Vulfpeck Live at AB - Ancienne Belgique

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Jake Swank : do they run their live mix through the vulf compressor as well?

Boris Ninetoe : At 1:01:55 when the whole crowd starts singing Eine Kleine Nachtmusik during Jack's solo, just one of the reasons why this was one of the best gigs I ever attended!!

Marsupial : The whole crowd singing the bass line in dean town was fucking amazing!!

Christopher Cortes : Haha did anyone catch the change from Ab to G between the acapella jam of Back Pocket and the full band version?

Spier : Vulfpeck fans/crowds are the absolute best

JC Collins : 4:30 is the bass lick from Cory Wong ^_^

EthT : Vulfpeck fans are the best fans. 1:02:52

Paul Shonk : The best 1hr 42 minutes I've ever spent online!

TobiasDawg : I think it's time to come to Denmark

Rhoda Teo : I wish I was here

evandert : Joe's the only one who never gets a break! hardest working fender bass

Daniel Castillo : Come to Argentina la puta que los pario

Santiago : that bassdrum is of 20'' or 18''?

psyked87 : Been a vulf fan for quite a while but WOW...this set has absolutely blown my mind. possibly the most complete, perfect sounding with amazing crowd response set i've ever seen...i can't stop smiling watching this

Samir Lebbad : Was there, best show life.

Sami Jarbouh : Just saw their last show of their tour at acl. They have sooo much energy, I would recommend seeing them live if you can

danvigneau : genuinely curious, is wearing a hat that says zigaboo offensive? I wanna know if I should feel bad for finding it funny lol

91thebossman : Jack is lucky he's the coolest fucking band leader/guy in the world. What he does, announcing segments before they happen and talking during songs has the potential to be REALLY ANNOYING--but it's not because he's the fucking best.

gwaro onyango : 27:17 sax player shocked even his own guys into surprised laughing for a sec lol.

Matthew Stephens : I like how on smile meditation jack says "take us to the verse" and theo goes to the solo lol

Erna Kennedy : can't get the smile of my face... love it

Nicholas Pauly : Holy hell Joe is ripping it during 'Cory Wong' particularly at 6:31 and 7:41

Dylan Estrada : Normally people only comment on the mixing of live shows if it's bad lol, but whoever mixed this did a solid job :)

Patrick Wilken : 10:15 - If the audience can clap a clave on time you know you're at the right concert :D

Bernardo Coimbra : Great to see Joe's playing getting better at every gig!

rafael : High af, having the time of my life.

Oskar Forever : 19 people are too deaf to listen to the low-volume.

Butch Ammons : Joe Dart does not play bass. He is bass.


Reuben Kincaid : omg I love this band!

kungstu22 : Is this gonna be like stop making sense with a new player for every song? What will happen!?! OMGGGGGGG!!!!!

Cambustible : my favourite part is one and only Theo Katzman playing air-tranverse flute at 1:25:00

Angel Martinez : What song is that at 40:34?

mungo dzeri : It's amazing seeing how much fun they are having performing ! Smooth as fuck !

Greg M : Dublin tonight was twice as mental as this!

Adam Levitt : This has to be the best band and concert I have ever seen.

Atom Cee : Anyone know if they've posted the song/beat at 50:30 ?

Romain Piccolo : Insanely Good! I saw them last night in Dublin, phenomenal show! Grooviest band! What a talented bunch of lads!

Leo Humphries : Just realised cory's playing on fugue state!

m-aharani : Wished to see this live man

Folsom Boys : groove at its best

Paulina : i want a joe dart bubblehead doll

LonestarPaul : As stellar as usual, but this time with killer sound! Hilarious ZZ Top impersonation @7:50-ish :D Other than that, is Jack training for a marathon or what?!?

Sean Landis : Do ya know who Cory was sitting with during Funky Duck ;)?

patrick : saw this show in brooklyn the week before, it was unreal

rian : tall dude in the front is my kindred spirit

Daniel Veloso : Aww man this is such a joy to watch :-)

Jonathan Johnson : I had a show that night. Fuck my life, I'm glad i can still check it out in some capacity. Great show! Thanks Woody for looking out on the comp tickets. Pack is my main man.

Juan Ignacio : First time of Dean Town live?

David Thomson : I saw then in Glasgow on Friday night. Absolute belter