Mulan I'll Make a Man Out of You (Chinese)

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Justin Montana : And this is why we respect Jackie Chan

Gameradioativo : He can do everything

AJVersatility19 : My biggest fear is that I will one day live in a world without Jackie Chan.

Matt Thornton : We all know there's a Live-Action Remake for Mulan in the works by Disney. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Jackie Chan will have a role in it.

cx45830 : I have no idea what he's saying, but it's speaking to me.

Yuri Ammosov : 大家同心作战 让匈奴绝望 dà jiā tong xīn zuò zhàn, rang xiōng nú jué wàng Everyone work together, let the Huns despair 为何这群士兵都像个姑娘? wèi hé zhè qún shì bīng dū xiàng gè gū niang? Why do these soldiers seem like girls? 你们笨拙 散漫 又扭捏 nǐ men bèn zhuō sàn màn yòu niǔ niē You're stupid, undisciplined, you need adjusting 我会改变你的前途 wǒ huì gǎi biàn nǐ de qián tú I will change your future 要成为男子汉不认输 yào chéng wéi nán zǐ hàn bù rèn shū To become a man, is to not admit defeat 扎稳你的步履 内心要坚定 zhā wěn nǐ de bù lǚ nèi xīn yào jiān dìng Steady your stance, your heart must be firm 开阔你的胸襟 求生要决心 kāi kuò nǐ de xiōng jīn qiú shēng yào jué xīn Open your mind, live to be determined 胆小又害怕 心乱如麻 dǎn xiǎo yòu hài pà xīn luàn rú má Timid and afraid, you'll be terribly confused 你惊慌茫然无助 nǐ jīng huāng máng rán wú zhù If you're ignorant then panic, you'll be helpless 要成为男子汉不认输 yào chéng wéi nán zǐ hàn bù rèn shū To become a man, is to not admit defeat (我气喘如牛快断气) wǒ qì chuǎn rú niú kuài duàn qì I'm breathless like a cow about to die (西方极乐等我光临) xī fāng jí yuè děng wǒ guāng lín The afterlife is waiting for me (我看大家全都被他吓傻了) wǒ kàn dà jiā quán dōu bèi tā xià shǎ liǎo I think everyone's scared silly by him (他们心惊胆又战) tā men xīn jīng dǎn yòu zhàn They're so scared they're trembling (我的身份还是秘密) wǒ de shēn fèn hái shì mì mì My indentity is still a secret (掉到水里可会要了我小命) diào dào shuǐ lǐ kě huì yào liǎo wǒ xiǎo mìng If I fall in the water, it'll be the end of my life *(男子汉)行动快速像那江河湍急 (nán zǐ hàn) xíng dòng kuài sù xiàng nà jiāng hé tuān jí (A manly man) your movements must be like the rushing river (男子汉)破坏力像那风暴无情 (nán zǐ hàn) pò huài lì xiàng nà fēng bào wú qíng (A manly man) destroy like the heartless storm (男子汉)满腔热血像那野火雅静 (nán zǐ hàn) mǎn qiāng rè xiě xiàng nà yě huǒ yǎ jìng (A manly man) your heart must have hot blood like wildfires 神出鬼没像那暗夜的噩梦 shén chū guǐ méi xiàng nà àn yè de è mèng Be elusive as a ghost like the night's darkest nightmare 时光毫不留情匈奴快毕竟 shí guāng háo bú liú qíng xiōng nú kuài bì jìng After all the Huns are coming fast 听从我的指令才能够活命 tīng cóng wǒ de zhǐ ling cái néng gòu huó mìng Obey my orders and you will survive 沙场太残酷血光杀戮 shā chǎng tài cán kù xiě guāng shā lù The battefields too cruel, with blood and slaughter 若害怕踏上归路 ruò hài pà tà shàng guī lù If you're scared, return to your home 要成为男子汉不认输 yào chéng wéi nán zǐ hàn bù rèn shū To become a man, is to not admit defeat

Raditz The Lost Brother : Jackie Chan for Earth President

PsyckoSama : If anyone can make a man out of anyone, it's this guy!

Josh Dugan : Man even at age 60 you still wouldn't wanna mess with Jackie Chan he'd mess you up

Americano Beans : "Chinese" is so misleading since there are many dialects in China haha for anyone confused, he is singing in Mandarin. There's a Cantonese version by Jackie Chan but this is better imo

Alex-Zander Browne : Thank you China. You gave us T, you gave us noodles, you gave us gunpowder and fireworks, but I am especially thankful for you giving us Jackie Chan.

Aura Sweet : This version sounds even more badass than the English one! I didn't think that was possible! *sings the English version along with this at the top of my lungs*

Brie B : You're lying if you say that you don't need this in your life.

CompletlyBunned : This version is insane. Holy shit he sings so well and I don't even speak Mandarin.

James Pelletier : Can't understand a single line, still a better singer than Justin Bieber

dewinmoonl : I'l do translate 大家同心作战 让匈奴绝望 everyone fight together, let the huns feel despair 为何这群士兵 都像个姑娘 why these band of solders, are all such girls 你们笨拙散漫又扭捏 you are awkward, slow, and wimpy 我会改变 你的前途 i shall change, your destiny 要成为男子汉 不认输 become a man, don't give up 扎稳你的步履 内心要坚定 firm your steps, be firm in the heart 开阔你的胸襟 求胜要决心 open your chest, victory takes determination 胆小又害怕心乱如麻 coward, scared, mind twisting into a mess 你惊慌 茫然无助 you are afraid, bewildering helpless 要成为男子汉 不认输 become a man, don't give up (我气喘如牛快断气) I'm breathing like a cow gonna pass out (西方极乐等我光临) nirvana awaits me (我看大家全都被他吓傻了) he's scaring everyone to death (他们胆颤又心惊) they're scared with shattered spleens (我的身份还是秘密) my identity is still a secret (掉到水里可会要了我小命) i'm gonna die if i fall in the water (男子汉)行动快速像那江河湍急 (be a man) movement swift as a coursing river (男子汉)破坏力像那风暴无情 (be a man) destruction like a merciless hurricane (男子汉)满腔热血像那野火压境 (be a man) passionate like a raging fire 神出鬼没像那暗夜的噩梦 cryptic like the nightmares in the dark 时光毫不留情 匈奴快逼近 time gives us no mercy, the huns are pressing in 听从我的指令 才能够活命 heed my every order and you can survive 沙场太残酷 血光杀戮 war is cruel, blood and killing abound 若害怕踏上回路 if you are afraid embark for home 要成为男子汉 不认输 become a man, don't give up repeat refrain

Hashirama Senju : Jackie Chan should sing the Mandarin's version of this for the Live Action Mulan that Disney is making.

Date Masamune : Should have sung this while training Jaden.

redhed645 : I didn't know I wanted this until now...

Darkman9478 : Impressive! I never knew Jackie Chan could sing, too. Besides martial arts, communication in Asian languages, and could even translate the song in his own language, too. Honestly, I think it's impressive he can sing, too, which I had no idea he could do, too.

CaptainJackSparkles : What can't Jackie Chan do?

Jo Moody : this gets into another level of awesomeness

hope dean : WHAATT?? I freaking love Jackie Chan, and I knew he could sing, but I'll make a man out of you from Mulan? This is making me SO happy.

Okay : Is Mr. Chan available for marriage?

Stian Ihle Gulbrandsen : He doesnt sing a version...he sings the original version...

JR R : He sounds, unsurprisingly good. I remember watching Jakie Chan adventures a while ago, and someone asked, ya know like "what else can you do?" And he said everybody in whatever part of China he is from...are all traditional trained in the arts as well as scholarly things. So they all get schooling in, acting, singing, and dancing along with readin' writin' and 'rithmatic!

Victor Rivera : Jackie Chan one of my Fav Heros of all time

Mara Henao : I got goose bumps and I know zero chinese

Joseph Womer : I didn't know Chan was a singer in his career.

chendaddy : I've heard him sing this in Cantonese and Mandarin. I really need to hear him sing the English version.

Nova Terra : I don't understand a word he's saying, but I like it. I like it a lot.

Mickey Smith : If they ever make a live action version of Mulan (which they will in order to continue their trend of killing classics), Jackie Chan should *definitely* play Shang

Dara Marc Sasmaz : I could hear this version day and night

Andrew Komaniecki : How is Jackie Chan doing all of these staff techniques? I study bojutsu and kung fu and I can't even do half of the moves

Sam Atherton : This. Is. AMAZING. Stoned. 

Isabel Casarez : I still like the fact Disney let Jackie chan out of all people sing this as well

Secretos de Lector : jackie was a singer before actor. there's another version made in cantonese of this song

Jack Murphy : Jackie Chan. What a guy.

Nyx : Is there anything Jackie Chan cant do? Really?

Christopher Patton : Best workout song for men

Lew Archer 1949 : Mandarin and Cantonese sound like two vastly different languages to me. It seems more than simply two different related dialects. How mutually intelligible are they between speakers?

NαrαnjitαSαbrositα : 1:20 PUT ON SHOE!!! (not to be offensive lol, I'm just joking around)

Phoenix Creative Media : jackie chan can sing...who knew.

KanaTokisho : Why didn't we get Jackie Chan...he's so AWESOME!

The Best Purple : In case anyone is wondering, this is the Mandarin Version.

Maddix : Excuse my racism, but this guy looks a lot like Jacky Chan...

Luis Ramón mr : i'll study chinese :3 i don't know why but i wanna study it


Cheesus Christ : The world doesn't need a hero. The world needs Jackie Chan.

Patricia Mallare : Name one thing this man can't do...