Bob Sponge (Spongebob Squarepants Parody)

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TerminalMontage [Jeremey] : "you're going away for a few days"

The Derp Chaos : A few days for a crab is like a hundreds of years for them.

The Derp Chaos : Human trafficking isn’t bad... if it involves fish

Salih : What am I watching at 2AM

TonyTheSnoopyFan :] : 0:25 **AHHHHH AHHH SPONGEBOB AAAAAA** **MONEY MONEY MONEY** **Cuts his head off**

Ricky Berwick : so who was the REAL mr krabs??

Mickey Mouse : 1:14 when mom asks if you want food

XxPreston_Playz2- RBLX : 0:35 *Lol PLANKTONS walking sounds are just someone Masturbaiting...*

La Che Che : R.I.P Stephen Hillenburg.

Random Animations : 0:32 sans

The Secret of Hero's : who else came from the video were krabs says money for 10 hours.

BruhSoundEffectDaily : _iM BaCK fROm REtaRd ScHOol._

DiMZLy : 0:30 This turned into Pamtri pretty fast....

Kaelob Schroeder : *C A L L T H E P O L I C E*

The Fox Overlord But Totally Not A Furry : 0:42 *_im squidward im squidward_*

Mega OOf : sr pelo, oney cartoons, and hotdiggetydemon have fused together to create this being who are you

Fresh Apples : Spongebob lost EPISODE "Money" (2006)

Diceroller 1247 : 0:08 EA in a nutshell

SADIE studios : 0:10 Why dose SpongeBob sound like cartman from south park

poptart : Why is it that whenever Patrick’s head gets chopped off I laugh so hard

GAME MINERS : 0:49 the look on his face

F.B.I : 0:42 *im squidward* *im squidward*

levi simpson : Very original title

Isaiah Navarro : I like it when Patrick first comes in 😂😂😂😂

FireRinho 345 : 0:09 and 0:47 😂😂

Fresh Apples : When I see Donald Trump on my lawn 0:48

Void : 0:32 Sans sponge Sans Sponge

The Ultimate gaming dragon : 0:31-Sans confirmed

Micolash, Host of bad boss design : 0:24 When you realize the test is tomorrow.

Anthony Perez : Am I the only one pissed off that he's more pissed off about trespassing then all the other crap from earlier

Pish Posh : *A R E Y O U F E E L I N G I T N O W M R K R A B S ?*

baby bat sklopay : Money money money money money

Mario and Pokemon lover is undercover name : Bob sponge Krabs mr Star Patrick Ward squid Lobster the Larry Puff Mrs Cheeks sandy

Justin Y. : So this is the leaked season 3 of the spongebob anime

Justin Y's Stand : Mr Krabs should have gave plankton to Spongebob to use as a dildo.

MLG Thuglife : Mr. Crabs must be on those drugs...

Ferrari920 : Homicide, Human Trafficking, Armed robbery, and... T R E S S P A S S I N G . . ?

Spongebob SquarePants : This is the real show

Lucy K.L : Retard school. Mr. Krabs kills special kids, just let that sink in.

Alberto RodriguezGarcia : 0:59 - 1:04 *Kissing noises, Followed by Dolphin clicking* *money money*

Detroit Gaming : That voice was familiar when he said call the police

Jackson Joseph : They say Stephen Hillenberg is forced to watch this video forever on loop in the afterlife.

Mr GameBoy : When Mr.Krabs was chewing plankton, it sounds like he was laughing...

Gianluca Guevara : Please make a serie about this please 😂

Mario and Pokemon lover is undercover name : 0:34 am I the only who finds his voice funny af?

CAPTAIN JACK : *money money money*

Ookami Da Boi1da : Bob sponge pants square Bob sponge pants square BoB SpOnGe PaNtS SqUaRe

Cody Ruchian : *T R E S P A S S I N G ? !*

KitKatz l0l : Retard school XD

x[Tattletail and mamax : Lol mr Krabs Kills patrick,plankton and squiward