Obnoxious Drunk Reacts To News She Just Killed Someone

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JustInForTheTruth : why isn't booze illegal?

Chet Lemon : What??  She got prison time???  That can't be right.  A feminist once told me that drunk women can't be held accountable for their actions. .....Then they told me that sober women can't be held accountable for their actions either. 

theknifesong : woman commits vehicular manslaughter and loads of SJW's and white knights on the internet rush to her defense strange times we live in

Charlie Red : What a horrible person.

entropification : In this instance police brutality would have been acceptable.

Mongoose Motovlog : I sentence her to blow me.

Sarah Norment : I don't respect anyone who drives drunk. Just take a taxi or arrange for a designated driver. It's so easy. Why do innocent people have to die for people's irresponsibility and negligence?!

Kid Front : Its crazy how the person drunk never dies.

Josef Stylin : Cop should have tazered her and beat her senseless while she is cuffed

john bradley : I'd leave her alone, sealed in steelbox with an intravenous drip to keep her alive, never to see or hear another human being ever again.

LastOfTheMaguas : Every black person i see driving thru town is texting and staring at their phone while holding it right next to the steering wheel.  It is shocking.        Black folks cannot comprehend not texting while driving. 

Michael Anderson : I know everybody's going to respond with hateful replies because the assumption is that she "should have known better" and "made her own choices" and was cold at the time she was arrested, etc. but I feel badly for her her, as well as the person who died. This is a terrible and heavy weight she has to carry for the rest of her long life.

Bioshyn : people like her should have their licence taken away forever, without a chance to get it back

Sandra Noneofyourbusiness : Don't drink and drive...

nurma nurma nurr : If my death came down to this woman I would be pissed.

Melokie Neptune : She should have been hung on the spot

Chris Hoover : what a waste of flesh

ArukiI : Another drunk piece of Sh*t!

jonathan doe : I don't think this footage is any of our business. This isn't a courtroom. We're not jurors, we're not the judge, etc. The US is downright creepy in this respect.

photoopd1 : female drivers no servivers

riverduck89 : this is why women shouldn't drive.

salame462 : This is what happens when you baby your kids and don't discipline them. Parents should go to prison for bad parenting.

impala64lg : She will get probation watch...

smelly6911 : Throw away the key...

dave fisher : Don't drink and Drive ppls!

iwannaseeitall : While I don't think her behavior while she was wasted means she didn't care (I mean to say she was probably in shock/denial/guilt for having caused such an accident) - she deserves whatever she gets. I consciously drive below the speed limit after having just one beer... I don't understand how these kids can drink so much and be so reckless. I just don't get it.

Sinsearach : anyone come to her defense supports murder

Geoff Goodwin : Her sentence should've been death.

john golda : That woman needs a muzzle put on her for good

BeastMode Bob : I hope she dies in prison...

EagleEyeM4 : Drunk drivers need to be shot.

Geronimo Wiesenfeld : Emotional junkies. 

Schatze Manly : She only got 15 years!!! What crap!!!

Max Ambush : Even if she was drunk, an adult woman saying "I killed someone? It wasn't my fault!" is astounding to me. If I received news of that I would've broken down regardless of the state I'd be in. Daddy can't help you now. This is what happens when you drink and drive.

C. Hampton : That is an evil woman.

Vapin Geek : So a drunk woman has no sense of accountability, zero regard for the destruction of a man's life and a blatant sense of entitlement.  In other words drunk women are exactly like sober women.

El Guapo : I love how no matter what a person does, or how professional an officer behaves, someone thinks the cop is always a dick and the person should either be let go or never detained to begin with. I feel that in just about every scenario the officer is justified.

HorrorMovieReviewGuy : I'm all for people kicking back, enjoying some drinks and letting loose, but please please please do not get in a car. I haven't known anyone directly related to me that has died or caused death and what Im talking about is nothing new its the same old blah blah I know, but it obviously doesn't ring in to some peoples head. I accept people making mistakes, but I think what we can do in our own lives to help everyone as a whole is take responsibility for our action ( cliche but true) and not tolerate or try our darndest to prevent these situations ( and cliche, but well.. some cliches are just true. ) Frankly, I like Sweden's law, 1 and youre done, and that I think is correct, because just one time, can shatter a family, end a life, and for yourself, hopefully you aren't killed, but if you're a decent human being like most of us and you made this mistake, you live with it for the rest of your life. A terrible thing. With a little planning ahead and minor sacrifices like biting the bullet and dropping a measly 20-50 bucks on a cab ( and yes even a 1000 dollars is nothing compared to.... almost every life, unless we get a abstract which doesn't apply here) , I've noticed people are starting to crack down, but clearly this is still an issue. With the holidays coming up, anyone that reads this including myself, let's take steps to ensure we aren't driving under the influence ( with includes prescription drugs as well) and make this a much better holiday season , and for some families prevent the worst christmas ever. Actually I was incorrect, my cousin lost their father a few Christmas's ago in a bad accident and the driver was intoxicated. We aren't close close with them but they are great. So eveyone wins here, im driving home a point that must be annoying to hear yet again, but with xmas and new years coming up, I think we should all pay a little extra attention.. Hope everyone has a great holiday whatever you may celebrate. Wishing everyone a safe healthy and happy holiday, and best wishes. thanks for putting up with the preech if you made it this far. If you've ever lost somebody, I don't have comforting words or the experience to say something that will give you peace of mind, but your loss at least reminds this guy what not to do, in a sad way, your lost one made this guy wake up, it wasn't in total vein, my heart reaches out for you. Merry xmas hanaka , Quanza, (sp?) or a non religious celebration of the season, it doesn't matter, great time to be extra caring, open the door for something, a little more cheerful, and I liek to keep those in mind that have nobody ( like elders who have no family) who find this a very lonely day. My advice , if you know someone like this, invite them for dinner, not feel sorry just invite and share some stories. Anyway, not going to change the world in a youtube message, I just want to see more caring for each other, no racial crap, no fightin, no stressing over how much you need to buy for people, just focuss on whos in your life that brings you meaning, the lights the season and have fun. Best wishes of health and happiness to all those that read this and the thousands of subscribers for the HMRG channel. And come to my channel in january and shar your great holiday stories, screw my channel lets just hear some real positive stuff in the new year, ignore my channel this isn't what this is about, but Id love to hear the positives of the season and how we can turn a season of concern in to what christmas, and other holidays are about, in the end, its not commercial , its caring. And caring is preventing situations like this.

kravmagadave : This is a despicable human being

A random name : Textbook denial.

I am racerX : Texas Tech party girl...

Patrick Duke :  Dunk driving IS premeditated attempted murder

KRob9927 : My mother was stopped at a stop-sign on a Tuesday at 1PM, a 22-year old drunk woman smashed into the back of her doing over 100km/h. My mother sustained nerve-damage in her neck and left-arm. This was at a cross-walk by an elementary school. 30-minutes prior it was lunch time and hundreds of students were crossing that same street going back to school. It could have been incredibly tragic. The drunk driver tried to run away but was subdued by residents in the area. Don't be a drunk driving piece of shit.

gracefulbutterfly : women have it so easy when it comes to the law.

USMartyrMachine119 : #whitegirls

Omar Little : hey people don't fucking drink and drive please

Jeremy Gilmore : I heard her daughter was in the car and was seriously injured as well.she got 15 years and maybe 10 years added for skipping bail.

dmaster225 : She should claim she has affluenza, if that kid in texas got away with killing 4 people, then she probably can.