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Videoporfavor : The ducktales theme song was literally perfect, Jeff is to thank for it. The song sounds like my childhood. My 4 yr old daughter loves Ducktales, but she especially loves the intro song. We love you Jeff, from MN.

Ziltoid the Omniscient : i always love finding out about the people behind songs from tv and movies.

Jacob Harris : The sexual tension between these two is palpable

James Renna : His story is so good!!!

Cheryl Tindwani : Don't ever be down about being known for singing the duck tales theme because of you and that song you won the hearts of so many children and even adults too. It's a timeless theme song that we still enjoy to this day. Thanks to duck tales I got to learn about all your other music. Take it with a grain a salt my man because when you pass away you will still be known as the man who sang duck tales. And in no way shape or form will it ever be a bad thing. By the way I really enjoy your song worlds apart. You are such an amazing piece of art. I would love to meet you one day. If you ever read this, at what age did you Record duck tales? ❤️

Jordan Tanner : Let's not forget how awesome he was on "Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers"!!!

greezm60 : Almost 3 in the morning and about one hour ago I was feeling super low. I mean, LOW as anyone can feel. This song, for some reason brings me back to such an amazing time in my life that I cried. Drying my tears now. TY so much for singing this and the video upload. I dunno what else to say.

nirvgorilla : 9:00 - HAAHAHAHAH he forgot some of the lyrics but they're hilarious. "Who's that with that hurricane?" Me. Right here. That's me. I got your hurricane swingin'

Frankie Presto : Its crazy to think that in the 90s you would never have had access to seeing or knowing who sang such a memorable tune. And now youtube and the internet is here and you can learn this that have been on your mind decades ago lol. As a kid, i would never have imagined being able to see the living breathing man who sang such a cool part of my childhood.

AlienRsrchPrjct : Wow he sung it almost better than the recording!

Mrgreenjeans : Did you stop doing videos?

DJ Lurch : He has a soul voice.. absolutely LOVE the theme! #DuckTales

J Paxton : Wow. Amazing! Funny thing is I always pictured a black singer not caucasian. Great voice either way. You could always hear the smile in the voice even from the show's recording.

anthem47 : What a cool guy. He recently re-recorded the theme for the remake of the NES Ducktales platformer, you can hear him at watch?v=73gTXauoCnI   There's something special about art that we consume as kids, because if it's good enough, we remember it *forever*. Everyone knows the Ducktales theme.

MrTaser99 : OMG my life is complete!!!

andy& red : HA! I loved when he sang ducktales at the end!! I'm Gunna listen to that whenever I feel sad now

chase comeaux : The best cartoon theme song ever. He seems like such a great person. So humble and positive about everyone and everything. Being known for that theme song is epic, not embarrassing!

TakeOver Tv : Thanx 4 that one!!

Peter Thompson : Nice I Miss the 90's!!!!

D. Cousar : Awesome!

Billy Bob : What does he think of the Niggerz BoP Ducktales theme song?