Vulfpeck Live at AB - Ancienne Belgique

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Francisco Sanchez : Setlist: 00:10 - Intro 02:01 - Fugue State 04:32 - Cory Wong 10:01 - Animal Spirits 14:02 - Smile Meditation 18:41 - 1 for 1, DiMaggio 21:53 - 1612 25:08 - Aunt Leslie 29:27 - Boogie on Reggae Woman 33:45 - The Lord Will Make A Way (Al Green) 40:00 - Funky Duck 44:18 - Wait for the Moment 50:27 - Jack´s Dance and Philosophy of life 55:01 - Back Pocket 59:21 - Daddy, He Got a Tesla 1:04:05 - Beastly 1:14:15 - Christmas in L.A. 1:21:55 - Dean Town 1:26:45 - It Gets Funkier 1:29:48 - Chromatic Walk

Max Van Westerop : Saw them in Amsterdam at the magnificent Paradiso yesterday, and man, what a night. The crowd might have been the best I've ever experienced and the band on stage was nothing short of legendary.

Tim Blackburn : They should make this concert into an album.

Démis Pirard : That felt so good, so complete, so positive. One of the best show I've ever listen to. Every instrument is perfectly balanced and the whole thing is just fuckin' awesome ! Had the chance to meet - quite furtively - Stratton in the street of Brussels after the show, he was very friendly and seemed to be so simple. Hard to get back to work after that kind of mind-blowing experience ... Long live Vulfpeck !

Thomas Mclaughlin : That mix is incredible.

Fantasc : This is History.

Boris Ninetoe : At 1:01:55 when the whole crowd starts singing Eine Kleine Nachtmusik during Jack's solo, just one of the reasons why this was one of the best gigs I ever attended!!

Daniel Castillo : Come to Argentina la puta que los pario

Shiggi SOS : What a crowd !

Daniel Liedtke : 22:12 - 'Everybody get up'...'Sit down!' hahaa

J3lloo : Are there any recordings from Joey's part before the show? I wanne hear that game winner version again :(

evandert : Joe's the only one who never gets a break! hardest working fender bass

91thebossman : Jack is lucky he's the coolest fucking band leader/guy in the world. What he does, announcing segments before they happen and talking during songs has the potential to be REALLY ANNOYING--but it's not because he's the fucking best.

Mike von Hohenstein : Jeezuz H. Christ these guys are sooooo f'n good.

Anthony Dheere : Awesome to be able to review this in high quality on YouTube! FI FYE FOE FOM ! A night to remember most definitely....

Cambustible : my favourite part is one and only Theo Katzman playing air-tranverse flute at 1:25:00

Tak745 : at 1:08:40, you can hear me yelling "I LOVE YOU JOE"

NightmareFrontier : 12:51 Theo hitting a high G-sharp! Hot damn!

Dr. Wells : Loved the rendition of The Lord Will Make A Way by Al Green. Even as an atheist, it had my toes tapping the whole way through!

Chaorama : This was without a doubt one of the best concert-experiences I've had in a very long time...

Christopher Cortes : Haha did anyone catch the change from Ab to G between the acapella jam of Back Pocket and the full band version?

findus : Thank you for this upload! So sad it was sold out that fast!

Aidopple : I'm only here for 50:30

JC Collins : 4:30 is the bass lick from Cory Wong ^_^

Tim Bartel : One day Joe Dart's head will simply pop off his neck and shooting star it's way across the cosmos.

TobiasDawg : I think it's time to come to Denmark

Spier : Vulfpeck fans/crowds are the absolute best

Paul Shonk : The best 1hr 42 minutes I've ever spent online!

Grizzly Gaming : I think I am in love with Vulfpek. Please apologise to my wife...

Dr. Hoodoo : The whole show is great, but wow, Antawn is really killing it on those Stevie Wonder/Al Green covers !

Tomáš Valenta : 48:00 Can we just appreciate how incredibly amazing Woody is?

Samuel Poirot : It seems Cory wong is playing on the first track without being on stage, I definitly can hear two guitars on Fugue State.

AMPed101 : Next time I'm going to get tickets jesus

Zane Wolfe : Antwuan's entrance was incredible hahaha!

EthT : Vulfpeck fans are the best fans. 1:02:52

Samir Lebbad : Was there, best show life.

LonestarPaul : That Al Green cover is stunning... and, with all due respect to the Reverend, much better and groovier than the original!

The Bottom Line w/Mark Gerard : Now that's quality music and entertaining at the same time..

Nick Washuta : Joe. Dart. On. The. Fen-der. Bass.

David Vidal : Woody's playing gives me chills every single time.

Laus Bigum : What's Theo singing at 14:16? I'm hearing something like "I love you mom, and I'm tired [something]. Gonna bring it [something]". Is he making something up, or is it an actual song he's singing on top of?

Brent Crude : Good Lord. The mixing for this gig is absolutely fucking on the money.

Butch Ammons : Joe Dart does not play bass. He is bass.

Ceci n'est Pas une chaine Youtube : It´s impressive when the crowd sings joe dart basslines at 1:21

Henry Caldora : Antwaun Stanley is such a fantastic vocalist

Sean Landis : Ha! Jack mentioned the Cleveland Indians' 22 game winning streak on DiMaggio.

mikewattdisciple : Man! I've seen Vulf live 5 times, and this might actually top all of them (as great as they were). The new version of Reggae Woman is next-level brilliance. An evening with Joe and Antwaun? I'd buy tickets for that in a heartbeat.

Evan Walley : Cory Wong's part in Beastly is so perfect..

Simmy Ozil : Been a vulf fan for quite a while but WOW...this set has absolutely blown my mind. possibly the most complete, perfect sounding with amazing crowd response set i've ever seen...i can't stop smiling watching this

Natalie Vuong : Best version of Wait for the Moment yet