Bob Sponge (Spongebob Squarepants Parody)

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TerminalMontage [Jeremey] : "you're going away for a few days"

The Derp Chaos : A few days for a crab is like a hundreds of years for them.

The Derp Chaos : Human trafficking isn’t bad... if it involves fish

ItzSam : Don't come any closer Mr. Krabs! Or I swear I'll... I'll... *C A L L T H E P O L I C E*

Bytezor : The story of a boy and his boss The boy trusted his boss as he worked at a restaurant The boss loved money and saw how loyal the boy was One day the bosses greed caught up and he had to resort to illegal actions to get money The boy would first allow this until one day, the boy’s best friend caught them in the act The boss, panicked, killed the best friend, allowing the boy to realize the bosses true intentions The boss revealing to have killed many people the boy knew, was ready to kill the boy too The boy scared, called the police who quickly arrested the boss After the police car drove away there stood the boy, traumatized for life And shortly after, the boy’s trauma took over and the boy began to continue the cycle all over again. The End.

Ricky Berwick : so who was the REAL mr krabs??

Thomas Cholowsky : 0:21 Ahhh such pleasant memories, Retard academy is such a great school, I went there, my father went, and his father before that. I hear Patrick graduated at the top 1% of his class.

TonyTheSnoopyFan :] : 0:25 **AHHHHH AHHH SPONGEBOB AAAAAA** **MONEY MONEY MONEY** **Cuts his head off**

Darkness Maximus : 0:38: Well, at least he doesn't have to worry about Plankton anymore. Edit: Spongebob logic, no matter how many crimes you commit, you always go to jail for a few days.

HotCoca : Don't worry starfishes regenerate.

Trudermark : Is this the Lost SpongeBob Episode everyone was talking about

anthony simpson : *money money money*

ICUcartoons : 0:38 why didn't Mr. Krabs do that in the first episode they came across Plankton?

QuackersSpooks : SpongeBob Tracks Used in the Video: 1. Jan Rap - The Achterhoek Dances 2. Robert Alexander White - The Rake Hornpipr 3. Johnny Pearson - Graveyard 4. Gregor F. Narholz - Death Trap

Jorge Daniel Capitán Berzunza : What is that background music called 1:04

Iris Cyber : 0:18 Patrick is me

kostas kamikazi : 0:08 mr krabs has evoled

Sawyer Hicks : 0:13 Does everyone have nipples?

Bananaguy08 Games n' Other Stuff : *I M B A C K F R O M R E T A R D S C H O O L* me too patrick

The Fox Overlord But Totally Not A Furry : 0:42 *_im squidward im squidward_*

Møshiiba : I watch this every time it’s in my recommended, and showed this to almost every one I know. Is that creepy?

Android Pulse : oh hEy gUys iM 🅱ack fRom rEtarD sKooL

assthetic • : I want this playing at my funeral

Alfrend Mendez E. : What the hell are you in my house ANY WAY??

levi simpson : Very original title

Mscott 2704 : ... I don’t think we have to get spongebob back... ... *WE REALLY DON’T...*

Fresh Apples : When I see Donald Trump on my lawn 0:48

gumball the cat : spongebob:What the heck are you doing in my house anyways Me: dying with laughter😂😂😂😂

poptart : Why is it that whenever Patrick’s head gets chopped off I laugh so hard

TXXIIIC : _iM BaCK fROm REtaRd ScHOol._

Jako Bables : Omg I was literally depressed before watching this video and now I feel so much better, your videos so funny, thank you

Wickermind : sponge bob: bad ending

sus #succ youtube : 0:22 spongebob looks so kawaii

Micolash, Host of bad boss design : 0:24 When you realize the test is tomorrow.

Justin Y's Stand : Mr Krabs should have gave plankton to Spongebob to use as a dildo.


JakeTakeNoBreak : 0:08 oh hello there


Mr GameBoy : When Mr.Krabs was chewing plankton, it sounds like he was laughing...


That one Guy : 1:14 when mom asks if you want food



Justin Y. : So this is the leaked season 3 of the spongebob anime

Fresh Apples : Spongebob lost EPISODE "Money" (2006)

KitKatz lol : Retard school XD

baby bat sklopay : Money money money money money

Mega OOf : sr pelo, oney cartoons, and hotdiggetydemon have fused together to create this being who are you

Cody Ruchian : *T R E S P A S S I N G ? !*

Lochlyn Gilberd : Wouldn't Patrick just regenerate a new body... And his body regenerate a new head?