Storytime | My Immortal - Episode 2 [Feat. SorrowTV]

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Beyond Tubular: nice job : P: STOP R: FLAMIN' E: DA P: STURY Z: *_FANGZ RAVEN_*

Darkness Prevails : I was assured that this story was written by a troll when they referred to Sirius Black as "dogfather". *Well done*

heartlessmushroom : This entire fanfic brings back terrible high-school flashbacks,

Molly Lane : Nrod VPN fangz 4 da help u rokc gurl

USSR : *I W A N N A S H I T N E X T T O H E R*

TuttiTunes : Looking back on this, I refuse to accept that this was a genuine work of fiction because nobody could be this unironically horrible at spelling in the author’s notes and then have near-perfect grammar in the story itself. This has GOT to be satire. It’s just too bizarre.

tatripp : JK Rowling is starting to write better.

cg g : In the wizarding world, born and raised, in Hogwarts is where I spent most of my days, watching Draco crying n bustin in2 tearz all cool and all slitting his rists outside of da school

Kx27 : Less than 2 minutes into the video and "He wus werring a blak robe dat sed 'Avril Lavigne' on da back." has me in tears

Date Masamune : Would you rather watch a terrible adaptation of a good book, or a faithful adaptation of a terrible book?

Sorrow TV : #broomstuff

Kendyl Harrison : Most of this fanfic is literally describing what the characters are wearing

[tony] : Calling Sirius Harry's "dogfather" is one of the greatest unintentional puns I've heard

Jennifer : Hearing the both of you guys laughing throughout the whole video makes it so much better than it already was

Wilson Liang : I showed this to my brother while he was in the hospital for a severe case of muscle atrophy. The doctor in charge of him exclaimed in shock after the video ended. “It’s a miracle!” I turned in shock and looked at him before following his gaze to my brother’s arm which had grown in size considerably. Maybe it was shock or maybe it was just late in the day, but what was once a stick of an arm suddenly looked full again, and it made us believe it was a magical recovery for a brief moment. However in the midst of our shock, the arm grew more and so did other parts of my brother’s body. The doctor suddenly became disillusioned and quietly questioned, “Is it possible to have stage 5 cancer?” And so was the story of how my brother came to be known as the first person to experience full body cancer at the 5th stage.”

Aboveup : We are now two episodes in and I am even more lost than last time.

Inia Spooner : Author describing the clothes that the cast are wearing: *5 whole minutes worth of descriptions* Author describing the important scene of the main character losing her virginity that's had 3 whole chapters building up to it: "he put his thingie into my you know what"

TFN12X : Can someone make a gofundme for my immortal 2

Jack Stuchbery : Death Dealers. Death Dealers... Death Dealers? *DEATH DEALERS?!?!*

TΛBBY : If u flamerz do nut lik dis conemnt den u prep!!!!1

ava 7 : This made and ruined my day

JakeSpacePirate E : Almost as good as, 'Harry Potter and the portrait of what seemed to be a large pile of ash'!

L Lawliet : Take a shot every time you hear the word "angrily" .

fuzz duck : Centuries from now when humanity is ash and ruin, survivors will analyze this video for a glimpse into what the human race was all about.

Valdios Reign : From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this treasure. I will show this to my children, and I will have stipulations put into my last will and testament that my children will have to show this to their children as well. When all technology dies through some freak EMP accident in the future, this will be the lore and folk legends of distant humanity, passed around by virtue of spoken word instead of text while the children are huddled around the fireplace, which is just a blazing pile of old world plastics that in all likelihood shouldn't be burnt, but they won't know that because all forms of education died right along side technology because all of the teachers quit after not being paid enough even in a doomsday scenario, and it'll all just be alright. I guess what I'm trying to say--In a round about kind of way, is that this is pretty quality content.

Joey JoJo : This is like a microcosm of mid 2000s goth edge, I love it. I wish I had a big tit goth gf to hunt preps with

Self Tessellation : I've never seen a twist in the beginning of a story before. Let alone an M. Nightshamalama-sama twist. *For Gerard Way to be Voldemort, he has to be pretty convincing to look, sound and move like him.* Is he responsible for the band breaking up? Did Volsermort and his crew of Death Dealers tie the real MCR band backstage? Why are these muggle bands getting in and performing in Hogsmede? What is the actual timeline of this fanfic vs the book (they're now in year 2000)?

Fishum : "Darth valer" did this person forget what film they were soiling?

Adventureo : "Invincibility Coke" so far off it started to make sense again


Ness C. : The author is prepist

GalaxyEspeon : I can wait till *SPOILERS* When Ebony time travels and meets young Voldemort and Harry's dad James! Voldemort and James are both goths who listen to music from the early 2000's despite that fact they are teen in the 60'-70's.

TΛBBY : Doo DOO doo doo doooooo..

Tekashto : This is honestly the best anime since Hiroshima.

Someone : P L A Y A R T I L L E R Y O N L Y I N H E A R T S O F I R O N 4

Dom Vasta : How does Vampire's car have different license plates on the front and back of the car? That makes no sense, the purpose of a license plate is to be a unique identifier, even personalized plates are unique for their local area, whether it be municipality, state or nation wide. but having a different one on the front compared to the rear would just make identification of the vehicle impossible

Jimmy Jerenfelt : Awww, I wanted to hear what everypne eas wearing. Those parts with the music is my fav part.

wessltov : Whenever it says "shooting", I just imagine them firing guns. Anyone else?

OrnatePandora30 : Artillery only when?

The Mann : My Immortal - Part 2 - *Chemical Boogaloo Draco is Pretty Gay, and So are You.

stubdteauzgautugaux : These sound effects and Inception horns are killing me

Master Peck : This sounds like a headcanon for some kind of weird ass dressup game.

Not a nazi frog CNN Hehehe : Should have made it but with A R T Y O N L Y

Earth Space : I think I need NordVPN while watching this

Beef Stew : Perfect sequels don't exi- Wait Bookworm Adventures Vol. 2 was already the perfect sequel.

Octahedron Media : My immortal more like Artillery only!

dejablue88 : 2:30 Dangan Ronpa crime scene. Someone's trying to hide the evidence!

FEN1X 64 : Do Artillery Only

The key to my heart? : Internet historian would you consider more storytelling? Your voice is so soothing and a great accompaniment for sleep.

J Egner : Best 40 mins of media in the internet. If you do agree you are a prep.