives the sense of the video an extra push, and to make a video of iron man means you really need to know the character, bravo Top Screen, bravo

Tehzo : someone tweet this robert downey

AnryMLG : *Это лучший герой в Марвел, которого я люблю всем сердцем. Он лучше капитана Америки.* *Русские есть?)*

Adamke_ : *...I Am Iron Man*

Marshall Dog : You should do this again with the new avengers 4 footage

D B : He has to have the best character arc out of all the Avengers.

sumbul alam : You will always be my true inspiration Ironman....and mcu is nothing without you...coz no matter what you are the only one who does the sacrifice play...love you tony

Delhite : Well, lets think about it for a sec. Avengers1- tony stark was the one who finally hit the alien craft with that missile and blew it up. He ended that story. Avengers2- tony stark uses the uni beam to blow the flying city and ends it all. Avengers4(a continuation to av3)- i am pretty darn sure that he is going to be the one who puts a final end to Thanos’s evil deeds. Because, HE IS IRON MAN!

Fr33lancers : Holy shit this is a whole new level for you. This is incredible.

Aditya Sharma : Respect to tony stark

Lucy Gu : This is going to be like the ultimate masterpiece if Tony's journey really ends in Avengers4. I'm already crying and I can't imagine how much I would cry if he goes out in A4. Please please please please don't kill him off....

Marvel Magic : 2:57 "That would end the team" *punches guy*

Galactic Jewels : He really is one of the most well written and acted characters I’ve ever seen. His entire story all through the movies has developed beautifully, and I’m excited to see how it concludes yet sad to see it end. Tony Stark is the most realistic and true embodiment of a superhero because he’s not unstoppable, he has flaws, he goes through struggles just like everyone else, he’s so incredibly human and yet he’s so humble and real and willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. It really has been such a journey and seeing him go, whether it be dying in the last movie or just his final scene, will truly be the end of an era. I hope they give him the credit he deserves and let him drop the final blow that stops Thanos. He started the series, and he should be the one to end it.

Ally Oviedo : *I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING... (ಥ﹏ಥ)(ಥ﹏ಥ)* *Tony Stark a great person and hero. ♡*

Achilles Heel490 : The end is part of the journey...

The One : What I love about Tony is he doesn't act like the typical save the day hero like Captain America. He acts like he doesn't care too much but when he is alone and deep down we all know he cares deeply and even cares enough to sacrifice himself that's why I got mad when Captain said "you are not the type to lay down and let someone walk over you" He has seen Tony sacrifice himself for everyone Tony is an amazing person with a big heart people just can't see it.

Joseph Pareja : Wow que gran homenaje para Robert Downey Jr, te quedo perfecto la recopilación de escenas, te quedará aún mejor con la última película espero que no muera Ironman, pero por los comentarios de los hermanos Russo esta última entrega nos dejará emocionalmente mucho peor que la anterior, saludos desde Perú.

meulful woo : Am I the only one who got teary eyed in every scene, and in every dialogues in this video? DAMN! this water filled my eyes..

Jean Bean : *What if the MCU is actually like The Truman Show and Tony is Truman??*

Anna Chang : I was finally, finally, in a good place about Infinity War. And this wrecked it. That montage of Tony and Peter wrecked it. And I love that.

Ethan Rossignol : I swear it tony dies in n end game marvel is going to owe me my child hood because they would have ruined it

Elnoia : Started with Tony, ends with Tony.

Abigayle Conover : “Big man in a suit of armor, take that off and what are you?” “I’m the man who killed the avengers” NO MY POOR BABY