Storytime | My Immortal - Episode 2

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Ness C. : The author is prepist

Aboveup : We are now two episodes in and I am even more lost than last time.

Somali pirate who's actually somali : This is As good as usual

J Egner : Best 40 mins of media in the internet. If you do agree you are a prep.

Vasxus : Hairy pot and the velociraptor rock

heartlessmushroom : This entire fanfic brings back terrible high-school flashbacks,

Blazrrr - : Internet Historians ads are the only ones I wont skip.

it's not a phase mom : The thing I love the most about this masterpiece of a story is that I look like I just came out of it. Talking about a My Chemical Romance broom? Bitch that's me.

Pablo : This anime is lit af but the manga was better

Sorrow TV : #broomstuff

Molly Lane : Nrod VPN fangz 4 da help u rokc gurl

Magikazam : You ever just run out of a room suicidally?

Sylphynford Tachibana : Ebony Enoby Enony Eboby Enibo Ebone

Guadalupe Montero : 4:39 "R u gonna *attempt* *a* *romantic* *congress* *without* *my* *consent* ." My new favorite quote. Thank you..😏

Zombitious : Also, I like how the author introduces Voldemort as "a terrible man in a black robe with no nose" every time he shows up instead of just saying his name. Is it supposed to be a shocking revelation each time? He's obviously the main antagonist and he's already been revealed as such. Why am I choosing this one thing out of a sea of flagrant flaws with this story? I need ambien.

Nu Youkai : "You have to tell me why you're being all erective."

TΛBBY : If u flamerz do nut lik dis conemnt den u prep!!!!1

DrCorruptJimmy : The cancer I never knew I needed. Thanks for upload.

Beyond Tubular: nice job : P: STOP R: FLAMIN' E: DA P: STURY Z: *_FANGZ RAVEN_*

Wilson Liang : I showed this to my brother while he was in the hospital for a severe case of muscle atrophy. The doctor in charge of him exclaimed in shock after the video ended. “It’s a miracle!” I turned in shock and looked at him before following his gaze to my brother’s arm which had grown in size considerably. Maybe it was shock or maybe it was just late in the day, but what was once a stick of an arm suddenly looked full again, and it made us believe it was a magical recovery for a brief moment. However in the midst of our shock, the arm grew more and so did other parts of my brother’s body. The doctor suddenly became disillusioned and quietly questioned, “Is it possible to have stage 5 cancer?” And so was the story of how my brother came to be known as the first person to experience full body cancer at the 5th stage.”

Marvelous Dex : *N O H O M O P H O N E S*


ARampagingHobo : 1 That was the best YT ad I've ever seen 2 wtf is this author insane? Stroking out? 8? Are we getting le epic trolled ecks dee?

TuttiTunes : Looking back on this, I refuse to accept that this was a genuine work of fiction because nobody could be this unironically horrible at spelling in the author’s notes and then have near-perfect grammar in the story itself. This has GOT to be satire. It’s just too bizarre.

TΛBBY : Doo DOO doo doo doooooo..

Kx27 : Less than 2 minutes into the video and "He wus werring a blak robe dat sed 'Avril Lavigne' on da back." has me in tears

L.C. Rama : this really hurts but in a good way

cg g : In the wizarding world, born and raised, in Hogwarts is where I spent most of my days, watching Draco crying n bustin in2 tearz all cool and all slitting his rists outside of da school

The Mann : My Immortal - Part 2 - *Chemical Boogaloo Draco is Pretty Gay, and So are You.

Jennifer : Hearing the both of you guys laughing throughout the whole video makes it so much better than it already was

PixlatedGamer : i need that ep 3

NicolBolas2 : Oh no I'm a homophone. I guess I can't watch this

Civis Hamburgum : Enoy is always in white power Pose.

Misu Chan : finally we got the sequel we didn't deserve, but all needed.

LV427 : But... but... I want her to shit next to me!!

Mary Bird : More videos like this! Crying of laugher at 3am this morning

danutmh : The worst part is , i can't tell if this story is written by a legitimate person or not. I believe there is a person devoid of any humanity that could write this but there's also people that can mimic it quite well.

Amber Sweet : OwO what's this??

Mandy The Wolf : Stup FLAMMING OR YUR A PREP

person with unironic ahegao picture who shitposts : thanks, now that I got NordVPN, I can browse e621 in peace!

Jayfive276 : Give this treatment to "Half Life: Full Life Consequences". It is demanded. John Freeman. Saver of Humens. Never Forget.

Vega : Is that a Pauline Hanson shirt...?

ava 7 : This made and ruined my day

ShiRuVii Hitsuji : I died when they added SFX to Volzemort bumping his broomstick into others

TFN12X : Can someone make a gofundme for my immortal 2

dejablue88 : 2:30 Dangan Ronpa crime scene. Someone's trying to hide the evidence!

JoojToranja : Edgy

Ness C. : Im so happy

issa phae : harry potter fans are more willing to accept this as canon than cursed child

Earth Space : I think I need NordVPN while watching this