Ricky Gervais - Do You Want Some Free Beer?

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Utilizzarre : "I like a beer, everyone likes a beer... But I don't like this" HAHA!

Luca J : I love how you can tell there's a few moments where the guy is considering it because of free beer

Mike Bolt : Where are the other ones? This was one of their prank call games.

Mythagoras : somehow I'm guessing it was part of the challenge not to mention he was ringing from a radio station

James Porter : Is this Paul 'The Party Animal' Parker??

_iconformed_ : I lost it at beer prostitution 

Luke Bradley : For those confused this was when Gervais was working on xfm the first time round in the late 90s before he was famous. Presumably he'd held a competition for free beer without telling this bloke he's on the radio. This was also before Gervais met Karl Pilkington

Charlie Wills : 'We'll drink some of the beer, but some of the beer I'll pour over you and your girlfriend'

Mr Skidmarks : I'd take a chance for beer

despot roast : you could be a nutter

David : which episode was this from?

User : Wonder where he is now


Fyret Fitjar : I quite like the guy he's calling, he sounds like a hottie somehow ;)

The Gobbit : Came from iTemp XD

XmXFLUXmX2 : Zoo crew.

andy tait : Ricky would be great in a call centre

takluke : HAHAHA! Bet the fellow is kicking himself now, though

FilmMakerMovies : Haha, this sounds like Steve putting on a weird voice.

electroflux : Is this how they got Karl? XD

James Minzy : Beer prostitution? hahahaha!

Sammicsno : what a good idea

morning morality : must be

LemonZeppelin : This must have been before The Office. Hilarious prank call.

Iain Inkster : I Google Earthed it.

mrsmatthewandrus : You call up an American girl with that accent and an offer for free ANYTHING... sold. *melt*

bluemager1 : god i would have gone to rickys house anyday

Utilizzarre : It does sound like something Karl would say :D

izaak mccullough : What a loser

xfactor541 : Hahahaha this is one of the best prank calls ive ever heard

Angrystrudelify : It's like...sort of... beer prostitution! Surprised Ricky didn't burst!

johmedis : Rofl that guy sounds like a top bloke

freestylepigeon : like if you googled 97 Charlotte Street

Rilumai : He didn't know it was Ricky Gervais... It was just a stranger calling him and asking if he wanted free beer.

Areo Hotah : before the office!

TheKnightster15 : @TheLazyAngel89

sam baker : this was way before he was famous though

Jankers : On the bright side a beer whore is cheaper than a crack whore.

Jankers : That happened to me once, she went in for a kiss, her hair was a mess, she looked startled and was eating a bag of onion rings, a 2o'clock in the afternoon. It wasnt a particularly pleasant experience.

Razzics : He would have hung up immediately if he didn't want the beer at least a little bit.

Robert : Lol, I know any other person would have put the phone down.

Venere Veritas : ''theres a word for that'' ''go on, whats the word?'' ''well....its like..beer prostitution''

ShakeruShien : To be honest, I think he's being quite realistic. How often do you get offered free beer by Ricky Gervais?

Zink : Beer prostitution lmao

RossKempOnYourMum01 : Do you want me to get my kicks?

tomzablee : Best of the rest!!!

TRGmovies : I would recognise his voice straight away!

celtlen : haha, did ricky just choose a random number for the phone book? Who was the guy he was talking to?

Luke47895 : "That's the chance you've gotta take for beer." Lmfao

R Kelly : One of the best Gervais clips ever.