Fallout 76 Is A Lie

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InfernoPlus : **To clarify some points.** - CAMP reset is a thing. It happened multiple times to me during my play session. It seems to happen when someone else has a CAMP built somewhere near where your CAMP is when you login. - I didn't know you had to scrap weapons to get mods. I also didn't know there was a perk involved. In FO4 the game *shows* you all of the mods in the game and tells you what perks and items you need to make them. It's very easy to figure out. FO76 just has a bunch of empty menus. It's also pretty lame that you have to find a mod in order to be able to craft it on top of the RNG of even getting the perk card you need to do crafting. Oof. - The game does look good, but I was running it on low because it crashed a lot when I had it on high. - As I said at the end, it's not a *bad* game. It's just... really bland. Too much of this games design feels like "grinding to unlock X". Kind of like a bad MMO. But if that's your deal and you had fun, then good for you man. - Container loot is instanced per player, but loot in the world and on corpses is a free for all. - Part of why I think FO4/Skyrim/FNV leveling is so good is because you can see every perk available right from the start. If you want to make a specialized build you can plan it from the get go and every level up feels like a step in the right direction. The RNG leveling cards in 76 just ruin that sense of progression entirely. - The game comes out next week. What we played in the BETA is the full game. It's fair to judge it on that. - Some people have made the point that I did not play it enough. I played 2 hours on the first day of the beta (due to the game deleting itself) and then 9 more hours on the second day of the BETA. I got to level 11 and was super bored so I spent the remaining time building stuff and trying to PvP. It is absolutely true that I did not play a ton of the game, but it's also important to understand that I did not *want* to play more of it. - When I say the game "Is an MMO" I mean that the games design resembles an MMO with its level locked loot, inane quest marker chasing, impersonal player interaction, and many many other little details. It also is technically an MMO but the world space is instanced to 30 players. - Hacking stuff is currently up in the air. Can't say if it's been patched or its lies or if its all true until full game comes out next week. We will see!

Indeimaus : "the co-op is completely pointless" wait inferno, where's your friends??? gottem boys

DrDelicious70 : No Man’s Fallout. Sea of Nothing.

GandalfTheSilver : Anyone else hyped for Cyberpunk 2077?

Åłāñ Wåłkër : Their plan is to make the worst fallout game possible then when they make the new game everyone will compare it to this one and think that the new game is way better when it's just fallout 4 remastered.

NPC Number 4560901 : Game good. Make purchase now

RENEHIKO : "game journalist difficulty" is a phrase everyone in the industry should adapt. hilarious

Cole Max : the truth is that fallout 76 is a cash grab

A Random Commenter : The dislikes are all triggered Fallout 76 fans.

norXmal : Don't forget that Fallout: New Vegas was made in a year by Obsidian, Fallout 3 was made in 4 years and Fallout 4 was made in 5 years.

LAKster : Alright so I was like 'wtf is with all the factual innacuracies' as someone who has played this game up until roughly lvl 25 so far together with a buddy and then realised this was released whilst the game wasn't even out yet. If the beta was this shit oh boi no wonder they got review bombed. As it stands I personally enjoy the game, definetly not one of the greats but the multiplayer is fun enough and I kinda like the changes they made to the perks system and levelled loot to make the multiplayer mesh better. It also helps me feel like I am working towards something rather than just finding the best gun in the game by chance and being like 'well guess that's it' The main thing that ruins it as a fallout experience (for me as the game is today when I write this 23-11-18) is the lack of any npc's outside of vendors (which are robots anyways). Anyways sucks to see this vid get so much hate, never seen your channel before but when I realised this was released that early as a warning to people who wanted to buy it I got a lot more where you were coming from. Dealing with shit like having to rebuild your camp every day would have driven me so far up the wall I'd be ready to piss acid at Toddy boi. So good video but unfortunate that you got so much backlash (well a lot in youtube terms anyways judging from the like dislike bar). Also fucking loved the 'game journalist accuracy' bit. That was fucking wonderfull Alright so I want to take back anything I said in here that might have sounded like it was a good game. By now me and my buddy are both about level 30 and the way bethesday decided to 'balance' the combat as a team was to make all the enemies their level the sum total of your teams which means we constantly get bombarded by lvl 60 enemies and get absolutely fucked unless we cheese them to shit with silenced weapons. We've also had way more bugs happen from high level loot not even spawning to the game just crapping itself and crashing. Fuck this game and fuck whichever half arsed development team made this hell.

Ogryska : Fallout series ended after Fallout 54

mandiJoe Rbi3 : New Vegas had more bugs and was still more fun.

Oriond34 Mega : Don’t buy this game buy red dead redemption 2 that’s one of the best games I’ve played

Shady Durags : When did robot NPCs stop counting as NPCs?

DC JUICE : Just a Filler for Fallout 5. The End

NJOverclocked : HmMmMm I wonder why they're not putting this on Steam... *Mostly Negative*


Evil Genius : "leveling in Skyrim and F4 was so good" oh son, give me a fckng break...

Fermin Rivas : 3:55 reminds me of a settlement that needs our help

Brairag : I will say you have to give Todd and the Fallout 76 team props. They have to easily be the most productive members of the 'The Outer Worlds' PR team, hands down.

Bryce Krispiez : THANK YOU. I’ve literally been saying “It’s just an mmo with Fallout 4 lazily slapped on top”

Nova_Craft Gaming : I Love Love more than anything how bad this game is Failing

Lokim23 : So you made a video about issues during beta. As a streamer whose done 150+ hrs of the game. Most of the issues you complained about, were fixed within the first week, let alone 2 weeks.

Mr.Squid ink : the jojoke

¿Honz40HanDs? 1st : I’m so glad I didn’t buy it

NJ : Sea of Thieves without the water

Tim Green : This review video is a lie because he clearly never left the tutorial area of the game.

Can we get 1 subscribers with no videos? No we cant : Fallout 76: Not that great Despacito 76: °o°

Bad for Your health : I was really excited for this game. But I’m glad I didn’t buy it.

ThePteropterus : hey! your video was used as an example of how poorly prepared bethesda was to take on multiplayer on Errant Signal's review!

The Bandit : I thought Vegas was the best

Soul Alpha : Woah that ending is pure nightmare fuel.

Baccar Wozat : The game that made me uninstall Fallout 4... and not install Fallout 76.

RiptideV10 : Just. Play. *Rust.*

marre321 : Oof

The Hammer Dedicated : A baby is drowning in the lake: Fallout 1 - Ask for more information - Agree to help - Decide not to help - Accidentally say something that pisses the NPC off , failing the quest - Reveal too much information about yourself , causing the Super Mutants to track your vault more easily Fallout 2 - Ask for more information - Agree to help - Decide not to help - Accidentally say something that pisses the NPC off , failing the quest - Pop culture reference about the baby Fallout 3 - Yes , I will save the baby - Depends on the caps - I will not save the baby - [Intelligence ] The baby is drowning Fallout New Vegas - I will save the baby - I will not save the baby - [Barter 30 ] Double the caps and I 'll save the baby - [ Medicine 30] Thanks to my medical knowledge , I will easily be able to save the baby - [ Survival 15/30 ] Uh yeah , I totally know how to swim Fallout 4 - Yes - No ( Yes ) - Sarcastic Yes Fallout 76 - There is no baby

OverLoad Pyro : Lmao my game crashed in the middle of watching the video

bryton carmack : an enemy double your level going down quick? it must be nice, man. i am still lvl 25 and get destroyed my lvl 30 mirelurks.

snoopdog67 : It Just Works

Mahe : why are there korean subtitules

Dev6Rehab : Nobody bought this at walmart today. It was the first day we had it available for sale. Not one person.

Satariue : In new fallout u are a npc (got a meme) ;] ...

Mike Whitfield : You've completely ignored all 76's technological advances, such as: Entire buildings that just pop in! Todd rays! (Like God rays - but they can come from anywhere!) Sixteen times the detail of Fallout 4! (Warning: All new detail is in the micro transaction store.) Periods where you must suddenly survive even though you can deal no damage whatsoever! All the fun of escort missions without those annoying NPCs!

A 9 Years Old NOT YouTuber : Hey, aren't you the Dark Souls trash guy?

Chief da Beast vVv : Levelling in Fallout 4 was shit, Fallout 3 levelling was the best

JESSEverything : I was about to buy this game until I saw your review. Thank you. Edit: Now I know why Fallout 76 doesn't have any npcs. They're all in this comment section.

LulzRoyce : RIP FALLOUT 1997-1998.

UnDone451 : In Fallout 76 Bethesda saved money because people defending this game are the NPC's. Game is half price already btw :^]

Clickbait37 : *the blood moon is rising link*