I Don't Care About: Tech Support

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MurderIs4rt : *Alright, thanks for calling Cox Walmart Time Warner Cable Verizon. I hope you have a great rest of your day* :))))

97g5f65´ž : I like to eat ass with ketchup. Just saying...

I am a loaf of bread : I need your thicc succ, give it to me.

Ganceann : Is this that vsauce guy?

FingerTwigs : I'm liking this series a lot! Do you feel like you found the type of videos that corresponds to you?

DefCat : the death of innocent with the train bit was a good breathe fresh air ty bb

Dazz Jinx : First

MasterDucky99 : I love you.

Ipoparinge : 420 views, nice

NoContext : I like where this is going, keep it up steve

Anna Kirwan : your glasses goddamn

water plaster : i have bug bites on my foot