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Vega Family Vlogs : I had to share that I was so inspired by your traveling the the states solo and I let you know and you commented back that I should try doing something alone. Well it may seem trivial but the other day i went to the movies by myself and it was so empowering and I felt like a real adult and well just thank you!!!

Hector Rodas Vlogs : I just watched the gymtro (gym-into) twice! 🔥

R Cody Wanner : The whole vibe of this. Oh. My. Goodness. It like has this incredible expectant feeling. Actually, it reminds my of the vlog I made where I found out I was gonna get to make a video with Peter - it’s like you know something that we don’t. I LOVE IT. And yes the workout sequence was fire.

Ben James : Hey Gina, I found the woman you’re describing...she’s in your vlogs x

This Natural Journey : Hell Yes!!! Rise Sister Rise! 🙌 Women that want to support one enough, instead of tearing each other down. Too much poor image within media, comparisons, self doubt, self worth destroy our natural ability to just want to support the woman next to us. I haven't lived in that box for a long time... This is so awesome to see Gina 🙏

Lincoln Riddle : Great idea, Gina! My wife is a full-time freelance travel writer. She's truly incredible!

Daniel Pascual Vlogs : Love ur gym scenes!!!!!

Rachel Rawson : Yes G!! This is awesome!! :)

HappinessSparkles !! : First of all what is the name of that lip liner and colour ? I agree about the more positive people we have around us the more creative we become and happier we are you MOM XOXO

Better Late Than Never : Awe, thanks for adding my comment! I saw you in Cody’s livestream yesterday but it was crazy busy there and I had to leave to attend to my kiddos. So, for awhile I’ve been thinking about a “get real with me” video. Most times when I do a video I want to translate positivity and peace. Well I don’t always feel that. I want to start doing something about the real things that go on so I don’t always have to feel like I need to be a certain anything. I’m scared to do it for some reason. But....I feel like I could be a sense of freedom. I have you and Cody to thank for helping me think more. I’m so grateful to have met you! 💗

Daniel Pascual Vlogs : Moraldo!!!! He is inspiring!!! U should hear his life story. How he should be alive!!!! How he had to struggle just to be born!!!!!!! Then u will understand why he is the way his is!!!!!!

Daniel Pascual Vlogs : Gina. U always talk about something!!!!

AnneP makeupandmore : Love this idea Gina. I missed your last video I'll pop over to watch. Since starting my channel I've embraced myself. I was born with a birth defect and starting my channel was freeing for me. Yes girl none of us are perfect. Love you so much!!!

Daniel Pascual Vlogs : Third

Daniel Pascual Vlogs : Doers!!!!!!!

50 is the new fabulous : Ahhh you're developing into such an inspiring film maker. This is way more than just your regular Vlogsville - you encourage me to dream bigger, and I can't wait to see what you do next. Amazing, inspiring women - bring them on! xoxoLisa

MuiTube : Yes! I’ve made it my goal to meet as many creators as possible in the next year!!

Abdulaziz : I just can’t help it First😞

Jitter Flicks : Females doing it their way!! I am sure there are so many inspiring women out there. It's sory time, I know an inspiring woman that creates....Her name is Gina😊🧡Jen

Scott Is Talking : At 4:00 you were preaching it! I was singing Hallelujah!!! Yes! This is exactly what your vlog did for me when I started a week ago! You inspired me. Then I jumped into this community and I was surrounded by so much positivity! It energizes you! It makes you want to pay it forward and be the light to others!! Thank you so much Gina...

Courtney Scarlett : Amazing idea! There are so many wonderful and interesting women creators out there and I can't wait to hear you hep tell their stories. The end scene gave me chills...soooooo good

EatLaughReview : The more I watch your videos the more I get soo inspired. I literally get this huge butterflies of excitement inside in my belly ,ideas start flowing and I just cannot wait to pick up the camera and film. I can’t say it enough you are truly inspiration to me. ❤️

GeeknoidTV : HELL YES!!! :) Amazing and humble attitude! Im pumped to see what you put together with these upcoming amazing women!

Lifewith Olive : You are frickin awesome hun! This is an awesome idea. Celebrating those inspirational people! Surrounding ourselves with people that help us grow for the better & even change our lives ♡ So excited to see the awesome stories behind these inspirational women x

Daniel Pascual Vlogs : I’m apart of that ball of inspiration!!!!!!!

Parked America : Sounds like a great mission. Love seeing how excited you are getting about getting everyone inspired!

Rasmus Flensborg : It's true. It is a ball of inspiring energy... I really like that point you made of all this. I now I for one am coming to this channel for my almost daily fix of inspiration and motivation. No joking. wow, I don't know why, but this made me so happy! Imma find some women for you G. And yes, I'm having a glass of wine just now - before bed time. You might have inspired me there too ;)

DOMINATING SPUD : This is such an inspiring video

Vega Family Vlogs : First! Ha

Se7en Blessings : Hey beautiful Joselyn here!! I created 5 beautiful children!!! But besides that I am a stay at home mom trying to grow our channel and all our social media.... I also love to create and craft hehe stay awesome Gina!!!!! Lots of hugs

Mrs Fb : Let's find those inspirational people! That's such a good idea and I love that in your channel you just don't talk about your own life you want to include other people's inspirational stories! Amazing you tube channel

Amber Wanner : I love your strength, your vulnerability and your heart! You are inspiring! Girl power!

The Mum Blog : it toyally is infectious!

The Mum Blog : I cant wait to see who you find! xxx

The Mum Blog : alex you can send some stirfry down to sydney if you want! 🙌😀😀😀

Margo McFaul : Yessssssssssssssssss, AMEN Gina!!! Love it!!!

Joanne Ward : 💗💗💗💗- Have a great day Gina Walters ⭐️

MommaofFour : Oh Gina you really are inspiring! 💕💕💕💕💕

Rachelle Glendon : lovely Gina, this is amazing! I've got the fizzy excited feeling like a kid before Christmas watching this. I've had a little break from uploading while I recalibrate from having bub and I've been thinking a lot about the next season for my channel. This video has shifted something, I'm ready for something different. Hell YES! <3 x

Cathy Empey : I love your mission Gina. You are wonderful! Can't wait to see more inspiration!! :)

Ms Vanessa : What a great video!!! U r ace! Xx

Laura Nicoletti : Gina you inspire me!!! I’ve had stretch marks since I was 11. I thought it was embarrassing but I’ve learnt to love them and you have boosted that self love thank you 💜💜

martine castro : Ummmm your Hairdresser that is finally moving out of her shed 🤣

Aveen Ellard : So lately my grandma has been very sick and I’m really afraid an I’ve been down a lot lately thank you so much for making me feel a bit better xx

paige hunter : Amazing idea! 💖

sienna tillie : I love u so much ur such a fittness insparation thank u for maling my day xxxxxx

carly 14 : Love that idea!

Sweetie 1234 : I just went to a meeting with my new secondary school in September and I felt nervous so I watched one of your videos and it inspired me and gave me confidence ! Thank you☺️. I always say this but thank you for being you once again this video was so inspirational. You are awesome!!!!!!

TSN Gamer342 : Looking awesome as always. Liked the video for you

TSN Gamer342 : I am 4th here