Winch Sessions - Back to the Cranberry Bog - Wakeskating - Episode 9

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For more winch sessions visit The winch crew travel to Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin, for one of the most aesthetically pleasing wakeskating sessions you will ever see. Watch what happens when some of the world's best wakeskaters take over a cranberry bog. Don't worry, no Cranberries were wasted, or destroyed making this episode. Next Episode: Previous Episode: All Episodes: Music: Horner Music - "Light on Blue" Tycho - Daydream Executive Producers - Scott Bradfield, David Brooks, Charlie Rosene Producers - Adam Buck, Alex Horner, John Formichella Director - Alex Horner Cinematography - Ryan Taylor and Alex Horner Assistant Camera - Brian Suerth Field Mixer - Patrick Schaefer Post Sound Design and Mix - Nick Mihalevich Editor - Alex Horner Photography - Ryan Taylor Riders - Brian Grubb and Ben Horan ___________________________________________________________ Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high. Red Bull on Facebook: Red Bull on Twitter: Subscribe to Red Bull on Youtube: Sign up for our Newsletter here:


Bryce Marshall : Takes playing with your food to a whole nother level

Flipper : This should be the OceanSpray advert for their cranberry juice.

Benjamin Peters : is this a documentary about cranberries or a wakeskating video?

Well Rounded : I hope they didn't piss in there. I got some cranberry juice a while back that tasted a little funky

Jen Fuller : Beautiful filming! I do not drink red bull but I have to say I think that their ads are amazing and I know many of the pro athletes sponsored but red bull. I too am a pro athlete and you could not pay me to drink red bull because I could not handle the effects, but it does not stop me from admiring what a great video this is!!

Julian Scott : no cranberrys were harmed in the makeing of this film

xmods4Reel : Coolest shit i've seen in awhile, And AMAZING EDITING

Adrian themost : thats why cranberry juice tasted weird 

HelikaonIX : Thumbs up for Tycho

Bernie Waters : The name of the song is Tycho-Daydream, from the Dive album.

Matthew Williams : what is the song called?

Surge : This is soothing/satisfying :DD

kalei haskell : no wonder the cranberries I get are all smooshed

gnarmarmilla : Thanks Red Bull, that was a beautiful film.

Dylan Hahn : i thought i tasted something funny in my Cranberry juice

YesJulien l Travel : This looks like a Cranberry Wave and it looks awsome  4:47 =D

Douglas Proce : Well done - shot and edited brilliantly. I'm not even a fan of wakeboarding - just love the way this video is put together.

obiwankablowme : this song is by Tycho if anyone was wondering :) so chilll

DigitalPimp : Absolutely beautiful

elliot bradshaw : This is actually the exact process for making cranberry juice, you squash them all with the wakeskate!!!!

Александр Копылов : Это просто великолепно! Чудесные кадры, отлично подобраная музыка. Уже просмотрел этот клип очень много раз и все время завораживает.

dirtmaop : Incredible footage. Great work with the camera angles.

MarcelloKSA : Wakeboarder makes the coolest cranberry juice

Blake Michal : coolest part was the making of the rail

Benjamin Peters : intro is boring, like damn 3 minutes in and no wake skating

Thomas Rillaerts : Absolutely stunning! Loved the video. Slowmo, shallow DOF and movement is a combo that always works! Wondering with what the video was shot? FS700?

minch333 : Stunning

Rmanvideos : Wouldn't that split/crush the cranberries? I might be wrong but if I was a cranberry farmer I really wouldn't feel comfortable with them wakeskating on them lol

mnasty : pure artwork by redbull. the best out there

Jake Wrecker : The Cinematography is on point!

Austin Gray : that was awesome...... +1 to the bucket list

@unskoolery : Rewatch: Great #slowmotion art

Karim Salama : best video I've seen in a long time

marcus Killian : that's Cran-tastic!

Adam Miller : Sitting here in Manitowish Waters with my wakeskate but no cranberries.

Jon Pham : And that's how you get THE ALL NEW CRANBERRY REDBULL

Nick : Contaminated harvest??

HUSEYIN CELIK : turnayemişi tavasında sörf.....

craig taylor : That video dude deserves an Oscar ... frickin' sick mate !! :)

jakelocker38 : tycho love

BRAUN Sacha : Just awesome

Kyle Apostol : Next thing you know you'll see a beautifully done video about toilet water and wake board

dakathy23 : Where is this beautiful place at? It's gorgeous!

lilbrownSambo : We're any crans hurt in the making of this?

Jake Mallett : making cranberry juice at 7:25


carl : 4:06

Paul Besançon : Amazing footage.

Ryder Rhoter : i bet whoever spit that idea got a raise