Ikea "Lamp" Commercial - Hi Res

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Inkan1969 : Don't worry, the lamp got a job at Pixar.

bianca williams : this lamp feels nothing and i felt everything 

24Ufa : Apparently "hi res" = 240p.

Some guy idk : I dont care about some stupid waste or consumerism that lamp didnt deserve this

Peace Love Bunny : That heartless bastard at the end.

Penelope Snopes : I still feel terrible for the discarded lamp.

OmegaHulk2010 : Pixar would like to have a word with you ikea.

Bondi Berry : Corteeeeeeex

Brit Stormy : Ironically, the true crazy people are the ones that don't feel anything, because: (1) Throwing out a working lamp is wastage and insane consumerism. She seems entitled and selfish. She could have given it to someone in need and both the lamp and new owner would be happy. (2) Even if we haven't gone through it, people empathize with loneliness and abandonment... there's nothing worse than being dumped for something "newer", or not having friends, or being told you are worthless, etc., and that's why everyone gets sad about this stuff. >.<

Layla Layla : The sadness is over waste and consumerism; not over the lamp.

Искандер Сайфуллин : But why the hell her throw up a perfectly good lamp?!

William Engel : 240p really high res

PokePersonPower : Well people who die don't have any feelings anymore either, but i can still feel bad for them

Steven Fickey : Brave little toaster disagrees with you.

Brinley Fisher : This is beautiful. *sniff*

GrahamChapman : Mono no aware. Translation: “The pathos of things”, or “an empathy toward things”, or “a sensitivity to ephemera.” A Japanese term used to describe a state of awareness of the impermanence or transience of things, as well as the associated feeling of gentle sadness or wistfulness at their passing.

Johnny Zhang : Year 2017: I still feel bad for the lamp.

CAPSLOCKISONDAMNIT : 240p was never 'hi res'

Scott Brown : This isn't hi res at all.

2Bridgeyboo : I loved my mom's reaction. Because "She's crazy." ;)

Wayne Koltchigin : The guy at the end kinda made me jump a little because I didn't expect him to be in it

Aki silver : this is beautiful

gilki[] : why is it so easy to personify lamps? is it the humanlike posture?

Larry H : Why do they have the creepy old guy looking into a little girl's bedroom in the rain at the end? Who else but an old pedophile would be doing something like that?

J McClelland : Glad this got a sequel.

Bumblebee : Cortex high five

Jason Little : And now there's a sequel, and it's awesome.

Maxton Lindstrom : where do you get this

Richard Albert : "Hi Res" lol....what??

sinhae100 : Okay but have you seen the Brave Little Toaster?

karedikprizma : i say planned obsolescence and nothing else...

Fallon McKinney : lamp on the commercial I'm going to him lampy

Sebastian prieto : What is the concept of this commercial?

Star Of Magi : Spike jonze masterpiece

Jennifer Reitz : Consumerism is psychopathy!

Marcin Głogowski : love this commercial

Sampo Syreeni : Hjertelös, anar jag.

Sammy Sam : Roosterteeth!

Franco Sanchez : 240p "Hi res"

PanicHappy : Nigma brought me here.

Patrik333 : The background music in this video reminds me of "Dancing Mad" (FF VI) - Listen to 0:20 - 0:50 in this video and listen to 16:00 in /watch?v=JbXVNKtmWnc&feature=player_detailpage&t=960

shortyyy22 : ppl care more about a damn lamp than actual human beings without a home.

UnrealRope : This was posted before you were able to post HD videos to YouTube.

ramimarkusmaunula : But the high-definition zits and haemorrhoids really bring the experience to the new decade.

steve1287 : No one wants to see that man.

Landmarkmoon : 2007 360 was hi res.

Kieran Mullen : Kinda wasteful if it works.

420masterofpuppets : that's what i said!! fucking OP is full of shit

TheSupremeGunman : I'm going to need a picture if you really want me to hi-res it...

Daniel Fewchuk : Hi Res.. You keep using that word.. I do not think it means what you think it means..