Bob Sponge (Spongebob Squarepants Parody)

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The Fox Overlord But Totally Not A Furry : 0:42 *_im squidward im squidward_*

Gabriel Barsch : here before 1 million views


Boby Willian : *_DINHEIRO EIRO EIRO_*

Amoy Kelly : I love this.

Ricky Berwick : so who was the REAL mr krabs??

TheGlitched OutNerd624 : What is that backround music called 0:22

Garrett Right Back At Ya! : sees 1:11 Hello New Profile Picture

A. Cookie : The perfect episode doesn't exi-

TerminalMontage [Jeremey] : "you're going away for a few days"

Trudermark : Is this the Lost SpongeBob Episode everyone was talking about

Frisk No last name : 0:48 *C A L L T H E P O L I C E*


Roodie plush Channel : 0:11 when ur mom gives u 5 bux

Nosaima : New Season of Spongebob in a nutshell. Love it!

Gear Doctor : Why is it that whenever Patrick’s head gets chopped off I laugh so hard

Monty P. Moneybags : *You're going away for a few days*

Myra Edwards : 0:48 when spongebob actually grows up instead of running through the city.

Motoko Hiashi : This is better than the original spongebob ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

S8n : *money money :(*

Micolash, Host of bad boss design : 0:24 When you realize the test is tomorrow.

Deadlock Maximus : *CALL THE POLICE*

Butter :3 : I'm calling the comedy police the joke is to funny.

the lazy maraline : 0:49 When I see killers

Khalid Faisal : Season 12 looks great 👍

Justin Y. : So this is the leaked season 3 of the spongebob anime

Sir BONK! : So this is the new spongebob, looks great

Woah Woah : This gives me The Hellbenders vibe


Fancy .Fancington : Awesome animation my guy! *Just don't go and make a Lets Play channel with a fat guy with differing opinions and a Jewish guy.* Cause you're the new Egoraptor.

Cody Ruchian : *T R E S P A S S I N G ? !*

christian velasco : Love patricks face at 0:21

INSL : 1:12 "mmmm ya"

Lancedotexe : 0:09 Is that painting showing... no...

Malisika Røse : I'm gonna go think about my Sanity....... *Goodbye*

Mr GameBoy : When Mr.Krabs was chewing plankton, it sounds like he was laughing...

MrStavr : a lost episode of Spongebob!!!

ItzSam : Don't come any closer Mr. Krabs! Or I'll... I'll... *C A L L T H E P O L I C E*

On i : 0:23 the perfect couple dosen exis-

Rahnthix The Saiyan Hybrid : 0:38: Well, at least he doesn't have to worry about Plankton anymore.

Brandon Reck : *The best anime...*

Free And drain : At 1:10 he look so innocent

ICUcartoons : 0:38 why didn't Mr. Krabs do that in the first episode they came across Plankton?

monster X : Bob sponge show look's great

Roodie plush Channel : 1:12 money money yah

kishinpain : MONY MONY MONY

christian velasco : 0:03, Mr.Krabs is about to throw Hands

ink demon : do cuphead

Møshiiba : I watch this every time it’s in my recommended, and showed this to almost every one I know. Is that creepy?

sheepy 602 : ... I don’t think we have to get spongebob back... ... *WE REALLY DON’T...*