Fallout 76 Is A Lie
Fallout 76 Is A Lie

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Todd pls. Recorded mostly on Low settings since this game likes to crash when it's on High. Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/not_inferno


The Hammer Dedicated : A baby is drowning in the lake: Fallout 1 - Ask for more information - Agree to help - Decide not to help - Accidentally say something that pisses the NPC off , failing the quest - Reveal too much information about yourself , causing the Super Mutants to track your vault more easily Fallout 2 - Ask for more information - Agree to help - Decide not to help - Accidentally say something that pisses the NPC off , failing the quest - Pop culture reference about the baby Fallout 3 - Yes , I will save the baby - Depends on the caps - I will not save the baby - [Intelligence ] The baby is drowning Fallout New Vegas - I will save the baby - I will not save the baby - [Barter 30 ] Double the caps and I 'll save the baby - [ Medicine 30] Thanks to my medical knowledge , I will easily be able to save the baby - [ Survival 15/30 ] Uh yeah , I totally know how to swim Fallout 4 - Yes - No ( Yes ) - Sarcastic Yes Fallout 76 - There is no baby

Åłāñ Wåłkër : Their plan is to make the worst fallout game possible then when they make the new game everyone will compare it to this one and think that the new game is way better when it's just fallout 4 remastered.

Jacob Current : "The World." **Za Warudo Sound Effect Plays** …D-Did you just…?

Mike Whitfield : You've completely ignored all 76's technological advances, such as: Entire buildings that just pop in! Todd rays! (Like God rays - but they can come from anywhere!) Sixteen times the detail of Fallout 4! (Warning: All new detail is in the micro transaction store.) Periods where you must suddenly survive even though you can deal no damage whatsoever! All the fun of escort missions without those annoying NPCs!

Revan Star : Todd Howard: > At Bethesda were all proud to say, that Fallout 76 is entirely online! Fans: BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Todd Howard: > Do you guys not have Wifi???

JinGitaxias : never should have come here

Sableye O Magico #ConTV : "never should have come here" *~ Flying crab woman*

Brairag : I will say you have to give Todd and the Fallout 76 team props. They have to easily be the most productive members of the 'The Outer Worlds' PR team, hands down.


Vertix : I played fo4 for an hour and instantly bought the season pass....

RENEHIKO : "game journalist difficulty" is a phrase everyone in the industry should adapt. hilarious

Mr.Squid ink : the jojoke

Joshua Burbridge : "16 times the detail".

Sug Mudik : And again, it just works

Nate Young : I mean, this is entertaining but some of this feels like you've barely played it. You talk about selling duplicate guns then immediately after talk about having no mods for crafting.. you know that you can learn mods by scrapping guns right? Imo this system makes more sense, you learn how to put together weapons by taking them apart. But.. it doesn't work well with the incredibly limited carrying capacity. This game is easy to dunk on but I feel it's not very constructive to shit on the parts of the game that are actually interesting or have potential. Also telling is your comment about enemies being very weak because I've found that enemies are scaling to higher level players all the time turning nearly every fight into a bullet sponge shit festival, which is almost the opposite of what you describe.

Internet Cancer : Bethesda: dont u guys have friends? Blizzard: dont u guys have phones? EA: dont u guys have money? Wildcard: dont u guys have patience?

F : Game is horrible, will always be horrible. These are facts.

ELI CASTRO : you cant craft or mod anything because you Dont have the GODDAMN PLANS!!, each player has their own loot btw. and it doesnt need to have the same mission just help him. well XD the pvp well needs a lot of work.

Conner Weber : bro you had me dying "saying the story is half assed would be an overstatement, it's closer to no assed" best description I've heard yet.

A Random Commenter : The dislikes are all triggered Fallout 76 fans.

Indeimaus : "the co-op is completely pointless" wait inferno, where's your friends??? gottem boys

Bad for Your health : I was really excited for this game. But I’m glad I didn’t buy it.

ThePteropterus : hey! your video was used as an example of how poorly prepared bethesda was to take on multiplayer on Errant Signal's review!

m77yice killem : Watch at 1.25x speed. Youre welcome

iTzVo1d : Fallout 3 great New Vegas LOVED Fallout 4 good Fallout 76..... No comment

Ninjaassassinguy : they wanted the story to evolve through player interactions, but limited those player interactions so much it didn't work

Peep : 1:31 ZA WARUDOOOO

Canal Do soninho : The world i see What You did there kkkkkkkkkkk

Commissar of Kreig : "Leveling in Fallout 4 is awesome" Looks at every other Fallout except BoS, 76, and Tactics Hmm

Hyung-Chae Park : This video you have to watch before Pre-purchase. (or after purchasing) I will go back to Redere2 again

Ku T. : "game journalist difficulty" jesus christ that's spicy.

Thunder Light : Nice explanations for a dire game, always avoid Zenimax now

Grimmdul : "Gayboi69 wants to invade you." Damn, didn't know that you got Iron Pineapple as guest star for this 😏😂

SilentMemorys : Says enemies are 1-2 shot* yea, sure totally not like I found 2 lvl 63's and 2 lvl 42's Edit: also did I mention in a low level zone?

RaidingLlama : Imagine the same game with npcs and it's multi-player similar to the multi-player in something like borderlands

YUNG TETRIS : That wasn't very country roads of you

Castlefront Gaming : It's a shame they marred their good name by making such a half finished game. :(

Baccar Wozat : The game that made me uninstall Fallout 4... and not install Fallout 76.

Shiiba : You comparing it to FFXIV made me cry i love that game how dare this game be compared to such a masterpiece

mandiJoe Rbi3 : New Vegas had more bugs and was still more fun.

Julio Davila : The loneliest multiplier game to ever exist

Saint Fresh : To answer the question about crafting weapons, you have to scrap weapons in order to unlock mods for them or you could overpay for them at a vendor but 🤷🏼‍♂️

Kutazzz z : 17 k dislikes. I Just knew that was going to happen. Btw great vid dude!

Loopyjoker97 : Crafting help, you can scrap weapons for mods.

Oliver Cardoso de Andrade : Everyone asks for multiplayer *gets multiplayer* I DiDnT wAnT THiS ReEEEEeEeEeEeEeEeEeeeee It’s hard to produce something when your consumers complain about everything you give them

Justice Warrior : Think this is bad?? All future Fallout games will be mobile! Don't you have a phone

Terry Tibbs : Game good. Make purchase now

Jehstixs : THIS IS THE SAME GUY THAT ONE SHOTS DARK SOULS.... my entire world has opened up

themanicman gaming : By no means am I going to call Fallout 76 a good game but your point about kill loot return in Fallout 4 almost every Mission was kill loot return Fallout 76 is just more honest about it