William Shatner Sings "F**k You"

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Lindsey Holt : Shatner is the only person who get could away with covering like a million songs and never singing a single note.

Controversy Owl : I wish this was in the UK because then they may not have bleeped the shit out of it.

ZAROVE ETERNIUS : William Shatner, the best Singer of our Age!

John Prudom : What an awesome legend, if you can't handle censored swearing in a song about sudden emotions then well f*** **u :D

st0nedg0at : i was hoping for lily allen

Sneed's Feed and Seed : When George Takei doesn't invite you to his wedding

Shana Proctor : Go William Shatner, it was awesome!!!! I haven't had a good laugh like that in a long time. Thank you too George Lopez!!!!

ledzep22100 : omg Cee lo green ripped him off

Rasputin : Shatner is a professional actor. He puts twists and inflections in his voice which are beyond the range of most singers

Sam Ravenoak : XDD I love William Shatner's "singing" it's amazing lolz

Denise Armstrong : Like a BOSS

delaatstev8 : hahahaah i love that man

Ian Price : He needs a cigarette and two other Shatners

Honkytonk Sue : Haven't we all wanted to say f#ck you??!!  William Shatner does it best on tv!!

Bryan D. Wolfe : Genius!!!

shmedina23 : Better than rocketman. Lol

Captain Caffeine : Um... he is singing bad on purpose people. That is the point. That is why it is funny.

onlythewise1 : shatner  star trek was your calling , well done in all roles. star trek shall live for ever

Black Mamba : George Lopez 's head is GIANT.

Daniel Triantopoulos : I'm amazed i seen him perform just recently and at the age 85 he still looks the same as he was in Loaded Weapon :D

SirAndras : Downvoted for censorship.

thewewguy8t88 : how do you make a spoken word version of a pop song...

Frater Heliophobos : chords & melody are "borrowed" from hawkwind`s silver machine. nice, peace

Kevin Eagle : William Shatner sings this song to applause, while Roseanne Barr gets shit for her rendition of the National Anthem. Seems legit

MOD ERN : william shatner ain't that some shit. LoL

Stuart Mclean : wish he had said that to spock .........

thisfuckinsucks1 : king of the gangsters ruler of the mobsters

certified weenie : i want george lopez to fist me

Papageorgiou Apostolos : This is so amusing...

Kyle Rollins : Yeah if only William shatner was richer......

kitano0 : We all should be having as much fun as this guy, regardless of age...

kitano0 : What? Shatner scooped McCartney?

Patricia Smith : Lol it's so bad its frigging funny. I've gotta give him credit he is having fun. Go Captain Kirk

Ashley Burkhalter : Wow not used to William cursing..........😶😶😶😶😶

Marten Dekker : This is crap. : (

Paul H. Kircher III : Is Priceline ok?

Talha Rasool : take that Chris Pine,...&%^# YOU!!

Elizabeth Hodgson : holy shit this is the best thing on the internet. My ears are Soo happy right now!!! Nobody could ever top this song. It deserves to be number one.!

Scott Thompson : thats some stuff allright

Simon : I think Bill is singing this to his fans.

Kenji Mishima : Captain Kirk sings rap?

trwent : That is pretty shatty singing.

mandelstang666 : Fantastic!

Ring0fSaturn : He looks just like Frank Sinatra.

Fiona P : Hilarious 😂

At oZ : William Shatner looks (and behaves) like Jabba the Hut.

Gabriel Cundari : You call that singing.. very monotone

Jay Ritch : Funny stuff. Shatner should have co-starred with Lesslie Nelson in THE NAKED GUN series, because he does have a talent for being a comedian. 

Susan Wyse : denny crane

littlesmew : Any one else disappointed it's not the Lily Allen song?