Royce da 5'9" - Caterpillar ft. Eminem, King Green

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Chris Ramsay : Oh, hello *Hip Hop*. Nice to see you again. :)

Aditya Namburi : When Eminem features in your song it’s not yours anymore Unless you’re Royce

James C : This song just keeps getting better I like it way more now then when it came out

James Withee : bad meets evil is the only rap duo that i enjoy more than outkast. brilliant song

vaibhav singh : The revolution will not be televised ... Hmm that's why there wasn't a advertising for kamikazee Edit: what 256 likes ...i never got beyond 4 likes...thank you STANS.


PichaKu : I’m selling Eminems They cost 1 like 👍 2:49 2:49 2:49 2:49 2:49

never knew : People who disliked this song have sound cloud accounts.

ESman Music : Gotta give it to Royce. Quit drinking, got himself in shape and is probably the best he’s ever been. Even without Slaughterhouse he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Sonic the Hedgehog : We need a sequel called butterfly

Deburke321 : Nothing but bars, we need another Bad Meets Evil project

Juan Barahona : Em trolled y'all with revival. Dropped kamikaze...did the remix, cater, majesty, three songs to warn you he coming back. Kamikaze is the best thing that can happen in a year.

King With A Capitol K : All the dislikes in this video are from mumble rap fans.

iHeng : Ooh the butterfly is dying Don't you ever disrespect the caterpillar Butterfly = new rap (mumble rap) caterpillar = lyrical rap

Adm ivn : Not gonna lie but the best part was 0:00 to 4:51

jumpstart55million : Eminem went Supper Saiyan on the this song...Goddamn.

Xen Elixer : Joyner Lucas: "I'm Your Favorite Rappers worst fear" Royce da 5'9: "Your Favorite Rapper Came at me decapitate him" HmMmMMmMmMMmmmMM Who would win in a 1v1?

Big V ! : Emimem :The boom baap is coming back with an axe to mumble rap lumberjack with a hack saw !! Haters : Yeah whatever Later : KAMIKAZE Droppes

Chuck Norris : 15k mumblerappers watched it

20eyesmisfit : "These beats are like my saloons cause these bars always got my stools in em" Em's wordplay in unreal.

PeakFire Central : Alot of kids wont agree but Royce da 5'9" verse was all the way lit. Nice to know there still rappers out here dropping life lesson bars

Jesse Webster : after hearing Em's new freestyle, he probably made up this verse on the spot

Mike S. : Royce got bars

Jakub Černý : wtf Em doesnt even blink

Akshat Dubey : This is song is made in such a way that you'll like it more the more it's old. I like it more than the day it came out.

Couch Collectibles : Em went hard! And Royce is still underrated!

NWO NWO : I just searched caterpillar to show my son a bug Now he is a Royce and Eminem fan.

Hellsungninja : Showed this to my m&m Now it's Eminem

Joker : vegeta and goku rapping...

BassasaurusRex : Goddamn these boys have more bars than Alcatraz.

iNine JTB Instrumentals : Em's word play is ridiculous

Machete Lopez : Who ever dont like this song and is a rap fan should stop listening to rap this is the essence of rap lyrically.

James A Lafayette : Kanye west and lil pump got ten times the views as this. People of YouTube are dumb 🤦🏾‍♂️

ThaDon 2021 : Quick question to the 16k who disliked this, what do you lace your blunts/joints with?

5000 subs with 0 videos : Butterflies die. Caterpillars don't!

Regnak The Mighty : Royce ‘out swaggers’ Em, obviously Em ‘out lyrics’ Royce.. when goats collide...

koala okewood : *A rap god stands quietly*

Isaac Chandler : As eminem said in not alike "I consider me and nickel identical."

MBK -Ceno : Alpha and Omega combo of destruction!

Ivan Monroy : The Real Slim Shady

Gyr Falcon : Old rap rythm is back with this song

ClassyHoboGames : Dose this songs beat sample big pun-twinz it sounds the exact same, witch is a sample of dr Dre's. And Snoop dogs song wtf lol

Sam Onesti : Royce gets better with age

Whuky : eminem is the only white guy that can sag his pants

Twizz Lordsi : THIS IS THE BEST THING, eminem has done in a LONG TIME.................... Great work Royce, you made the REAL SLIM SHADY stand up..............

SuperRasputia : Something says to me that they should have changed the title from 'Caterpillar' to 'Number One'. Anyone else agree with my crazy theory?

BBrutalBWicked : The "secret" mgk diss

1,000 subscribers with no videos? : *Who’s here after Killshot?*

The Assassin : Royce killed it this time! But Em is above everyone. You gotta admit.