Arcades, the Strategist - EDH Budget Deck Tech $25 | Magic the Gathering | Commander

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patroricklenizle : Not including the commander in the total price is a smart move. Gives more flexibility in commander choices. Keep up the great work

Jordon Cox : Definitely do more videos where you don’t include the commander in the cost because there are people who want to play that commander regardless of the cost of getting it. They just don’t have a big budget for the other 99 at the moment.

The40thrainbow Vlogs : In the reasonable upgrades, I reccomend Meekstone. Its a 1 mana artifact that creatures with power 3 or greater don’t untap during the untap step. Since most defenders have 0 power and arcades has vigilance, its a reall good card in the deck and its realitivly cheap at around $4

Johnny D. Martyr : Am I the only one who thinks the golden pig looks better on mtg cards than the official holo sticker on the bottom center of the cards?

Brandon LaBrosse : Great video, as always. I was wondering if you might consider adding on to the reasonable upgrades portion and suggesting like a "first out" section detailing the cards you might consider cutting first when upgrading.

DaC00kieM0bsta : Great list, since this is defender tribal though. I think it's probably worth mentioning the Axebane Guardian/Freed from the Real combo, that lets you generate infinite mana with only two creatures out. Freed from the Real is only $0.25 right now, so I'm surprised it didn't make the cut. Keep it up my dude!

OP Malfit : Fall of Frost

Gus Carbone : How about Krupix as an upgrade. He allows you to hold onto extra mana for later and has the no maximum hand-size clause. Also, Reliquary Tower is great when drawing lots of cards. Hornet Nest, Slagworm armor, Wall of Shards

Pringy 978 : Dawn/Dusk is really solid in this build. Elspeth Sun's champion is the first planeswalker you should go for, and if you can grab a meekstone or similar its hillarious to watch. Finally, tree of redemption and mentor of the meek have been all-stars for me :)

Richard Rogers : Definitely agree. I think we need more decks where the commander isn't included in the cost I have arcades pulled from a pack during league. I have a ton of commanders I pulled from random packs so to build a deck with 25$ is amazing.

Bagel Hole : I've been looking around at MTG stuff for about a year now, this is probably going to be the first paper deck I'll put together. I love the concept of big walls being beefy attackers.

sheryiff : At 18:40 you say that sunscape familiar is a 0/4 . Literally unwatchable. Subscribed.

The Raven : As much as I enjoy the deck, it has a pretty big flaw in my opinion. It relies so much on Arcades that if it gets stolen, or repeatedly removed the deck starts to lose hard and doesn't have a back-up win condition. Once you are unable to recast Arcades (extremely common in a lot of metas to be unable to cast your commander) you basically just lose.

i1KiCK1BUTT : rip wall of blood.

Brendan Eichler : I think that it would be interesting to do a Commander excluded budget Doran, the Siege Tower to show the differences between the "butt-fighting" commanders... and not because I recently got a Doran and desperately want advice on how to build him.

Thy Art Is Derp : I've been having Arcedes in my binder just waiting for him to command a deck. Thanks to you guys, that is now possible. Much love.

Douglas Mannor : When I first saw arcades I immediately thought of tree of redemption and how explosive it could be.

Mike Campau : This was a Much better to format this type of video. Deciding to remove the commander from the price hold. One thing that I would recommend doing though is when your going through your "reasonable upgrades" bit, telling us what you'd swap out for each upgrade wouldn't be a bad idea

Victor Augusto Sant Anna Valderramos Bittencourt : Guy, I am loving your deck techs, they are giving my lots of ideas. Very nice work!

Justin Lemus : I got the deck listed here and it rocks especially after throwing in the reasonable upgrades (and some not so reasonable ones). I threw in an Amaranthine Wall (can be made indestructible), a Living Wall (can be regenerated), and a Colossus of Akros (can be made monstrous fairly easy with all of the manadorks, Axebane Guardian in particular). Also put a Triumph of the Hordes in, which can take out everyone when combined with Tetsuko (or Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa but Tetsuko is better). Thought about a Door of Destinies it breaks some of the synergy I just mentioned but with all the cheap walls it could get out of hand quick. As someone just starting out their collection and learning how to build decks I really dig these budget builds. They are a great way to get an effective deck that can be tweaked with more expensive additions along the way. Thank you for all the work you put into these videos.

Jason Sheu : One card i think would go really well in this deck is amaranthine wall. Its only around $0.25, and can gain indestructible until end of turn for 2 mana.

The Great Staraptor : This channel is great! Since I don't have much money to spend on Magic, having access to such strong decks in a non-rotating format for so little money is just what I need! Might I request Najeela, the Blade-Blossom and The Scarab God as commander-excluded decks?

Barker_Boy 905 : Thanks for creating this video. I've been working on an Arcades commander deck for a little while, and this will be a ton of help. :)

themonkeyhand : Sunscape Familiar..... So some wizard was like, yeah, my little creature helper is going to be... nah, not a baby dragon, not a cat, not a unicorn, not a homunculi.... I'm gonna pick a wall.

Beau Narenburg : Rolling stones would be a reasonable upgrade for the deck

Kylie.92 : I was working on a Arcades deck too and see it can be budget and fun at the same time is amazing ç-ç nice work guys!

Rob Koper : Sunscape Familiar is a great value engine in this deck. I’ve found the only real combat weaknesses are flying creatures and chump blocking. These are easy to remedy with Spidersilk Armor and Primal Rage. For cheap and nasty surprises, Dramatic Reversal and Triton Tactics are awesome.

Rey Manosca : Great deck...I pulled arcades..two of them to be exact and ur deck list seems competitive already with the heavy amount of synergy. My only inclusion to the deck would be adding lightning greaves, sun Titan, and ascetisim for the added hexproof. Anyways would like to see a budget deck on the new commander 18 product

Adam Xue : Whats so odd about defenders attacking? Clearly nothing, because offence is the best defence.

YugiGOGOGO : as a long time player and someone getting back in the game, it's great that you aren't including the commander itself. Many newbies will either pull or trade for some 20 to even 50 dollar legendary, however that be their only money card. i just found this channel but i would love to see a "Sedris the Traitor King" 25 dollar deck.

Not Your Average Nothing : Door of Destinies, Coat of Arms, Wall of Nets, Vent Sentinel, Caller of the Hunt, Belbe’s Portal, Doom Cannon, Distant Melody, Herald’s Horn, Kindred Boon/Discovery/Summons, Steely Resolve…

Winds of Change : Try finding others ways of sayings things are useful or come in handy, hearing comes in handy or comes in huge multiple times is tiresome and very repetitive. But I love these videos. A minor gripe

Trenton Rose : ..... I'm making this! It looks like so much fun

Lord of Vermillion : I'm surprised Tree of Redemption didn't get a mention. 13 toughness defender is pretty great and you can tap it to make him a 40/40 at the cost of a little life

Farycane : I love this with the excluded Commander. I'm Breying for Praya...uhm Praying for Breya for a future Excluded Commander Videos! :D Go on you are awesome ;)

airkami : Love the idea of excluding the commander because I already cracked so many legendary creatures that would make great commanders and that gives all that extra money for the rest of the deck

Mateus Scartezini : amazing channel mate! devouring all your videos! hahausha greetings from brazil

pandm101 : I know I'm late to the show, but a great card is Brago, he isn't a beater, but due to bouncing he gives the walls pseudovigilance, and on top of that draws you 5+ cards each time he hits. Even better when you can bounce Mnemonic wall to cast Time Warp again and again.

Youcant Stopme! : Reasonable upgrades Negate not flashy but sure stops board wipes.

Jason H : Some of the additions that you have may not work too well with Tetsuko, for instance Sight of the Scalelords, I would consider Belbe's Armor. Something like Abzan Beastmasterwould also work extremely well since odds are high you're going to be running round with the largest toughness creatures. Crenellated Wall, is another amazing wall, as well as Tree of Redemption. Brave the Sands and Primal Rage would also make this deck stupid amazing.

RicketyNaga 37595 : Another good idea for this series would be a Flip Planeswalker Commander deck, where you exclude the price of the Commander, and could actually up the budget to $30 since you have $15 deck and $25, go for a deck that costs a little bit more

Jeremiah Faustino : Your boardwipe selection is awesome.

KC Smithsen : This was my first one of your videos, and I'm not HOOKED on the channel. Been using it as an entry point to everyone I know who's interested in playing Commander!

Connor_Evans_Art : hey the deck is amazing! i was looking for something fun and cheap that still had power behind it. One thing i would add, it would be in the non budget section, would be a Sun Titan, for returning 2 creatures to play whenever it enters play or attacks, it can return Arcades if you decide to put it into the graveyard or just any 2 walls that have fallen :)

TheWoolyninja4 : One could consider fog bank as an option at only 24 cents it fits the theme. It is not as big at 0/2 but it can't be destroyed by combat damage making it a wonderful blocker.

harlen ploegman : I love the deck a few things I would add that are still budget is hold the gate, Brave the sands, and always watching. All three of those enchantments will give all of your creatures vigilance so you can go wide without any consequences

Face the face : Do you have a counter for siege dragon?

chris wise : Absolutely loving the deck, I love the irony of being a threat really early, and I can 1v1 my friend's omnath deck which is nice

Pink : Psychic Membrane and Order of the Stars might be worth considering. I know the latter is little, but it's a good solution to some threats that might otherwise take more creatures than you'd like to stave off.

Devin Paine : I have an Arcades deck and loved the budget version Mitch!!! I didn't even know about Return to the Ranks, that's definitely going in my deck. For reasonable upgrades I've found G wave to be even better than usual in the deck because of the average CMC. Love the deck techs keep it up.