Lia Kim / Skrillex - Dirty Vibe (With Diplo, G-Dragon & CL) / 2015 Seoul Fashion Week

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Kim Miller : I was looking at everybody behind her and I was like, Why is everybody dressed so fashionably then I look at the sign and it says Seoul Fashion Week. And I legit did a facepalm

Vasco : I bet 50$ that J-hope is her fan.

zibbity bibbity bop : This doesn't just make dancing look awesome; it makes dancing look flat-out fun, and that's the way it should be. Love it.

Olivia Widjaja : How can you be brave enough to dance in public???

Tanushree Soren : Is ignoring and turning around when you see a talented person a common thing? I'd literally stop her and hug her in the middle of the whole thing!!

Jacqueline Wu : The struggles of keeping sunglasses on your face when dancing! anouther great vid lia

KronoTek : Pfft, that's easy. A baby could do it with their eyes closed. (Attempts dance; slams face into floor) Damn white guy body...

Logan Williamson : I DON'T KNOW HOW I AM JUST SEEING THIS, BUT THIS IS AMAZING. Lia Kim is amazing!!! I'm visiting Korea at the end of the month & want to meet her!!!!

eya kpoper : she killed it but i am surprised that people around didn't show no interrest!!


Grisella Febriani : i mean.. how do you even do that without any fractures or injuries afterwards

pangzed8448 : Please do a choreo on CL's MTBD

Bubbly1760 : how does she do it so perfectly yet look so fabulous at the same time?

lnhxvtt : The two guys in the background look like jhope and suga!!?Omfgwksksksjs my heart stopped wjwkksmaa

Paris Van Gorder : why would end right at CL bro omg. lol

Antonio Uzal : LIKE A BOSS , SO NICE :)

arths10 : we want see more public dance !! its great <3


Andrew Choi : DAMN you're looking fine and fresh as hell!

Yasmine Ktata : I don't believe how her sunglasses didn't fall off...😮

RAKS 8 : you're incredible! wish you'd upload more regularly on your channel, though!

5lovelygirl5 : This kinda gave me chill because of how amazing this is. LIKE HOWW JUST WOW

싸부귀요미 : 크~~ 매력덩어리


Myasha Bartel : Here for my dose of Lia Kim. Her moves give me life 👏🏼🙌🏼

C. Cojampasaki : Everyone behind is like : I don't give a fuck about that bitch .. WTF PEOPLE?!! JUST LOOK AT HER SHE IS AWESOME

Pushpendra Das : great lia kim its really praise to watch awesome mam

Kate Ham : Always blown away by your work (& play!) Does anyone know what shoes Lia is rocking?

Andilo : Venga espanioles mios habladhh

Yaoi Fan : I don't get how nobody is just standing there staring the whole time. I would be xD

AmunRaRocks : Best video yet! Keep up the good work young lady!

수영 : 다른 사람 시선 신경 안쓰면서 즐기는게 멋있다

Quaron Thomas : that was fucking awesome u are my female dancer crush i love u

Lambro : is everybody's life around her so interesting that they wont even glance. lol

Amanda Royo : why do talented people always make me cry? Does this happen to anyone else? I need her jacket btw :D

Johan Rivera : Tenias que ser asiática <3

Shreya_ Mandlik : superb!!! Lia Kim ❤❤❤ u....

Jiko doski : I love you so much I love your dance your perfect pretty girl I want be like you one day 😎😍😘😚😙

Naomi Mbunudu : I watched it SOO many and am STILL AMAZED !!!

Edgar Guardia Aguilar : Mucho estilo

Adriana Casilla : how does she move like that?

Hiba San : عادي

Zoey G : 0:55 hold the fuck up. Hope and Yoongi are in the background excuse me? That's awesome lmao. I love Lia btw, her dance style is fuckin amazing!!

kim fiinder : nice

Ivis Bonilla : Me encantas como bailas😍😍

Vivienne : LIA IS RAW AF

Audriana Diamante : You are absolutely amazing.

Carol Crazy : Jung Hoseok version Girl! Omg, fantastic girl

なる : 0:26〜💕

Uh U.U Kookie : ive watched this video a million times and it never seizes to amaze me :O you're so amazing