William Shatner Sings "F**k You"

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Lindsey Fanning : Shatner is the only person who get could away with covering like a million songs and never singing a single note.

Ian Price : He needs a cigarette and two other Shatners

Controversy Owl : I wish this was in the UK because then they may not have bleeped the shit out of it.

Sneed's Feed and Seed : When George Takei doesn't invite you to his wedding

ZAROVE ETERNIUS : William Shatner, the best Singer of our Age!

John Prudom : What an awesome legend, if you can't handle censored swearing in a song about sudden emotions then well f*** **u :D

st0nedg0at : i was hoping for lily allen

Shana Proctor : Go William Shatner, it was awesome!!!! I haven't had a good laugh like that in a long time. Thank you too George Lopez!!!!

ledzep22100 : omg Cee lo green ripped him off

Rasputin : Shatner is a professional actor. He puts twists and inflections in his voice which are beyond the range of most singers

Denise Armstrong : Like a BOSS

Sam Ravenoak : XDD I love William Shatner's "singing" it's amazing lolz

TheLastV8 : hahahaah i love that man

Bryan D. Wolfe : Genius!!!

shmedina23 : Better than rocketman. Lol

Honkytonk Sue : Haven't we all wanted to say f#ck you??!!  William Shatner does it best on tv!!

Captain Caffeine : Um... he is singing bad on purpose people. That is the point. That is why it is funny.

onlythewise1 : shatner  star trek was your calling , well done in all roles. star trek shall live for ever

Black Mamba : George Lopez 's head is GIANT.

Fried v. Berg : chords & melody are "borrowed" from hawkwind`s silver machine. nice, peace

Daniel Triantopoulos : I'm amazed i seen him perform just recently and at the age 85 he still looks the same as he was in Loaded Weapon :D

thisfuckinsucks1 : king of the gangsters ruler of the mobsters

Kyle Rollins : Yeah if only William shatner was richer......

Kevin Eagle : William Shatner sings this song to applause, while Roseanne Barr gets shit for her rendition of the National Anthem. Seems legit

thewewguy8t88 : how do you make a spoken word version of a pop song...

Stuart Mclean : wish he had said that to spock .........

The Man : It would be priceless to see an uncensored version of this video?

Papageorgiou Apostolos : This is so amusing...

certified weenie : i want george lopez to fist me

Ashley Burkhalter : Wow not used to William cursing..........😶😶😶😶😶

Elizabeth Hodgson : holy shit this is the best thing on the internet. My ears are Soo happy right now!!! Nobody could ever top this song. It deserves to be number one.!

Fiona P : Hilarious 😂

one H : thank you sir wiliam

Susan Wyse : denny crane

CrazyChicken : e manager is he techer from shark boy and lava girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mandelstang666 : Fantastic!

TheHutchy01 : It's 3am it's Christmas eve I'm sleep deprived and wondering how the hell i got here

DringBR : The ever irreverent Shatner from my hometown Montreal. My brother went to a school in the NDG (Monkland) part of town that was supposed to be the house Shatner was raised in.

Patricia Smith : Lol it's so bad its frigging funny. I've gotta give him credit he is having fun. Go Captain Kirk

Paul H. Kircher III : Is Priceline ok?

kitano0 : We all should be having as much fun as this guy, regardless of age...

Talha Rasool : take that Chris Pine,...&%^# YOU!!

At oZ : William Shatner looks (and behaves) like Jabba the Hut.

Scott Thompson : thats some stuff allright

kitano0 : What? Shatner scooped McCartney?

Marten Dekker : This is crap. : (

Sean Newhouse : Kind of often his born-in-early-1930's style grates over what we can take as normality now, then again.......

Laughing Callie Productions : Captain Kirk sings rap?

craigschultz : F*#×ING A!!

emerald gameplay : whats the song not the one beeing sung