William Shatner Sings "F**k You"
Shatner covers Fk you by Cee Lo Green

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You can't say f**k on television. So Shatner sings it. A la Cee Lo Green.


Lindsey Fanning : Shatner is the only person who get could away with covering like a million songs and never singing a single note.

bristolguy100 : So painfully bad its good

Marcell Toing : When George Takei doesn't invite you to his wedding

John Prudom : What an awesome legend, if you can't handle censored swearing in a song about sudden emotions then well f*** **u :D

Sam Ravenoak : XDD I love William Shatner's "singing" it's amazing lolz

Shana Proctor : Go William Shatner, it was awesome!!!! I haven't had a good laugh like that in a long time. Thank you too George Lopez!!!!

st0nedg0at : i was hoping for lily allen

ZAROVE ETERNIUS : William Shatner, the best Singer of our Age!

TheLastV8 : hahahaah i love that man

Denise Armstrong : Like a BOSS

Bryan D. Wolfe : Genius!!!

At oZ : William Shatner looks (and behaves) like Jabba the Hut.

ledzep22100 : omg Cee lo green ripped him off

Kyle Rollins : Yeah if only William shatner was richer......

onlythewise1 : shatner  star trek was your calling , well done in all roles. star trek shall live for ever

Honkytonk Sue : Haven't we all wanted to say f#ck you??!!  William Shatner does it best on tv!!

Trollsif Stalin : George Takei probably took the song as a personal insult at him and then posted another rant about Shatner being clueless that Takei was gay.

Fried v. Berg : chords & melody are "borrowed" from hawkwind`s silver machine. nice, peace

Jay Ritch : Funny stuff. Shatner should have co-starred with Lesslie Nelson in THE NAKED GUN series, because he does have a talent for being a comedian. 

rperlberg : "Just thought you should know, Shatner."

Black Mamba : George Lopez 's head is GIANT.

thisfuckinsucks1 : king of the gangsters ruler of the mobsters

Daniel Triantopoulos : I'm amazed i seen him perform just recently and at the age 85 he still looks the same as he was in Loaded Weapon :D

Dylan Alexander : It would be priceless to see an uncensored version of this video?

GigyaBox : Network shenanigans.

KingMattXL : He says Fuck and cant say Shit..

abcdefghijkellyy : The fact that he was 80 years old when he did this hahah

drhploveboat : William Shatner is just fucking awesome, it's just too bad that everyone else has to take themselves so seriously. we should all be like Shatner, get a sense of humor, and just stop giving a fuck.

MollyMole : Only Captain Kirk can get away with doing something like this.

Denise Armstrong : Only Shatner can make my day

John_Peisithanatos : you must be new to shatner huh? dumb fuck, do some research before you type stupidity.

Ben Custer : LOL this was so funny xD

mandb1912 : Go on bill class act

oneyedlucy : Gosh, Shatner is funny! He's been around a Long time!

mufasajosh : Fuckin' all those green bitches finally caught up to him. He did a song with Henry Rollins too.

chlobosumm4 : No offense but he'll say fuck but not shit? PS this was flipping hilarious!!!!!

Sean Bateman : Shatner is a god.

Deborah W Halàsz : He's doing more singing than speaking here, but I still think this is awesome

Fuckallofyou : Shatner can't have a low point now. Do you understand how legendary he is-his role? He is more successful than you could ever hope to be. "Low point" Ha! Are you at yours now, because you're commenting bitterly on a funny video of him?

VSGLugh : William should live forever

Shaindy L : Hard to believe he's in his 80s. He's hysterical.


mikiroony : Denny Crane.

gillybgoode : I pity the fool! OMG!! I love this man!! He is the MAN!

ThePOPDIVA24 : Lmao XD

Nicholas Kent : I wanna actually hear Shatner say "Fuck you"

dtoeppen : Awesome!

kim urfhopl : I really recommend on this video: Cee Lo Green - F**K YOU (Official Video) Parody "You $lut You"

Helga H. : Please don't sing Bill. I've loved you for years, I think you're a charming and beautiful man and an awesome actor, but you're a terrible singer.