Storytime | My Immortal - Episode 2 [Feat. SorrowTV]

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Sorrow TV : #broomstuff

Darkness Prevails : I was assured that this story was written by a troll when they referred to Sirius Black as "dogfather". *Well done*

tatripp : JK Rowling is starting to write better.

TΛBBY : If u flamerz do nut lik dis conemnt den u prep!!!!1

Kendyl Harrison : Most of this fanfic is literally describing what the characters are wearing

chronicxhippie : Looking back on this, I refuse to accept that this was a genuine work of fiction because nobody could be this unironically horrible at spelling in the author’s notes and then have near-perfect grammar in the story itself. This has GOT to be satire. It’s just too bizarre.

USSR : *I W A N N A S H I T N E X T T O H E R*

Date Masamune : Would you rather watch a terrible adaptation of a good book, or a faithful adaptation of a terrible book?

[tony] : Calling Sirius Harry's "dogfather" is one of the greatest unintentional puns I've heard

Nargakitten 101 : 13:00 *YOU'RE TOO OLD AND YOUR ALZHEIMER IS DANGEROUS* My sides gaddamn

Beyond Tubular : P: STOP R: FLAMIN' E: DA P: STURY Z: *_FANGZ RAVEN_*


fuzz duck : Centuries from now when humanity is ash and ruin, survivors will analyze this video for a glimpse into what the human race was all about.

TFN12X : Can someone make a gofundme for my immortal 2


Adventureo : "Invincibility Coke" so far off it started to make sense again

L Lawliet : Take a shot every time you hear the word "angrily" .

Fishum : "Darth valer" did this person forget what film they were soiling?

Valdios Reign : From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this treasure. I will show this to my children, and I will have stipulations put into my last will and testament that my children will have to show this to their children as well. When all technology dies through some freak EMP accident in the future, this will be the lore and folk legends of distant humanity, passed around by virtue of spoken word instead of text while the children are huddled around the fireplace, which is just a blazing pile of old world plastics that in all likelihood shouldn't be burnt, but they won't know that because all forms of education died right along side technology because all of the teachers quit after not being paid enough even in a doomsday scenario, and it'll all just be alright. I guess what I'm trying to say--In a round about kind of way, is that this is pretty quality content.

Beef Stew : Perfect sequels don't exi- Wait Bookworm Adventures Vol. 2 was already the perfect sequel.

Joseph Stalin, The WW2 History Nut. : This “fangs2raven” character needs to be stopped. Clearly they have committed heinous crimes against humanity.

Jacob Lancaster : “I had a vision of something that was happening now!” So... you looked at something?

TΛBBY : Doo DOO doo doo doooooo..

Jack Stuchbery : Death Dealers. Death Dealers... Death Dealers? *DEATH DEALERS?!?!*

Aboveup : We are now two episodes in and I am even more lost than last time.

Callum Smith : Is it bad that of all the crap in this fan fiction, the thing that most stuck out to me was the author referring to Mr. Filch the caretaker as Mr. Norris the Janitor?

Dom Vasta : How does Vampire's car have different license plates on the front and back of the car? That makes no sense, the purpose of a license plate is to be a unique identifier, even personalized plates are unique for their local area, whether it be municipality, state or nation wide. but having a different one on the front compared to the rear would just make identification of the vehicle impossible

LilerArt : Calling them "Mr. Norris" and "Filth" is the best mix up in history or this is a truly unrecognized comedic genius... I want this whole thing to be satire so bad but like who tf would have the time to write something this consistently terrible and hilarious and never out themselves???

Late Night Spaghetti : I will fondle your balls if you make a part three.

ava 7 : This made and ruined my day

Red Fukco : god please i NEED part 3

JakeSpacePirate E : Almost as good as, 'Harry Potter and the portrait of what seemed to be a large pile of ash'!

1 2 3 Four Five : Feel free to put in more ads. The sooner you do this full time, the better. I just spent 2 evenings going through your content and there isnt enough

The key to my heart? : Internet historian would you consider more storytelling? Your voice is so soothing and a great accompaniment for sleep.

Joey JoJo : This is like a microcosm of mid 2000s goth edge, I love it. I wish I had a big tit goth gf to hunt preps with

Blenderdick Snickersbar : "Lady's ankle" Are you advertising to the middle east?

Rawkit_Surgeon : Where's part 3?

Glasses&Mouthplates : 7:44 Suddenly blaming Raven for her own typo and terrible grammar? Good luck finding a new friend, girl.

stubdteauzgautugaux : These sound effects and Inception horns are killing me

Ness C. : The author is prepist

JerseyFireDragon20 : Can't wait till part 3.

yellosmilē : 6:31 "They chased me but I threw my wound at them..." Is this supposed to say "wand" instead?

Asuka.Langley.Soryu : So I've actually used NordVPN, this August when I went back to China. Now, I have no qualms with you taking a sponsorship from them, it is another revenue for you afterall, but I just want to say that NordVPN is absolutely TRASH. The worst VPN service I have used for such a high price. It literally does not work, I can't connect to Youtube, Google, or any other sites blocked by the great fire wall of China and when the rare occasion that does happen when I do, it lags; lags so hard and slow making it essentially unusable. I ended up using ExpressVPN, way cheaper and far more effective than this NordVPN.

Someone : P L A Y A R T I L L E R Y O N L Y I N H E A R T S O F I R O N 4

J Egner : Best 40 mins of media in the internet. If you do agree you are a prep.

Sir Rigby Bacon Kaiser : So like Valve the Internet Historian can't count up to three. Such a shame. : (

Dds214 : That cackle though... But seriously, is "angrily" the only way anyone does anything? Also, after the millionth time hearing about her makeup and everyone's wardrobe, I'm thinking there's an upside to the rampant suicidality among these people.

Ernie Gang : “Is there anybody under that cloak?” Idfk what do you think?

Space Coyote : I need a part 3, like, now. Well anyways I put on a low cut black dress with red lace all over it.

The Mann : My Immortal - Part 2 - *Chemical Boogaloo Draco is Pretty Gay, and So are You.