Bedo’s Leatherworks & MAGNANNI
Repairing shoe Its worth a watch especially a trade like this

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Ramvilles316 : Awesome shoes! I like to see the transformation from busted to damn near brand new. I wonder if any of the customers watch, waiting on to see their shoes/bags/boots being worked on.

torque8899 : Hammering in a cobblers? How rude of you! 😂

teddy G : More cowbell! Errr, I mean hammer. Outstanding save again sir.

tareq Alfeel : I wish we could see in a higher quality. Nice work anyways. I learned a lot about shoes from you :)

C T : If shoes could talk...."we were walking toward a bright light at the end of a tunnel....and then a compressor went off and next thing we were back in Steve's shop with new life!!"

Netti Charles : Have no idea why this video was recommended, but I was simply mesmerized during the whole thing. Nice job.

Harley Handler : A absolute Superb job Steve” .. As always. ... People actually complain about hammering? Here all this time I thought you were a Cobbler!!! 😃

John Gromer : Thx Steve Nice project again ,thx for your time and vlog 👍🏻👍🏻❤️


teddy G : Next time, feel free to show your coffee break. I believe it is an integral part of your craftsmanship. Carry on.

Paul Kissiah : Again, chicken salad from chicken shit!! GREAT JOB!!!!!

U.S.A. : Sir, hope you charged a grand for this job.

Lucky Strike : It's been a while nice to see you doing beautiful work my self I like Magnanni better than Allen edmonds very stylish shoes and quality is good I own fwe pairs of Magnanni shoes

Anon Ymous : Not a fan of the high, lugged heel on this style of shoe... but an otherwise OUTSTANDING recraft on these!

Dave : Wow. Incredible work, even for you.

K Scheuerman : Great job on these shoes, they look fantastic! I am a 57 yr. old Grandmother and I can manage to turn my sound down if the hammering is too loud. The naysayers really are a pain still. I say go watch cake decorating.Take care & God Bless.

superbigcat : oh you're in virginia? i swear you were working out of new york.

R Fire : Your videos are awesome! I've been watching them for some time and I'm always pleased. There's something about watching a craftsman work that is mesmerizing, and relaxing. Thank you for making, and sharing your videos.

Arthur Kurtz : Hey Steve -- One comment on your approach to attaching the heal: You really nailed it!

Johnny Kolbusz : True craftsmanship! I love to watch every bring good quality products back to life... it’s not ‘just a job’ you can be proud of what you’re doing👍🏻👍🏻, greetings from Holland !!

SR STYLE : Amazing free hand work and so many add ons miracle worker but so nice

Odyssey Brewing : Shoe repair is such a niche profession yet you have a following of over 40,000. A real testament to you approach, professionalism and craftsmanship. I thoroughly enjoy each of your posts. Thanks for sharing.

Levy Gant : I can count on one hand the number of videos I've watched that were over 20 minutes. My attention span is short, so it should tell you how much I enjoyed your video. Lately, I've been appreciating & watching a lot of Tree Felling videos. I recognize their skill level just as I've come to appreciate your work. I do appreciate how much skill & knowledge it takes to perform your work.

Nick P : Beautiful work Steve! Love the attention to detail. Screw the people who get angry at a cobbler for hammering. So ridiculous. I for one am very happy that you show all the steps thoroughly. I hate when videos move too fast and you can't really see the technique.

Shirley Wolford : I enjoy watching your videos, your very entertaining 😊

Вайны Астарта : I do not mind the noise of the compressor! ;)

watchwinder : I'm curious as to what brand of shoes you wear? I'm guessing you're an Alden guy.

Ockham : Steve, I love sound of that compressor, weirdly it sound very pleasant

MsMephibosheth : Each video impresses me anew with your mastery of your craft. I love how you explain the intricacies of each job! This video taught me so much about the beauty and malleability of leather. Thank you for your videos.

Anna Pitt : I don't want to take you out of business but I have found THE perfect quick-fix for tears in heel linings. All you need is kinesiology tape (I don't know if that is a thing in the US). Just cut it in place, round the edges and you have saved your lining for e v e r, since it dosn't slip nor tear. And because of the soft fabric you don't even notice it while wearing. I would love to see you try this in one of your videos! Just a quick low budged fix ;) Btw. I showed one of your videos to my sister and now almost my entire family watches you :D I guess we just love good craftsmanship.

Yvonne Kent : You may not win awards for your videoing but you certainly would for your leatherwork ! The shoes look beautiful now ... I don't mind the hammering .. a craftsman at work ...

Jennifer LeBlanc : Those shoes were in such a tragic state, what an amazing job you did. Better than new.

Jenny B : Wonderful video! Hope you're having a great evening Mr. Steve! Also, 2nd ;)

Brian : Another beautiful job. Love watching your videos.

Steven Latham : As always, Steve, it is a pleasure to watch you work. Thank you for doing these videos!

1ceCold037 : High quality work as usual. Two thumbs up.

AsiaticBW : You are a master they do look brand new.

rocknrev : I love watching you work. I appreciate your craftsmanship and attention to details. I am inspired by your work.

Kevin Barletta : Love the job Old school is the most gratifying 👍💪✌️

Alan L : Awesome job, they look fantastic. Beautiful.

Graeme Macdonald : Amazing Job.........enthralling watching the transformation 👏👀

Lori Dee : Enjoy your channel, you are incredibly talented, perfect job, thanks

Chad Haggerty : It’s not just the amazing work but the conversational, patient way you engage with the camera (us). Greatly appreciated, Steve.

Tracy Bailey : I adore Salty Steve because I can commiserate with the tripod in the frame and the noisy compressor. The soul of restraint.

Alger C. : Now that was one hell-of=a repair job, you finessed that piping and liner like Michelangelo.

Jonathan Robinson : Beautiful work ! And a great looking shoes as well ! 👍❤

Streetcat/426 : Hi Steve...I don't comment often, but I faithfully watch every video that you put out. I'm on disability, so when I get a notification for a new video of your's, it brings me much enjoyment to watch your expert craftsmanship. Thank you so much for taking the time to post to your channel. Now let's continue.... :D

Ourshoeshine Blog : Steve you just elevated those Magnannis to another level! Top notch work, thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roger Los : Salty hammering Steve is the best Steve. Beautiful work, as always.