Royce da 5'9" - Caterpillar ft. Eminem, King Green

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Sumukh : See this is what rap game used to be.

Moses Idowu : Dislikers mad cause they can hear the actual lyrics and distinguish individual words, and no one talking about worthless designer brands and poping alphabetical pills or drugs

Braxton Harris : This song is lit af. We need more rappers to do mumble mumble rap disses

SHINDAINDIAN :0 : Em killed it but don’t forget about Royce. THIS MAN SIPPING HYENAS

AKA mathers : 2:46 shady is here

Sparc Mac : Dope

Melanie Fortier : Love his rap song best song ever😍😘

Kodak : This is real music here. Hip hop. Shame this doesn't get radio play but we get Gucci gang all day SMH

Ray Anselmo : Royce is terrific, and Marshall has never been better. DETROIT CANNOT BE KILLED.

TheOfficialKeithPharaoh : I still think eminem threw Revival out to fuel off the hate to come back and murder shit lol

Valentine Beats : Em just murdered this! 🔥

BOOMZ : How many people keep coming back

Harrybo : Ive watched this so many times

Bushdoctorbeats : How did we go from this to these mumble wrappers...???

defcreator27 : these beats are missing in most Eminem songs.. shame

Sir Baconass : 2018 becoming a real good year

Mr Violator : Look at this 12k mumble fans can't even light a flame to how great these two are always together. Keep spitting 4 words n just make sure its panda or broccoli. Bahahaha this proves my point mumble rap is garbage

GEORGIAN EYE : eminem is number one <3 <3

Mythical Victhore : It’s sad that this didn’t blow to number 1 for months like it supposed too. Song decapitates every mumble rapper but gay little kids still listen to them and the new generation always dominates the old.

ZJAMES1000 : Damn Em, you killed it yet again.

RNC- Xpert : How could anyone not like this? #BadMeetsEvil

brennan m : i wached this the day this came out

Hirthik Raj : Happy birthday Royce ♥ long live 😍😍.

Zyflex : This song is underrated. This duo is underrated.

Shawn Milam : by far, best track this year

Kriscoart : DAMN.

Seth Blizzowen : What is beautiful lyrically is that Eminem read an encyclopedia to further his ability to,"battle rap", and think of his verses on the spot. Which, even in hit songs like this one, he still thinks of these verses on the spot unlike the "rappers" (moths) today. You can only be magnificent when it comes from the soul. You cant pull from the soul if you have convinced yourself you do not have one!

M Sr : I never meant to give you mushrooms girl

Justone Thomas : line 4 line Royce iz better than em.....idk what no one says

Melanie Fortier : Hes really good song😘😍😇🤗

Bob Dillion : They never disappoint, another Bad Meets Evil album wouldn't hurt tho 🔥

Marwan Issa : I can't get over how good Royce's first verse it, I EAT LIONS AND SIP HYENAS

Rōnin Dusette : I love how Em is just chillin' the whole time... Like "when is the dude standing still going to do something... I know it's going to kill". Em has been killing it for decades. Wakeup Show era badass. (props Tech and Sway and DJ Rev). He did a few bootsy tracks over the last few years, but when you get him to his roots, you can see he is one of the staples of hip hop, and will go down as one of the greatest to ever touch the mic.

Sam Shady : Starting to feel that I'm never going to get tired of this track.. Goddamnit, you did it again BadMeetsEvil!

Marvel Mockingjay : I was not prepared...

John Lowell : This is what happens when Bad meets Evil 😈😈

LambShanks : This is firee

Alex Moreno : Em is better than Tupac and biggie

Ttf News : Some people’s brains simply can’t fathom the bars these 2 are spittin.

Alyssa Renee’ : I would love to see a mumble rapper respond to this and see what they have to say. They can’t top rappers such as Eminem. Try hards. 🤣

MiniiNinja : We crashed the view count boys

Stereotype28 #Zulu : We thought after the tradgic ends of both Pac and Biggy's lives, that rap and great had died. However without great expectation the best was yet to come. Em 1 of em All time greatest MC EVER! Definitely up there with Pac and Biggy respectfully.

Charlie Cochrane : Royce killed it and brought the fire out of Em

NightModeNylo : Seeing em in 13 days. so hyped!!!

Johnny King : Dope song

Welyn : That whole Anderson Silva rhyme scheme was nutty

Ashley Minugh : Em for prez

True Til Death : I love how both tryin to outrap each other and trash rappers

Charlie Cochrane : Royce and Em are kings

Lord Keaveney : This deserves way more than 20M views...smh and DESPACITO gets 3-4B? It's hard to accept that.