Obnoxious Drunk Reacts To News She Just Killed Someone

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Phuk Uwe : Don't worry, women don't face the same consequences as men - she'll just get community service. After all, its the boozes fault she got drunk and I'm sure a man made her drink it right?

Boyd Crowder : stupid Bitch needs to ROT in prison

Sky Smith : why are most drunk drivers caucasian?

Alex Armstrong : yes, she would still be found responsible for the accident whether she admitted she was speeding or not. Its not hard to figure out what happened

Irina Adi : tobacco production and Alchole production must stop so there're no killings

sam neale : Piece of shit

Brackish waters : She received 22 years.. when you are under the influence and cause someone to lose there life you are charged with vehicular homicide. Not manslaughter. You will receive a serious and lengthy prison sentence. Think about that the next time you go and get hammered and drive. My family and I are going through this on the opposite side right now. My little cousin got drunk and decided to drive down I-65 VA, and now we are burying him Wednesday... drinking and driving catches up to you. It did to me and unfortunately it did to my cousin also.

Nigel 900 : Typical.

I YAM WHITE : probably white

79tazman : People like her should have to walk and never be able to drive for the rest of their life and then this bitch try's to run and avoid jail time

Veritas Veritas : Well people aren't deterred from drinking and driving because in Michigan, all they receive is probation when they're caught the first time. Please write your congressman and ask for lengthier sentences. R.I.P to victims of Drunk drivers.

Sky Smith : drunk drivers are usually male and white . They are plentiful in the UK . My car and the neighbors have all been hit several times by drunk white drivers and they usually run off ,

Scott9082 : no wonder why it is forbidden in Islam to drink alcohol.

Julian Davis : She made a costly and deadly mistake at a very young age yes, but the harsh comments on here about prison for life and the death penalty justifies how shitty the human race is. How does the possibility of learning a lesson even come into effect with this way of thinking? You are all disgusting immoral pieces of nothing in our far superior universe that justifies life on earth as a joke and an accident to ever exist. As much as I like the US as a Canadian for everything else but the legal system, I'm thankful I live in a country that humanely reasons with wrong doings where the system doesn't even come close to the mindset you guys have on here.

Brandon Hodges : This is why I smoke cannabis..atleast I am aware of everything and cautious.

Gladio Ammazzare : Problem is, this girl isn't some unique case. She's a very average, dime-a-dozen, basic bitch. There are millions of others just like her. She reflects a much large problem in society. She is the result of 2nd and 3rd wave feminism. People like this are allowed to vote.

Cindy Sue : omg, dont drink and drive. this is just so bad! that cop is VERY patient. i would have slammed on the brakes, and let her fly forward. making the excuse i had to stop, an animal ran across the street! that would be and stay my story! :)

ronny slams : Women don't have to be accountable for their actions. Duh

Daniel F : Anyone who drinks and drives should be prosecuted heavily. Anyone who drinks, drives, and ends up killing someone should be sentenced to life. When you drink and get behind the wheel, basically what you're saying is "I have no regard for anyone's life and don't care what might happen due to my negligence". When are you little shits going to learn? 

MC Bowl : Wish the hell she was died instead

the dude : to bad wasted cute pussy in jail. shell be a dyke when she gets out . looks like she would b a great drunk fuck

UglyAssCody Ty : damn Tommy Sotomayor didn't show this video but if she was black he would've blamed the parents

milie jones : She got charged with vehicle manslaughter. I think the max for that is 15 years.

tenacious645 : She kills someone and gets 22 years. That little rich faggot boy got drunk and killed 4 people and gets 10 years probation

Jack Attack : Stupid whore. I hate women who think they can get away with MURDER by playing the victim card. Trying to blame everyone else but themselves.

KannibalCat : She's just realised she destroyed her life and possibly her afterlife.

Lord's work : I'm mad because the cops didn't let her have it.

jkbrkly : poor Jonathan, forced to watch a video that is none of his business. he must have been her lawyer.

Anonymous Unknown : drink and drive and you're dead.

Timeless Metal Classics : What an entitled bitch

J Logic : Typical...... still trying to get out the situation.

Melluns 07 : Typical entitled libtard cunt....probably moved here from California like the rest of those flakes are...and hey are fucking up our great state with their bitchy attitudes.

Captain Cor : Wow imagine being able to talk to a cop like this without getting busted up... Where can I buy a woman card????

Joseph : What a cunt.

Alan Falleur : I went to Texas Tech, and I remember there were a lot of these well-heeled bitches like her there from Houston and the Dallas-Fort Worth area especially. The funny thing is a lot of them were Baptists and total Jesus freaks, and the more they talked about Jesus, the more likely it was that they were into some major partying and were banging every dude in the university who was willing to talk to them.

Coolins335 : Women can't consent when they have been drinking. Therefore the car is responsible for killing that person, the woman was unable to consent to drive and should not be responsible for the actions of the car. Oh and Vladimir_Poonani supports GMO's. Advocates-Devil blows goats. Le redditors are fucking retards...

gim zack : enjoy alcohol for several hours,then u ended up years in prison. DONT DRINK ALCOHOL FULLSTOP.

Chet Lemon : What??  She got prison time???  That can't be right.  A feminist once told me that drunk women can't be held accountable for their actions. .....Then they told me that sober women can't be held accountable for their actions either. 

CaptainEO420 : the fact that he talked to her for over an hour that nice is nothing more than WHITE PRIVILEGE

Poems Jones : I quit drinking , I got a D.U.I messed up relationships. Thanks to god I never killed anyone and I'm still alive, don't think social drinking can't over take your life before you know it , and missing the signs you end up killing your self or worst someone else. Alcohol doesn't solve problems or create fun , it comes from within find other things, like working out, cranberry juice , Life love it and respect it because tomorrow is not guaranteed. I enjoy being me without the alcohol and no longer need it.

entropification : In this instance police brutality would have been acceptable.

Richard Rogers : Killing someone while driving drunk should be aggravated first-degree murder and subject to the death sentence.

Eric Mount : God bless the dead.From a stand alone Christian.And I do not drink.Butt I could without killing someone .

jonathan doe : I don't think this footage is any of our business. This isn't a courtroom. We're not jurors, we're not the judge, etc. The US is downright creepy in this respect.

Carrie Carden : The fact that she ran and tried to hide AFTER she got out of jail and was clearly sober by that point proves she is a horrible person with or without the influence of alcohol. I am an alcoholic. I'm ashamed to say I drank and drove many times in my younger years. I've had a DUI, and I've been arrested for battery while under the influence. I acted like a complete ass to the cops, just like this girl. Luckily I hadn't killed anyone. But even without hurting anyone else I was filled with guilt and shame for my actions when I sobered up. Most people act like a heartless piece of shit when they are that drunk. But most people would have felt true remorse and guilt by the next day. They would have wanted to apologize to the family, and most importantly do the time they deserve for taking another human beings life, and pray that someday the family they devastated with their careless actions can find forgiveness for them. This chick lacks empathy and doesn't have one ounce of remorse. Jail is where she needs to be.  PS. I haven't been behind the wheel while intoxicated for almost 10 years. When I had my son I knew I never wanted to end up in jail, not able to care for him. He was my biggest wake up call. But I am ashamed to say it didn't stop me from drinking at home. Thank God I was able to see the light and I've been sober since July 17th 2011. Alcohol almost ruined my life. If you are reading this and you know you have a drinking problem please get help and stop before it completely destroys your life. It will always end badly. Might not be now, might be way down the line in life, but it will eventually end in tragedy every single time.  

Arkanis Bawlz : I fucking hate most American women, such entitled shitty humans. Not only that, there's too many fat, ugly and itchy females in our country. How do we rid of them to get some good ones?

Bioshyn : people like her should have their licence taken away forever, without a chance to get it back

kebas239 : People make mistakes. Sometimes they're grave mistakes with harsher outcomes. But how can someone react this way to a situation when their poor decisions take a life? She was drunk in the dash cam video but was obviously coherent and the alcohol simply intensified what she was feeling. Further, not even considering her response in the cop car, the fact that she skipped bail to evade responsibility and accountability for her actions show just how morally corrupt she is.

Josef Stylin : Cop should have tazered her and beat her senseless while she is cuffed

TheMentalRelapse : I never hit women but for this I would definately make an exception.