Obnoxious Drunk Reacts To News She Just Killed Someone

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Coolins335 : Women can't consent when they have been drinking. Therefore the car is responsible for killing that person, the woman was unable to consent to drive and should not be responsible for the actions of the car. Oh and Vladimir_Poonani supports GMO's. Advocates-Devil blows goats. Le redditors are fucking retards...

JustInForTheTruth : why isn't booze illegal?

Chet Lemon : What??  She got prison time???  That can't be right.  A feminist once told me that drunk women can't be held accountable for their actions. .....Then they told me that sober women can't be held accountable for their actions either. 

Brackish waters : She received 22 years.. when you are under the influence and cause someone to lose there life you are charged with vehicular homicide. Not manslaughter. You will receive a serious and lengthy prison sentence. Think about that the next time you go and get hammered and drive. My family and I are going through this on the opposite side right now. My little cousin got drunk and decided to drive down I-65 VA, and now we are burying him Wednesday... drinking and driving catches up to you. It did to me and unfortunately it did to my cousin also.

theknifesong : woman commits vehicular manslaughter and loads of SJW's and white knights on the internet rush to her defense strange times we live in

dethklokicksbutt : Alchohol is legal, weed isn't...

jonathan doe : I don't think this footage is any of our business. This isn't a courtroom. We're not jurors, we're not the judge, etc. The US is downright creepy in this respect.

Charlie Red : What a horrible person.

entropification : In this instance police brutality would have been acceptable.

Mongoose Motovlog : I sentence her to blow me.

Josef Stylin : Cop should have tazered her and beat her senseless while she is cuffed

Kid Front : Its crazy how the person drunk never dies.

LovelyCMarquis : If this blonde chick was a black woman man or even underage, the cops would have shot her and said she wrestled the gun away to commit suicide.

Professor Teacrumpet von Fuckington : Some people are defending this cunt, lol. "Wahh why should she receive harsher punishment than thissss!? She was drunk! This video is none of out bizzznizz!!11!". If this stupid bitch can't handle her alcohol she shouldn't fucking drink, she has no one to blame for her impaired behaviour but herself. The innocent person she killed didn't force the alcohol down her throat. But that's cool, while a family grieves she can be in prison getting three meals a day and the possibility for early release so she can enjoy he rest of her life. Fuck us for thinking this bitch shouldn't get off so easy.

Michael Anderson : I know everybody's going to respond with hateful replies because the assumption is that she "should have known better" and "made her own choices" and was cold at the time she was arrested, etc. but I feel badly for her her, as well as the person who died. This is a terrible and heavy weight she has to carry for the rest of her long life.

john bradley : I'd leave her alone, sealed in steelbox with an intravenous drip to keep her alive, never to see or hear another human being ever again.

Bioshyn : people like her should have their licence taken away forever, without a chance to get it back

Sandra Noneofyourbusiness : Don't drink and drive...

LastOfTheMaguas : Every black person i see driving thru town is texting and staring at their phone while holding it right next to the steering wheel.  It is shocking.        Black folks cannot comprehend not texting while driving. 

Sarah Norment : I don't respect anyone who drives drunk. Just take a taxi or arrange for a designated driver. It's so easy. Why do innocent people have to die for people's irresponsibility and negligence?!

jigs9600able : Stupid cunt...prison for life.

nurma nurma nurr : If my death came down to this woman I would be pissed.

Alan Falleur : I went to Texas Tech, and I remember there were a lot of these well-heeled bitches like her there from Houston and the Dallas-Fort Worth area especially. The funny thing is a lot of them were Baptists and total Jesus freaks, and the more they talked about Jesus, the more likely it was that they were into some major partying and were banging every dude in the university who was willing to talk to them.

ArukiI : Another drunk piece of Sh*t!

Melokie Neptune : She should have been hung on the spot

Chris Hoover : what a waste of flesh

riverduck89 : this is why women shouldn't drive.

TruckerBae : this drunk bitch!!!!!!

salame462 : This is what happens when you baby your kids and don't discipline them. Parents should go to prison for bad parenting.

111dogon555 : wow what a massive cunt

impala64lg : She will get probation watch...

smelly6911 : Throw away the key...

dave fisher : Don't drink and Drive ppls!

iwannaseeitall : While I don't think her behavior while she was wasted means she didn't care (I mean to say she was probably in shock/denial/guilt for having caused such an accident) - she deserves whatever she gets. I consciously drive below the speed limit after having just one beer... I don't understand how these kids can drink so much and be so reckless. I just don't get it.

Kylie Chaffey : Fry the bitch

photoopd1 : female drivers no servivers

Sinsearach : anyone come to her defense supports murder

zzzzImTired : Drunk drivers should get life. Too many civilians are killed because of these pricks.

Geoff Goodwin : Her sentence should've been death.

john golda : That woman needs a muzzle put on her for good

darskee21 : That bitch should fry

John Bonham : If I was the judge, I would sentence her to a weekly ass raping. The rapist would be a large down syndrome negro man endowed with an equally large penis. The only lube used would be 1 Denny's butter chip smeared on her anus, and any fecal matter contained in her colon.

Bodgie1960 : cunt.

pete doherty : absolute vile bitch i hope she gets beat up every hour of every day.........drunk drivers are scum

Finn Sanders : The media and some feminist goverments are guilty for this!!!  if you give more power to ugly womens who never had respect or love of anybody, this is what happens!,  and,  they are never guilty!!!  womens and "low class people" can do anything what they want today!!! obama´s rules!!!

BeastMode Bob : I hope she dies in prison...

EagleEyeM4 : Drunk drivers need to be shot.

Fox 2 Bravo : bitches need to stay in the kitchen