Vulfpeck Live at AB - Ancienne Belgique

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Tim Blackburn : They should make this concert into an album.

Max Van Westerop : Saw them in Amsterdam at the magnificent Paradiso yesterday, and man, what a night. The crowd might have been the best I've ever experienced and the band on stage was nothing short of legendary.

Nick Washuta : Joe. Dart. On. The. Fen-der. Bass.

Thomas Mclaughlin : That mix is incredible.

Greg Rusedski : 15:19 Jack: Verse * Cory Solos * Jack: Noope You cannot tame The Wong

Démis Pirard : That felt so good, so complete, so positive. One of the best show I've ever listen to. Every instrument is perfectly balanced and the whole thing is just fuckin' awesome ! Had the chance to meet - quite furtively - Stratton in the street of Brussels after the show, he was very friendly and seemed to be so simple. Hard to get back to work after that kind of mind-blowing experience ... Long live Vulfpeck !

Nat Hathaway : Finally someone's got the mix right, usually the bass is so hard to hear in the live show recordings

Daniel Castillo : Come to Argentina la puta que los pario

Fantasc : This is History.

Jake Swank : do they run their live mix through the vulf compressor as well?

Boris Ninetoe : At 1:01:55 when the whole crowd starts singing Eine Kleine Nachtmusik during Jack's solo, just one of the reasons why this was one of the best gigs I ever attended!!

Shiggi SOS : What a crowd !

thesecondislander : COME TO SWEDEN!!!! I've been spreading the Vulf gospel through Spotify but nothing beats the real mccoy...

evandert : Joe's the only one who never gets a break! hardest working fender bass

91thebossman : Jack is lucky he's the coolest fucking band leader/guy in the world. What he does, announcing segments before they happen and talking during songs has the potential to be REALLY ANNOYING--but it's not because he's the fucking best.

Daniel Liedtke : 22:12 - 'Everybody get up'...'Sit down!' hahaa

yeah okay : This better go viral, this shit is amazing

J3lloo : Are there any recordings from Joey's part before the show? I wanne hear that game winner version again :(

Steven Duncan : came to hear some new tracks...then i heard woody's solo in reggae woman... it was improvised! (different from the audition posted to FB) and my desire for new vulfpeck is satisfied and so much more. euphoric. vulf live is on the bucket list!

Tak745 : at 1:08:40, you can hear me yelling "I LOVE YOU JOE"

Tim Bartel : One day Joe Dart's head will simply pop off his neck and shooting star it's way across the cosmos.

Dr. Wells : Loved the rendition of The Lord Will Make A Way by Al Green. Even as an atheist, it had my toes tapping the whole way through!

Cambustible : my favourite part is one and only Theo Katzman playing air-tranverse flute at 1:25:00

Samuel Poirot : It seems Cory wong is playing on the first track without being on stage, I definitly can hear two guitars on Fugue State.

Butch Ammons : Joe Dart does not play bass. He is bass.

Mike von Hohenstein : Jeezuz H. Christ these guys are sooooo f'n good.

Christopher Cortes : Haha did anyone catch the change from Ab to G between the acapella jam of Back Pocket and the full band version?

Anthony Dheere : Awesome to be able to review this in high quality on YouTube! FI FYE FOE FOM ! A night to remember most definitely....

NightmareFrontier : 12:51 Theo hitting a high G-sharp! Hot damn!

Spier : Vulfpeck fans/crowds are the absolute best

LonestarPaul : As stellar as usual, but this time with killer sound! Hilarious ZZ Top impersonation @7:50-ish :D Other than that, is Jack training for a marathon or what?!?

TobiasDawg : I think it's time to come to Denmark

EthT : Vulfpeck fans are the best fans. 1:02:52

Tomáš Valenta : 48:00 Can we just appreciate how incredibly amazing Woody is?

André Lambert : God bless this sound engineer. I appreciate you, man.

Chaorama : This was without a doubt one of the best concert-experiences I've had in a very long time...

Paul Shonk : The best 1hr 42 minutes I've ever spent online!

findus : Thank you for this upload! So sad it was sold out that fast!

Dr. Hoodoo : The whole show is great, but wow, Antawn is really killing it on those Stevie Wonder/Al Green covers !

JC Collins : 4:30 is the bass lick from Cory Wong ^_^

Samir Lebbad : Was there, best show life.

AMPed101 : Next time I'm going to get tickets jesus

LonestarPaul : That Al Green cover is stunning... and, with all due respect to the Reverend, much better and groovier than the original!

Simmy Ozil : Been a vulf fan for quite a while but WOW...this set has absolutely blown my mind. possibly the most complete, perfect sounding with amazing crowd response set i've ever seen...i can't stop smiling watching this

Bernardo Coimbra : Great to see Joe's playing getting better at every gig!

Patrick Caya : Back pockets outro is the definition of euphoric

Shaquille O Feel : wait for the moment is one of the best things in history. Am I the only one who is in love with the lines "I'm a product guy and you're a produce girl" and wishes they were the lines they were jamming on at the end instead of "attuned to the groove"? It just didn't seem as cool.

Henry Caldora : Antwaun Stanley is such a fantastic vocalist

Zane Wolfe : Antwuan's entrance was incredible hahaha!

Lizard0 : Really refreshing to see a crowd that isn't just a wall of screens