Winch Sessions - Back to the Cranberry Bog - Wakeskating - Episode 9

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milo b : This looks like it is berry fun

ChrisFrags : Red bull makes everything so dramatic I mean it's cranberries

Happy 420 : I hope they didn't piss in there. I got some cranberry juice a while back that tasted a little funky

HelikaonIX : Thumbs up for Tycho

Mark Hazleton : First watched this the day the media became obsessed with violence again..Sandy Hook. I felt like everything around me was always negative and violent, and no answers...then I realized its the media, a constant cycle of depression and stress on subjects we can't control... I chose to forever ignore it, and live my life the way people are MEANT to. we weren't born on this planet to pay attention to media everyday. When Tycho's song Daydream started, I was in tears.  Now I'm back here...after my girlfriend made me, a kind hearted forgiving soul...made me feel worthless, hopeless, and betrayed me by finding "the one" at Dominos of all places...and I find out thru Facebook after JUST talking to her and hearing her beautiful voice. Now she hates me...and I'm realizing I have to follow my dreams and stop wasting time trying to please everyone else. Fuck I'm in tears again but life is too beautiful to be wasting time like this.

Flipper : This should be the OceanSpray advert for their cranberry juice.

Bryce Marshall : Takes playing with your food to a whole nother level

Benjamin Peters : is this a documentary about cranberries or a wakeskating video?

Julian Scott : no cranberrys were harmed in the makeing of this film

xmods4Reel : Coolest shit i've seen in awhile, And AMAZING EDITING

Jen Fuller : Beautiful filming! I do not drink red bull but I have to say I think that their ads are amazing and I know many of the pro athletes sponsored but red bull. I too am a pro athlete and you could not pay me to drink red bull because I could not handle the effects, but it does not stop me from admiring what a great video this is!!

Surge : This is soothing/satisfying :DD

Matthew Williams : what is the song called?

gnarmarmilla : Thanks Red Bull, that was a beautiful film.

Dylan Hahn : i thought i tasted something funny in my Cranberry juice

Rmanvideos : Wouldn't that split/crush the cranberries? I might be wrong but if I was a cranberry farmer I really wouldn't feel comfortable with them wakeskating on them lol

obiwankablowme : this song is by Tycho if anyone was wondering :) so chilll

Blake Michal : coolest part was the making of the rail

Александр Копылов : Это просто великолепно! Чудесные кадры, отлично подобраная музыка. Уже просмотрел этот клип очень много раз и все время завораживает.

PuPsik* : 0:35 Song pls!!!!!!!!!!?

jakelocker38 : tycho love

DG .Tinderbox : You all seem pretty concerned about the cleanliness of a berry that sits in stagnant water all day, all season anyway. Not to mention, in many countries they still crush the cranberries with their bare feet to extract the juice

Bernie Waters : The name of the song is Tycho-Daydream, from the Dive album.

not hen : Women should do this if they get a UTI after drinking Redbull.

Douglas Proce : Well done - shot and edited brilliantly. I'm not even a fan of wakeboarding - just love the way this video is put together.

DigitalPimp : Absolutely beautiful

Mike Diesel : half of the crop was damaged during the filming and at least kickflip to board slide or lip slide so basic I was waiting for something more then a pop shuvit lol

kalei haskell : no wonder the cranberries I get are all smooshed

Christopher Nieman : I haven't seen this in several years since it came out. perfect for a winch sesh. so beautiful. I shared this with everyone I knew back then.

mnasty : pure artwork by redbull. the best out there

Allen Ayler : What's worse, the sweaty skater pitt stink, or the grease and fluids that must drip from that tractor that wont wash off?

Boeing AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter : anyone else tempted to release some fish in there?

John Olson : Did redbull have to buy the whole yield? Did they pay them for loss of profit for damaged berries? Does anyone else want to eat a bucket full of them tastey looking berries?

Ioan Ghergut : The video is amazing like all the others. But my conclusion for this video in particularly is: what a bad joke. 'Fresh Cranberries' - this means processing them to sell them right? oh let's wake surf on them because we can. Oh wait make it even more fun by chopping a tree to make a slide. Damn rich people

Noah Keel : Look up the fox river dam in Yorkville Illinois. There is a section setup for kayakers. it's a rapid section run off the dam open to the public

Max RY : that's awesome. I can't help wondering how they negotiated to use the bog, and also didn't they wake-skate through the sewers of chicago last episode? I hope they cleaned the board

Mike Diesel : half of the crop was damaged during the filming and at least kickflip to board slide or lip slide so basic I was waiting for something more then a pop shuvit lol

elliot bradshaw : This is actually the exact process for making cranberry juice, you squash them all with the wakeskate!!!!

QRADS CREW : Лайк если кажется что это редиска

Kyle Apostol : Next thing you know you'll see a beautifully done video about toilet water and wake board

Jeff padilla : When you find the set for the ocean spray commercials XD

ryan311 mcmahon : being a cranberry farmer myself, this is so cool!!

Thomas Rillaerts : Absolutely stunning! Loved the video. Slowmo, shallow DOF and movement is a combo that always works! Wondering with what the video was shot? FS700?

Rusty Shakleford : Yo! Try that sh!t when they are still on the bush! It might leave a RED STRIPE

Untamed305 : So I'm suppose to still drink those berries after they skated all on them lol

MarcelloKSA : Wakeboarder makes the coolest cranberry juice

dirtmaop : Incredible footage. Great work with the camera angles.

Mario Hernandez : no cranberries were harmed in the making of this film

Kinmofo : seems a bit of an over complicated way to make cranberrie juice?