Royce da 5'9" - Caterpillar ft. Eminem, King Green

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Music video by Royce 5'9" and Eminem performing Caterpillar Get the new Royce 5'9 album 'Book of Ryan' - Follow Royce 5'9" Director: James Larese Visual Effects: Timber Editor: Cami Starkman Producer: Cisco Newman Executive Producer: Monica Blackburn Production Company: Triggr & Bloom

Comments from Youtube

Sub Bastin : This is stright fire....Em is great but Royce is underrated...

October Boi : Disrespectful to see this having such low views😓

Dear leader Jim Pickens : Royce always brings out the best eminem and they sound so good together. They need to do more songs together


Daniel Stephenson : i wonder what mumble rappers think of lyrics like must be like a homeless person looking at a palace

krasykill bot : 2:25 classic Eminem be like.

Ajay Dahl : EM : "Slaughterhouse in the building" *Joe Budden has left the chat*

TheReal Hakeem : Eminem is the goku of rap.

Arry Animations : I feel like this song was a warning for kamikaze *The* *revolution* *will* *not* *be* *televised*

Chris Ramsay : Oh, hello *Hip Hop*. Nice to see you again. :)

Darrius Tucker : When Eminem said youre favorite rapper isn't as ill, but Eminem is your favorite rapper.

0 0 : They were friends since 1995

radish. : Society: I bet you can’t make a song with a catchy, yet unique beat, ingenious lyrics, along with a minimalistic, yet engaging music video that has nothing to do with drugs, money, hookers, or gang-related crime. Royce and Em:

TheHolyDream : *Eminem's verse in this is one of the greatest rap verses ever written*

Deburke321 : Nothing but bars, we need another Bad Meets Evil project

Brian Kay Mapondera : hey EMINEM fan scrolling through comments, good day :b ... respect for you em!!!!!!

ReganMarcelis : EM and Royce, we need a song called 2019 to remind mumble rappers its still OVER!

Nuwan Udara : It's hard to find a good rap song these days. 😊 This is what happens when bad meet evil 😈

Jacky : I played this song to a flour cup now I have cocaine

Jarvis78 : Eminem is a legend but I do love it when him and Royce team up

JoSepH SLiM MerCaDo : I swear Royce’s verse probably went over 75% of people. The other 25% are OGz 🤷🏽‍♂️

Dinosawr80 : What type of effects do you want? Royce: *”Yes.”*

Ca Spoor : That moment mumble gets murderd and can not say anything back because they say facking nothing


Dinosawr80 : World War 1 World War 2 *Eminem, Royce, and Joyner VS Mumble Rappers*

Blessings 777 777 : He never fell off Royce da 59 is the only rapper still rapping at shady and with shady after many years he got better and better. big up Royce.

TLR Clan : 3:20 who ever didnt think of backstabber just quit listening to eminem (Eminem - Backstabber * 0:30* )

Jacob The Ocelot : This is Royce He isn’t visible because he is small. One like = one inch. Let’s get him taller.

Im_Shadyy : Is this what happens when bad meets evil?

vikas malik : Reminds me of old school rap from 80s, this is the evolved state of rap. Wish I could like it multiple times

Sam Kumar : You will not be able to stay home brotha You will not be able to plug in, turn on and cop out You will not be able to lose yourself on scag and skip out for beer during commercials Because the revolution will not be televised This right here for the number ones Number ones here with your number one You ain't number one, just another one Now everybody sayin' that they number one Ring the alarm, the caterpillar keeps firing Oh, we in the war Where butterflies keep dyin' (ah) I'm a product of Parker, Lewis and Kubiak If didn't do this, where in the fuck would you be at? See there's a difference between us, what I spit hit arenas You a drip from my penis, I eat lion and sip hyenas You number one when it comes to slaughtered mics I'm tryna be number one in my son and daughter life Uh, all you niggas my lil' rapper babies Y'all my children, y'all bit my shit and contracted rabies Don't you grade me next to these rapper, baby, that's degrading My style got so many different facets, I switch into so many different passions I'm skippin' class to be fascinating My pen is like Big Ben, this shit's just a classic waiting Your favorite rapper come at me, I just decapitate him Out here congratulating these has-beens who had their highs These rappers only won their matches because they strategize I'll bring adequate to these patterns and here's my battle cry Ring the alarm, the caterpillar is firing Oh, we in the war Where butterflies keep dyin' (ah) This right here for the number ones Number ones here with your number one You ain't number one, just another one Now everybody sayin' that they number one Here take your number one, quit Number one soul, get your number one chip Number one fly with your number one kicks When it's all done then your number gon' switch Hold up, wait a minute Guess what I'ma never do Show so much respect to you That I feel like we're friends, so now we no longer competitors That could be the death of you Never let someone who's not as smart as you gas you up And tell you somethin' you never knew Always stay professional You always gon' make revenue Don't let people next to you that don't want the best for you It's completely normal to hold on to what we're retracting to I do what I want to do, they do what I let them do Everything niggas be sayin' is a fuckin' lie There is nothing I can say to you that is good Remember when you raisin' the butterfly Don't you ever fucking disrespect the caterpillar This right here for the number ones Number ones here with your number one You ain't number one, just another one Now everybody sayin' that they number one Here take your number one, quit Number one soul, get your number one chip Number one fly with your number one kicks When it's all done then your number gon' switch You lookin at Atilla The psychopathic killer, the caterpillar Don't tell me when I'm supposed to rap until Especially when your favorite rapper isn't even half as ill A savage still, the tracks a banana peel, attack of the silverback gorilla You havin' a little trouble fathomin' this is actually happenin' Like Anderson Silva when he snapped his shin in half And then had shit hangin' by a flap of skin After he tried to plant the shit back on the mat again Pad to pen I’m batty like eyelids when they're blinkin' a lot You copy me, but you're not You can't be butterflies My offspring's are just moths If I see that thing, I'ma squash it and rip the wings of it off So ring the alarm, pull the extinguishers off of the wall, set the sprinklers off Like Jada Pinkett and Queen Latifah, 'til the shingles come off the roof We'll shatter the ceilings Slaughterhouse in the building, middle fingers aloft Say what I think when I rhyme, in ink-pen I talk And the language I speak is my mind Kingpin and Penguin combined Spit like it's King of the Dot A singular thought I'd think I would help you distinguish A brother from the cream of the crop Wait a minute, hold up Like a flash card Damn dog, is that copyin', or payin' homage? It's sad because dad taught you to rap as a damn toddler My dad is your grandfather I have to rehatch on you Come back as black wasp Half yellow jacket, you can't swat a Sasquatch dancin' on top of a Ant, Trample it and stomp it, smash it and stand on it Dammit, I can't stop it The rap is a vag and I can't stop goin' in like a tampon in this bitch It's is manslaughter Stampin' out grasshoppers, you can't be no Rap Gods In fact you're exact opposites You make a wack song, and can't hold a candle But even Daniel-san wax off, you jack-offs Need to come to grips, like a hand job The boom bap is back with an axe to mumble rap Lumberjack with a hacksaw Number one, but my pencils are number two 'cause that's all I do with 'em Poop is my pseudonym On the john like a prostitute when I droppin' a deuce and When I'm producing them lyrical bowel movements These beats are like my saloons 'Cause these bars always got my stools in 'em And I don't need Metamucil to loosen them Bitch it is real like I pooped Jerusalem I'm 'bout to go spin another cocoon And I'm cuttin' you from your mother's womb and I'm bustin' you

The2012djwess : THIS RIGHT HERE FOR NUMBER ONE! ...but this joint was kinda nowhere on Billboard charts. So sad that this was underrated :(

Sumit Shrivastava : Man I need 1 more Bad meets Evil album

HangOutLate : Em warned you before he dropped that Kamikaze on you...

Kyrillos Ishak : Em took 50% of the song although he's a feature

Eric Quinn : I do not understand why Royce Da 5'9 is not a mega star. He is really nice.

arkan satria hardiputra : Em this Em that he's great but yall aren't talking enough about Royce

orange doorhinge : Goats mentioning goats. I wonder if Anderson Silva bumps eminem while he's sparring

Couch Collectibles : Em went hard! And Royce is still underrated!

Kyle Felicio : When they figured who the king or number 1 of rap is..... Eminem.

Arya Vart : This is what happens when like something that is really bad meets something truly evil. OH!

Aayushman Sharma : such a shame nobody's talking about the video quality. This shit would've taken ages, and it's so brilliantly done.

chris weller : Real! No Mumble Rap, Just Hip Hop as it should be!

Ewonopolis : "The boom bap is coming back with an axe to mumble rap". Yes please

Cammdc 1 : 17k dislikes.. really, what's wrong with this?.. is it just so good people get offended?

Kevin Valenzuela : Spit like it’s king of the dot That was a hard bar but I guess no ones a battle rap fan

Atilla Olgun : This isn't a rap song. This isn't music. This is something more. Something better. This is a work of art.

Brian Scholefield : And yeah I am the “one” so what of it 🤷‍♂️

Josh Navarro : Imagine if Eminem didn't even have a verse he just stood there the whole video lmao