Turn Down For What Fail - Bikini Girls Boat Crash Remix - Original #TDFWFail
Boat Crash Remix It never gets old watching this

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Some videos just need a soundtrack. And a little creative editing. #TDFWfail The birth of a meme, perhaps? Your move, Internet. Video by Johnny5k & Rice4eveR Check out our new video - Cat Saves Boy From Dog Attack #TDFWFail Version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQO0Sp4FFjY Please send inquiries to TDFWFail@gmail.com


Wade : I feel sorry for them... BUT DAMN that bald guy fell like a frickin mannequin LMAO

Data Grab : Mr clean got pwned.

hgratp : Not his fault, couldn't feel the speed without hair in his head. Plus, they were running late for happy hour!

knglerxst : Slow down for what.

SincereDoper : 6 pairs of glasses and 7 egos were smashed on that day. also, the guy that looks like a human penis stayed fully torqued even while falling, impressive dedication to his -shaft- craft.

Tiger Toast : Boat guy: //feeling badass Boat guy: //Crashes Boat guy: I am done for life.

Mazri Mazri : That's the most hardcore plank i have ever seen

t gre : quick thinking by the captain to transfer his body weight to the other side of the boat.  if not for that they all surely would have perished.

CrimsonKarl : I don't get it.  The driver dude fell like a sack of potatoes.  You don't try to at least brace yourself?  I counted 3 times the guy in the back slammed his head.  Ouch!

Lego Playa : My god the driver is like Everybody do the flop BAM

Jeff Kremsdorf : This is timeless.

Jay Ortiz : 😂😂😂Havent seen this in years its 2019 and still has me dead 💀

HoneyBadger1184 : bold guy- " oh look a penny"

Don Ceballos : Hate to laugh at others misfortunes, but this busts my gut every time. Bet Mr. Showoff didn't feel like such a bad ass boat captain after this.

Mike Williams : I sure hope the boat is ok.

citrusfirefly : The driver falls down like a scared goat, me and my mom are dying 😆

ZxZ Ak47freak : That bald dude fell and had the same frekin expression on his mug

C F : just saw them remake this shit on workaholics lmao had me weaaak xD

Blue Clouds : Them flying glasses tho

Alexis Crimiel : I hope their all okay, but Im laughing so hard!! Lol the guy who was steering the boat just flew😂😂😂

Britt's Space : I'm dying forever...

Maryland Marijuana Review : Bruh, that chicks face smashed the seat and smeared 180 degrees acroos the dash of the boat👌

Truespeed motorsports : the two dudes in the back kill me. face smash

Chris Denney : Text book example of how not to get laid.

j smith : Cause of death Too much laughing

pazi : Driver sure picked a weird moment to start planking.

StarLitNightSky : I like the part when he bounces to the music

Michael Ambrose : Oh nooooo...someone lost their sunglasses. Lol

Churcho : my stomach always killz after watching this xD

Mantis Toboggan : This is still my favorite video on the Internet

LimitIsIllusion : The guy in the blue at 0:47 is like "did I crack my head open? No? Damn sure feels like it"

luminousmotion : When the beat drops and you decide to drop with it.

liquidalloy : There is seriously like 100 screen shots that can be taking with the best images ever. Moby face planting at 100 MPH to the floor in planking mode and Courtney Love eating the window lol Holy crap this is a gem.

Hollyann Hood : this will never NOT be funny

kirrasdad : my favorite whenever I need A laugh

MrRiggyRiggs : Ha, gets me laughing every time. So old but so old but so good.

Aydan Savaser : it took a speedboat accident to snap white people into some coordinated dance moves

Chris Canty : I'm crying laughing so hard...the way the driver goes down..hahahahaha!

Alan Louis : watched 1000 times, still funny. i think its because they think theyre so cool

уσнαη : still lmao

Magnemmar : I've seen this dozens of times. I'm in tears laughing my butt off each time. The music just makes it work.

krypt i guess? : 00:19 rip sunglasses

Kiera Bigeagle : This Is So Damn Funny

Thom Thumbe : They say laughter makes you live longer. I’m good to go for the next 200 years.

Joshua Howard : Down goes Scott Van Pelt

Didier B : the girl with the green bikini managed to twerk a little bit 0:18

Konner Franco : Look at the guy in the blue shirt watch carefully on his head 😂😂😂

SurrealKeenan : rockstar used this video as a model for GTAV's physics engine

Chris P : Somebody please do this with the Miami Vice intro theme